Naah .. this is nt any mushy-mushy tale!

Its about that gr8 man Murphy … I hv so many things to write about but absolutely no time 😦  Work @ its peak … I just finished replying to comments on all the previous posts .. more than a week!  And to top it, there hv been so so been get-tos, birthday parties and what not this month … and goes without saying, I am the last one to drop in everywhere 😉 Wonder how many ppl r born in December and get married in December? In my family itself, its sis on 2nd, Mom on 5th and my in-laws wedding anniversary on 5th too!!!!!  And all the while when I am not @ work, I am busy shopping … nw don’t raise ur eyebrows … its nt for me … for the gifts! As much as I love dng it, this time its all been after 9:00 p.m and during my lunch hr 😛  And sday, for a bday party which ws supposed to start @ 7:30 p.m and the place ws just 14ish kms from my office, I left the workplace @ 8:45, barged into LifeStyle to find a gift … I spent 4 hrs last Sunday @ Odyssey buying a few gifts for kids and gng by my standards, I hd abs. no time that day 😦 I tried to get the best one of the lot and rushed to the wrapping counter to find that there ws a turtle there … there ws already a pretty lady before me and he ws taking a lifetime to wrap one thing and she had 3 of them!!!!!! Wonder if it ws the pretty lady effect 😉 Anyways, he did it after what seemed a full yuga, having dropped the gift about 20 times too! Uff 😦 Finally, I selected a nice wrapper and started doing it myself 😉 So, thatz how life has been the whole month!  Work, home, shopping, packing and some blogging in b/w 😉

No complaints though … am gonna be away from all this work for a good 9 days now 8)  Yippee! We r off to the Land of the MerLion for vacation starting 2mrw 🙂 If those who r gonna b hosting me are reading this, don’t worry … I said away from office work only 😛 I will help u with the kitchen n stuff u know 😉   I am so excited about it ..will be meeting 3 of my wonderful blog friends too 😀  and also hope I don’t scare them away [I wanted to say this before my dear friend Vimmuuu gets a chance to say I hv scary eyes :evil:]  Ajcl, Priyanka and RS [wonly alphabetical order here :twisted:]

Kanagu is coming to Hyderabad after we return and we r all set to welcome u Kanagu. Season of blog meets here and I am loving it.

Heartfelt thanks ppl to all those who nominated my posts at the Avant Garde awardsAnish,Deeps, Hitchu, Hypermom, IHM,Kanagu, Monika, Nu,Pal,Sandhya,Shraddha Smithu,Solilo [if I hv missed anyone else, pls excuse me] . Sorry that I hv nt been able to do the same …. will try my best to do it before I leave … but I am happy that most of the posts I like and deserve to win have already found a place there …. gud luck to all of u 🙂

And yes, since I many not be able to access the net, kindly excuse me if u don’t find my comments on ur posts and plsssssssssss tell me u miss me … I will miss u all so so much .. 9 days is a  longggg  time to be away from this lovely world!

Now before I forget,  Merry Christmas to all of u. May Santa bring in the goodies of peace, joy and hope in all ur lives and and the Lord shower his choicest blessings on all of u 🙂

Am so so sorry people .. hv nt been able to share the pics of the Heritage Walk too 😦  Since I don’t want to break  my promise and return bk to realize all u dear friends hv been driven away from this space, here r a few pics from my home city Hyderabad …. enjaaay maadi 😀  I hope I see one United Andhra on return void of all this hara-kiri gng on 😦

Charminar in all its glory

Cn u c the Char Minars?
Cn u spot the Char Minars nw?

Splendid Chowmohalla Palace
The splendid Chowmohalla palace


And this is my most fav pic of the yr 😉 😉


A happy vacation to all of u, wishing a safe journey to everybody who is travelling and gud luck to all those who are busy with work … work is worship 😉

And eh, if u do feel u miss my posts, puleaaaase dig into my archive and read a few old ones 😛 😛 😛 … Shameless advertisement I know … Old is gold rt 😉

Have a gr8 time friends. Luv u all 🙂 Hugs, hugs n more hugs 🙂