Thatz hw excited I am … bk after a superb, fantabulous, awesome,amazing, fun-filled trip. Phew! Lemme stop @ these many adjectives  .. u got it already, dint u?

9 days flew away before we even realized where we were …. sight-seeing, shopping, it all went really well and eh, the blogger meets too .. It ws wonderful meeting Ajcl,Priyanka and RS and the whiz kids Aashna [Priyanka’s darling kiddo] and Chotu [Ajcl’s sweetheart]. Aashna ws @ her enthusiastic best that day and entertained us so much. It ws so nice to see her pick the menu card and spot colours there. She went on and on – Puhpal, Yellow and so on. We hd a lovely time and I just hoped it cud last longer. The other thing Su and me hv been talking abt is hw her dad got her to kiss the floor where she hurt herself rather than the usual way where we beat the area and say .. very bad, it hurt u and all that. Its so nice right … kids don’t learn to hate anything then. Its actually right to say we should not teach the kids to be afraid, to hate rather than say we should teach them to be brave, we should teach them to love is what I feel. Because, the former is what is part of them .. all we hv to do is not erase them … isn’t it?

Chotu ws one smart kid who entertained us with his talk and puzzle solving abilities every moment. Chotu used to take attendance by the minute to confirm we were around him. Su uncle, thuka venda ws what he used to say if we said gud nite [meaning … don’t sleep]. Good-bye ws the forbidden word in front of him. Just loved all his antics – the way he used to imitate the way we used to sit/stand and the twinkle in his eyes when he is all set to solving a new puzzle. Psst psst, Ajcl is a gr8888 singer too 😉 😉 And I loveeeeed RS’s mango pickle 😛

Both the kids were so so social.

Yet again, I am amazed how the other half of the bloggers get along so well too when we meet each other! The husbands of these 3 bloggers were super-cool too 8). Pulling each other’s legs had become the norm of the day 😉 Presence of bloggers in the destination is (one of) the criteria for a vacation now 😉

And then, I loved Singapore u know … not for the sight-seeing only but for the way the city hs been planned … beyoootiphuuul 😀 We used public transport to get to any corner of the city … infact, used more of it in the 9 days we were there than what I hv used in the last 2.5 yrs in Hyderabad 😉 😉  The buses and the local trains literally drop u @ the door step wherever u want to go and its so well designed for blind ppl too and even for elders and like bcoz u need not climb up even a single step to get on to the trains! Its plain awesome! And it ws sight-seeing all around! The Christmas decorations were simply out of the world! Just roaming on the streets was enough to enjoy the vacation!

We also immigrated to Bintan in Indonesia for 2 days for a vacation by the beach and boy, what a time we had! I felt so much @ home in Indonesia and they do share so many of our names too 😉 We got Roti-Paratha [they think its one dish] and Aloo-Gobbi for dinner 😛

And eh, its been a season of blog meets. We arrived home @ 2 a.m IST sday 😉 and Kanagu dropped in today morning 🙂 I just played a good hostess, served him breakfast and rushed to my workplace to play a good developer .. now I need money to plan the next vacation u c :P. So, here I am slogging @ work [ok, blogging too now n then ;)] while Kanagu n Su r hvng a gr8 time @ home and are set to go sight-seeing in Hyderabad in sometime 🙄

And then, Dad n Sis r gng to be here this Friday. Right in time for the New Year and Su’s bday on the 2nd 🙂 🙂 🙂

So, looking forward to another happening weekend.

Hv loadssss of pics to share guys .. but cud nt resist from saying hello to all of u 🙂 Will share the pics in my next post 🙂

Season’s greetings to all of u 🙂