Long long ago, Swati tagged me to list 10 things about myself . And now, even Uma and Monu are behind me to get this done. Well, no way to escape nw … lemme get arnd to tackle this one 😛  Thanks girls for the tag and am so sorry abt being late, but believe me, am still wondering what I can write about myself! Scared of driving people away  😉 😉

The Rules:

1.I must thank the person who gave me the award and list their blog and link it
2.I must list 10 honest things about myself
3.I must put a copy of Honest Scrap logo on my blog
4.I must select atleast 7 8 other worthy bloggers and list their links
5.I must notify the bloggers of the award and hopefully they will follow the above three requirements also.


Frankly speaking, this blog of mine is a space where I write abt anything and everything just the way I feel about it.  Anyways, if u have not had enough already, here u go 😆

1) I am very very bad when it comes to fights err I mean dragging it on for a long time 😛 Like u know, if I fight with Su and tell him how he is the worst person et…al, the next minute I will be making all sorts of crazy faces and trying to make him laugh and tell him that he is the bestestest in the world! Che che .. I stand no chance of being pampered and consoled 😦 So nt the rt way to get things done isn’t it 🙄

2) I am very good @ planning vacations 😉 Even my friends just give their confirmation and tell me to go abt it and just et them know the dates.  But, I am really really scared abt booking tickets 😛 I get it confirmed by anyone who is around me 100 times before I go ahead and hit submit! Reason – I hd booked our honeymoon tickets for the 14th of July [shd hv been 14thAug] and the marriage date was August 7th … aaha go ahead and hv a laugh .. don’t read b/w the lines though .. just a slip of the fingers u c 😛

3) I can get along with people of any age group and can have a conversation abt anything and everything! Ahem … call me a chatter-box if u intend to; I am definitely one! My Mausi’s MIL says I am her best friend; so do my li’l cousins 😀

4) I  quit my job with an esteemed organisation in 17 days just bcoz I ws not given what I wanted to work on and joined a company which ws lesser known but the work ws exactly what I loved doing. People told me am crazy to quit such a company which people go Wow abt as soon as they hear the name but then I am the one who hs to come here daily and work 🙂 Should I sacrifice my love for hearing that WOW from people once in a while! I believe that being good @ anything comes from loving what u r dng and also satisfaction is the key to happiness! So what if my company does not make it to the newspaper everyday like the former did, it does make it once in a while 😛

5) I love shopping and most of the times its for home decor – flowers, vases, candles – I luv them all and can never have enough, Music CDs, books or gifts for dear ones! Let me give Su his due credit here that he does shop a lot for me! There hv been numerous occasions that he hs surprised me with wonderful gifts!  May be thatz the reason I rarely buy something for myself 😛 Ok, enuf praise for him!  I totally deserve them na 😉 But shoes is something I can never resist buying for myself. I won’t tell u hw many pairs I have lest u think I am gonna set up a foot-wear shop someday!

6) Cooking works as a therapy for me and when I am feeling low or bored, I hunt for new recipes and also end up making a variety of dishes! So, if u r visiting me on such a day, u may actually turn out lucky 🙂  Promise u, it wil cause u no harm. I am a pretty decent cook 😉

7) I hv been linked up with and am not in talking terms with a Leo in school, college and my first job! Uff!

8) I think I am a bit possessive when it comes to my family, my dear friends and my towel and comb and brush and hankey and hmm .. thatz it 😉

9) I totally believe simplicity lies in the heart of a person, in the feelings he carries. Its not in the dress u wear, the accessories u carry or the things u have @ home!

10) I believe in talking it out with people .. if there hs been a mis-communication or any misunderstanding. I do make it a point to contact the other person and try to find out what has gone wrong. I think if ego comes in b/w and we wait for the other person to initiate, it  may only distance us more. I feel its better to sort out matters than shutting down all the media and keep mum … just not my way! And eh, it hurts me a lottt when others do so too 😦 After all, isn’t it better to talk abt it and try to clear matters than nourish the feeling? Reminds me of William Blake’s A Poison Tree!

Ufff! If there ws a 11th point required, I would have definitely written its too difficult to write about oneself! Thank God its over!

Thanks again for the tag girls.. it ws nice trying to understand myself 😉

And now to pass on this tag. I think most of you have already done it. Please take it up otherwise.

I hope to see what the following honest people have to say about themselves 🙂









ETA: Btw, I imported all the posts from my travel blog here on this blog … I ws just nt updating anything there and found its not worth occupying that extra space on blogspot 😛 I hv a link to all of them in the Travel Tales section above. Better isn’t it? What say?