Just Me!

Long long ago, Swati tagged me to list 10 things about myself . And now, even Uma and Monu are behind me to get this done. Well, no way to escape nw … lemme get arnd to tackle this one 😛  Thanks girls for the tag and am so sorry abt being late, but believe me, am still wondering what I can write about myself! Scared of driving people away  😉 😉

The Rules:

1.I must thank the person who gave me the award and list their blog and link it
2.I must list 10 honest things about myself
3.I must put a copy of Honest Scrap logo on my blog
4.I must select atleast 7 8 other worthy bloggers and list their links
5.I must notify the bloggers of the award and hopefully they will follow the above three requirements also.


Frankly speaking, this blog of mine is a space where I write abt anything and everything just the way I feel about it.  Anyways, if u have not had enough already, here u go 😆

1) I am very very bad when it comes to fights err I mean dragging it on for a long time 😛 Like u know, if I fight with Su and tell him how he is the worst person et…al, the next minute I will be making all sorts of crazy faces and trying to make him laugh and tell him that he is the bestestest in the world! Che che .. I stand no chance of being pampered and consoled 😦 So nt the rt way to get things done isn’t it 🙄

2) I am very good @ planning vacations 😉 Even my friends just give their confirmation and tell me to go abt it and just et them know the dates.  But, I am really really scared abt booking tickets 😛 I get it confirmed by anyone who is around me 100 times before I go ahead and hit submit! Reason – I hd booked our honeymoon tickets for the 14th of July [shd hv been 14thAug] and the marriage date was August 7th … aaha go ahead and hv a laugh .. don’t read b/w the lines though .. just a slip of the fingers u c 😛

3) I can get along with people of any age group and can have a conversation abt anything and everything! Ahem … call me a chatter-box if u intend to; I am definitely one! My Mausi’s MIL says I am her best friend; so do my li’l cousins 😀

4) I  quit my job with an esteemed organisation in 17 days just bcoz I ws not given what I wanted to work on and joined a company which ws lesser known but the work ws exactly what I loved doing. People told me am crazy to quit such a company which people go Wow abt as soon as they hear the name but then I am the one who hs to come here daily and work 🙂 Should I sacrifice my love for hearing that WOW from people once in a while! I believe that being good @ anything comes from loving what u r dng and also satisfaction is the key to happiness! So what if my company does not make it to the newspaper everyday like the former did, it does make it once in a while 😛

5) I love shopping and most of the times its for home decor – flowers, vases, candles – I luv them all and can never have enough, Music CDs, books or gifts for dear ones! Let me give Su his due credit here that he does shop a lot for me! There hv been numerous occasions that he hs surprised me with wonderful gifts!  May be thatz the reason I rarely buy something for myself 😛 Ok, enuf praise for him!  I totally deserve them na 😉 But shoes is something I can never resist buying for myself. I won’t tell u hw many pairs I have lest u think I am gonna set up a foot-wear shop someday!

6) Cooking works as a therapy for me and when I am feeling low or bored, I hunt for new recipes and also end up making a variety of dishes! So, if u r visiting me on such a day, u may actually turn out lucky 🙂  Promise u, it wil cause u no harm. I am a pretty decent cook 😉

7) I hv been linked up with and am not in talking terms with a Leo in school, college and my first job! Uff!

8) I think I am a bit possessive when it comes to my family, my dear friends and my towel and comb and brush and hankey and hmm .. thatz it 😉

9) I totally believe simplicity lies in the heart of a person, in the feelings he carries. Its not in the dress u wear, the accessories u carry or the things u have @ home!

10) I believe in talking it out with people .. if there hs been a mis-communication or any misunderstanding. I do make it a point to contact the other person and try to find out what has gone wrong. I think if ego comes in b/w and we wait for the other person to initiate, it  may only distance us more. I feel its better to sort out matters than shutting down all the media and keep mum … just not my way! And eh, it hurts me a lottt when others do so too 😦 After all, isn’t it better to talk abt it and try to clear matters than nourish the feeling? Reminds me of William Blake’s A Poison Tree!

Ufff! If there ws a 11th point required, I would have definitely written its too difficult to write about oneself! Thank God its over!

Thanks again for the tag girls.. it ws nice trying to understand myself 😉

And now to pass on this tag. I think most of you have already done it. Please take it up otherwise.

I hope to see what the following honest people have to say about themselves 🙂









ETA: Btw, I imported all the posts from my travel blog here on this blog … I ws just nt updating anything there and found its not worth occupying that extra space on blogspot 😛 I hv a link to all of them in the Travel Tales section above. Better isn’t it? What say?


  1. ROFL @ your ticket booking skills !!!! 😆

    He he … but see … I am very careful nw 😛 U cn trust me with it 😉

    My comb, my brush, my hankyee – OMG !!! Ditto here, Swaru !!!! 😆
    Wow! U toooo – sooper!

    So, you love gifts and Su gives a lots of gifts – kya couple hai yaar !!!! 🙂
    😉 😉

    And absolutely love that No 4 one – Salutes to you for chucking the job, where you wont be yourself !!!! That calls for a lot of self-confidence and courage !!!
    Ahem .. thank u thank u for understanding me Ums 🙂

    On the whole, loved to know more tid-bits abt you !!!!
    Phew! I cn be sure when u do visit me again 😛 😛


  2. Woo hoo so ten things about you. I nodded my head all through as if that’s exactly how I have you pictured in my head. Except for the shoes of course. Tell me na. I wont tell anyone. Promise 😛
    And the link up was obvious, with you being so friendly and lovely with everyone 🙂
    And I came second!! Yay!


    1. Wow! Sooper! Haage picture madidya .. so no harm in meeting u then 😛 I probably won’t end up scaring u away 😉 😉

      Well tell u that when we meet 😛

      Yippeee! Silver for u 🙂


  3. hmmmm……….
    on 2nd hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    ok ….hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 🙂

    you really are gutsy lady….
    so again hmmmmmmmmmmmm ok this time for point 4th also….
    I hope you cook wonderful while in best of the moods also …see ..we dont want to see you low na for just a good food sake…hai na…
    good tag


    1. Just missed on Just Me … a nice 3rd 🙂

      ahem .. never thought it will earn me so many compliments .. thank u thank u 😛

      N u r rt, I hv to mention that I cook well otherwise too 😉 Ppl may nt come home on normal days otherwise 🙂

      Nice of u to say that Puneet thanks a lot 🙂


  4. wow.. good to know so many things about you.

    1st and 2nd point – same to same.. I cannot drag the issue more than 5 mins.. And I need around 100 follow ups for me to book the tickets. I just dont know, get scared..


  5. Congratulations Swaram on doing this tough tag beautifully.
    Oh really … u made my day 🙂 But frankly, u r beautiful to find this so 🙂
    I simply loved knowing you a bit more and much better through this powerful tag.
    Thank u so much 🙂

    I am genuinely surprised and humbled to see so many similarities with someone so wonderful as you.
    Eesh! U r just too gud to say that .. but I am so happy u found some 🙂

    Guess what among other things, I have always had troubles getting along with Leos till I actually tied the knot with a Leo.
    Ohhh wowwww! Awesome! And here I ws thankful I ws nt tied to one LOL 😆
    Thank you for tagging me, get ready for my deep dark secrets 😉 he.he.he
    Waiting to read 🙂 Post soon soon 🙂
    Hugs to the wonderful Swaram 😀
    Hugs to u too dear 🙂


  6. That was really interesting, Swaram 🙂

    😛 😛 U r a sweetheart .. so nice of u to say something abt each stupid thing I hv written there 😉 😉

    Pt 1 – I am like that too 😦 I can’t not make up quickly 😦 I feel miserable if a fight/argument is not resolved and made up for immediately 🙂

    Oh I know .. I just cant cant sleep over it 😛

    Did you actually book your honeymoon one month in advance 🙂 Hope they were re-schedulable ones 🙂 BTW – I love planning holidays too!
    He he eh .. I did 😉 N we ran to the Jet airways office that evening itself .. still lost 2K 😦
    Glad to know we r alike … nt in this mishit … planning I mean 😉

    Pt 3- we know that by now 🙂 You are such a sweetheart 🙂
    🙂 🙂 Hugs 🙂

    Pt 4- That is the way to be 🙂 I think following your heart and taking calculated risks make more sense than selling your soul and being unhappy.
    Hmm … well said 🙂
    Pt5 – Shopping 🙂 Yay!
    Yay yay indeed 🙂
    Pt6 – Wow! Waiting to drop in at your place and getting to taste all that 🙂
    U r welcome anytime 🙂
    Pt 7- Really – Leos? You know, Capris and Leos are supposedly, not supposed to get along too well. But funnily, husband and most of my very close friends are Leos 🙂
    He he … and Su is a Capri 😛

    Pt 9 and Pt 10 – Makes so much sense.
    🙂 🙂
    Swaram, that was really nice to read! You have made the tag really interesting.
    Aww u always say that don’t u 😉


  7. //Let me give Su his due credit here that he does shop a lot for me! //

    he gives u his credicard and u give him the credit!!!! WOW 😀
    and tht honeymoon planner 😀 😀 absolutely wonderful 😀 😀


  8. Loved the honeymoon ticket booking bit….slip of the slung heh 😀

    And the 10th point say a lot about u…and all of it good 🙂

    p.s: so u didnt say how 3 idiots was 😀


  9. Honeymoon tickets booked before wedding? ROFL!

    ROFL indeed, nw that I think abt it 😛 😛

    My question is, did you actually go on it? 😛
    ha ha .. wat do u think 😉 Wud they allow us 😉

    Your quitting the job for principles is totally admirable and inspiring! Like you more after knowing that 😀
    He he .. that point is earning me sooo many brownie points .. thank u so much dear 🙂
    Cooking is a great therapy for me too… Someday we must meet and rant…errr…cook 😀
    Ohhh ya .. it wud be so much fun 🙂
    I’m sure it will turn out to be a fantastic feast!
    Me too me too 🙂


  10. I m like you in the first case… if I get into an argument I cant sit till its settled… !!!!!

    bout the honeymoon tickets… you greedy girl !!!!! this is a honest tag and your supposed to tell us honestly that you did it purposely !!!!!! 😛 😛 😛 😛


    1. He he … it ws just too much for me to stay there girl .. bas 🙂 N luckily, I applied for another one and got it almost immediately 🙂

      I spent all my time in that company on notice period LOL 😆


  11. he he… No we aren’t reading between the lines, we are reading the lines exactly as they are 😛

    😛 😛 Straight 😛

    And I could copy and paste No. 4 for myself word to word. Just what I did, I mean I didn’t quit after 17 days but I had two offers and I joined the lesser known company. These days however, the well known company is even more well known for not so good reasons 😛
    Oh ho .. that one 😛 😛 We got to know that Su hd to move to Hyd in just abt 10-15 days for the new project .. so all I hd ws that one offer .. thank God for that anyways 😉

    And even I plan vacations for anyone in the family.
    Wow! Cool 8)
    And I’m half Leo 😀 Now what?
    Ahem … I better be careful then .. no pangas with Rakesh 😉


  12. Thank you bhery bhery much for the ‘honest scrap award’ and the tag. I shall surely do this one! 🙂

    Aww thank u thank u .. the way u narrate, am sure u will make it reallyyyy interesting 🙂

    The ‘honeymoon tickets’ mix-up takes the cake..!!!! 😀 Usually ppl are supposed to have pre-wedding jitters, yours was opposite huh 😉 Cute.
    Ha ha ha 😛

    I liked pt. 4 & pt. 10 — and admire you equally for both 🙂
    Thank u thank u 😛
    Very well done as always!!! 3 cheers.
    Thanks dear 🙂


  13. 1. You dont have to make your face crazy ! Its already like that ! 😀 😀 😀

    Oh ehhhh .. spared me some time n effort 😛

    2. Sometimes I even think you get paid to go on vacations.
    Ahh hw I wish it ws so 🙄

    You know, your colleagues/boss must be really fed up with you that they sent you for vacations on regular intervals. 😀 😀 😀
    Eggjactly .. u r really becoming smarter .. thanks to my company 😛
    I mean, how many vacations do you go !!! 😀
    PLsssss read my travel tales na .. I will get another hit on those posts 😛

    3. Any age group, huh ? Hmm…even month old kids ?? 😀
    He he ya … days old too 😛 😛

    4. Whom are u kidding ? They fired you for scaring everyone in the office with your eyes ! 😀
    Awww see I told u u r getting smarter!

    5. Thats what women do ! I mean, thats what women only do !
    Oh really .. we blog too na for u to leave such wonderful comments 😀

    6. yeah yeah, I came over and you didnt even invite me home ! Sigh 😦
    :grrrr someone who slept in tell 1 p.m!!!!!!!!! and did nt find time to drop in?

    7. that poor (for getting linked up wid u) and lucky (for u not speaking to him) leo ! 😀
    Wah wah! kya baat hai!

    8. ewwww…stay possessive on ur comb, brush and what not ! who would want them anyway ! ewwwwww again !
    👿 👿 I hd only written comb and towel but then ws sure u will ask abt the brush .. so added that one too 😛

    9. Yawwwn ! whaaat ?? 😀 😀
    Ahem .. complex persons cannot understand that 😉

    10. Ok, dont fight over my comments. Lets sort it out with a talk ! 😀 😀
    He he sure sure 🙂


  14. Lot of laughs on booking the tickets in advance for you honeymoon..did you go then? 😛
    Sigh 😦 Hd to wait 😛

    I am with you on the shoe part..what fun is shoe shopping right? 😀
    Awww so glad someone said that .. retail therapy indeed 😀

    And standing ovation on quitting a job you did not even if it was in a prestigious firm.. You rock
    Eesh! This is nw too much to handle girl 😛 😛 Thanks a lot 😉


  15. It’s always a pleasure reading more about you…feel like getting to know you even better! Alllllll the above points only indicate you such a warm and loving person sweety!!!!!!

    God bless!!



  16. hehehe.. I r’mber you asking me to confirm my dates twice or thrice when you booked tickets for me to come to HYD. funny only you are! 😀

    nice tag .. wouldnt mind reading a few more actually 🙂


  17. No.4 – same same pinch 🙂 I belong to your category 🙂 I did that once for a big company (one of the most reputed) too and people said I am mad!! But I took 2 days to do that 😛 (so am I worse than you? :D)
    He he .. most of those 17 days were bcoz of the notice period .. they wanted me to stay there for 2 mths and I told them it made no sense 😛

    No.1 and 10- same here 🙂

    No.2 – same pinch again!!!
    Ha ha …. careful while booking the honeymoon tickets then LOL 😆
    Great to know more about you swaram 🙂 I now feel we think alike to a great extent!!!
    Hmm true .. gr8 minds think alike na 😛 😛 We cn do with some self-appreciation rt 8)
    Nice tag 🙂
    Thanks dear 🙂


  18. all 10 were an interesting read :).
    Did you really do that ? mix up the dates for your HM ? hahahaha… do u know what i did ? did all arrangements and we went to the airport and returned back home. can u guess why ? ‘coz i ha forgotten to get my ECNR stamped 🙂

    LOL .. what a way to start the HM na 😉 😉

    And can totally relate to the job change. Job satisfaction matters the most, isn’t it ?
    🙂 🙂

    I can identify myself with points 9 and 10. So very true.
    Oh so glad to know that Lavanya 🙂
    A good 10 points
    Thank u 🙂


  19. Wow! Thanks so much for the award and the tag…this is extra special since its my first award and tag as well..

    Lovely post as always.. its great to know you better 🙂

    Point 4 – really commendable, though i feel the same ..i wonder if i would have been confident enough to do the same

    Ditto on points 9 & 10 and on being possesive abt family, towel, comb, hanky.. 😀


    1. Aww glad to be the first one to award u Priya 🙂

      Abt point.4, I think all of us wud get the confidence when the time comes dear .. wonder if I hd believed I cud do it too before I did that 😛 😛

      Ha ha .. same pinch 😉


  20. tells me all over again what a lovely person you are ..but best friend with mausi’s mil ..too much ho gaya na


  21. Your pt 1 is too good Swaram! I have many a cold wars with my hubby 🙂 I love planning vacations too …. its so much fun to window shop over the internet for deals and hotels 😀 I am not that much of a chatterbox so I am really jealous of you that you can converse with anyone with ease !!!


    1. Wow! Am droooling over ur profile pic Homey 🙂

      Sigh! Hw I wish I cud get things done with the cold wars 😛 Cold war is on the other side @ our place 😦

      Sigh! Wish I cn learn the art of maintaining quiet from u sometime 😉 😉

      Its so nice to plan vacations and think of all the fun we r gonna hv there rt 🙂 Glad to know I hv company in so many of u 🙂


  22. The best line, ‘ I believe that being good @ anything comes from loving what u r dng and also satisfaction is the key to happiness’ – so true, Swaram

    9 and 10 …I am with you, here!

    Nice to know more about you, Swaram. You are a very honest person, is the verdict!


  23. Congrats on the award Swaram… 🙂 🙂

    Thanks Kanagu … hv u done this before? Pls do it otherwise 🙂

    LOL.. 😆 surely that’s not the way to get the things done.. 😛 😛
    Ha ha ha 😉
    You are too fast… reduce it 😛 😛
    Ahem … lemme c when ur turn comes 😛 😛
    Its really important to be in place where we enjoy our work,…. 🙂 🙂 am I digging at myself??? 🙄 🙄
    Shopping surely you will do well and do fast also… you were running through the racks… 😀 😀
    Oh really … u say well .. thanks a lot 😛 LOL, that day u know abt the lack of time na … else, I cn do it all day long 😛
    Surely you are a superb cook… aloo parathas you have provided is the best ones I have eaten… 
    Ahem .. see, nw u know y I cooked for u … u spoke for me here 😉 😉
    Simplicity.. true true…
    Mis-communication… that’s good.. me always try that.. if they don’t respond.. I won’t care much.. I will walk of…
    Hmm … I do give it a try before I walk off so that I don’t hv to go on a guilt trip later 🙂
    Anyways much of the things I know about you already… 😀 😀 superbly done…
    Ha ha … true true 😉


  24. that;s a nice thing you did – giving up the job you didn’t really enjoy..what’s the point on working in a big company if you don’t want to go to work every day…bravo, swar




    @ 1: che che!!! Same pinch swaroo sis!!! I say Su and my BF have it very easy in life 👿 I have been in bad mood and then suddenly spotted something or remembered something else and all is back to normal! Maybe we shud practice the art a bit!!!

    che … I know 😦 Every time, I try harder to get him to talk first but it never happens 😦
    @ 2: aha! You good at planning vacations? SO now I have two ppl to consult – you and hitchu! 😀
    He he he 😀

    @ 3: HUGSSSSSSS!!! That is just too cool! 😀
    HUGSSSS!!! There r a few exceptions though 😛 😛

    @ 4: Swaroo sis! I am with you! That was a smart move… even if ppl say it’s a bad career-move, career will not go at great lengths if you don’t enjoy what you do, even if the organisation is prestigious…
    am on the same situation… 😀 ideally wud like to get a job before I quit, but if string snaps… I will be out in a single day!!!!! 👿
    There u go! U rock sis 🙂

    @ 5: EEEEEEEE! Shopping 😐 but I promise to take you around Bombay… but u be prepared for cribbing crafty 🙄 unless u shop for books!!!!!!!! :mrgreen:
    Su shops for u, he’s a darling!!! 😀
    Ohh Books, I go crazy shopping for them .. lets shop only for books there 🙂

    @ 6: ooooh! 😀 cooking!! Yes, it is a stress buster! Search of recipes is what lead to me making friendship in blogs and then eventually blogging! 😀
    Oh that is so so sweet na 🙂

    @ 7: Am not a Leo.. phew! 😀 😀 😀
    LOL … thank God 😛 Me scared of Leo friendships nw 😐

    @ 8: aha!! Possessive! 😀 😀 well…. Its nice…..depends on the extent… what if I borrow ur towel? What are the consequences? :mrgreen:
    He he .. u get a new one with Mickey, Donald et.al …… to save mine 😛

    @ 9: Hugs on that bit on simplicity.. I agree as hell… how does it matter? 😀
    he he I know 🙂

    @ 10: A million times yes…. When we have the gift to communicate and express… its easier to settle, faster and at least the issue is closed!!! 😀 😀 😀
    There .. u said it dear 🙂
    This was a nice read! 😀 😀 😀 hugsssssssss!
    Ur comment ws a super-duper. awesome read too .. thankussss and hugssssssss 😀


  26. This post would let your dear readers to know more about you. But as such all your posts are honest ones 🙂 I like the one about being possesive and simplicity. U have tagged me ,oops! ok would take it up in few days 🙂


  27. Swaram, Oops, tagged again! Thanks and I’ll accept the tag with a post sometime (there is one more on my name pending), but where will I go for the additional 8 taggees? 😦 Maybe I’ll make it a “tag sink” to gobble the tags 🙂


  28. I came in late to this post and absolutely loved knowing more about you, but it was more of what I had already pictured 🙂 Are you sure you booked the honeymoon tickets wrong by mistake ;)?


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