There could not be an occasion more special … a marriage between two of our dear friends. The proposal was from our side and it was accepted by both the sides and everything was fine. It was a matter of relief for the girls side as they believed,or rather were forced to believe that she was born under an inauspicious star which brought along the condition that she should be married into a family without a Father-in-law.  Thank God, this ws a broad-minded family who did not believe in the predictions of the horror-scope and the FIL himself was more than happy to go ahead with the proposal.

The engagement was fixed. As luck would have it, the FIL suffered a heart-attack 2 days before the same and was admitted in a critical condition.  Co-incidence? And the wedding stood cancelled!!!!!!!

What do u think? Its sad to even put ourselves in either of their shoes – the numerous dreams, the hopes, their wishes for the future! At the same time, the situation was such that any son/daughter could probably think about their Father and nothing else. Might turn a complete non-believer into a firm believer? I am clueless!

As much as it is easy to say we would not have foregone the wedding, are we sure what we would do if we r in this situation? Would we walk the talk?

But, there’s one question which still haunts me – ‘She’ should be given to a family with no FIL, with no MIL or to the eldest son and so on? Why no ‘He’ features in any of these???????