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If u stay in Hyderabad, u wud agree if I say life hs been sort of crippled for the past few days in Hyderabad. The first thing we would do in the morning is switch on the TV to see if there is a bundh yet again or dig into the newspaper to see which areas hv been the most problematic or dial ur office to find out if they want u to play with ur life and still be @ work, all the while praying for atleast one petrol pump to be open or to get an auto without a ransom demand. Life has been horrible to say the least!

Schools, colleges closed, shutters down on all the shops, no buses plying around, a few that run being burnt down, agitation everywhere and unfortunately so many many students and others succumbing to injuries, lathi charge and if news headlines are to be believed, a few suicides and heart attacks too! All this for the creation of a separate state ‘Telangana‘.Β  Who are the sufferers here? We, the people!Β  I hd to come to office the last weekend and we literally had to rush out somewhere around 3 p.m when the supporters started pelting stones and setting many shops on fire very close to our office .. all to see that it was difficult to even catch an auto to get home at the earliest!

I was left wondering what if there was an emergency and people had to make it to the hospitals or what would be the fate of daily-wage workers? There’s a marriage in my neighbour’s family today and they were utterly confused as to whether they should postpone the same, how would they communicate to people and so on. They were relieved that there was atleast a result yesterday and that the ChaloAssembly rally today was cancelled. How many more people would have had to deal with such things? Is it really fair to create this situation? Can’t peaceful protests or discussions ever give the expected solutions?

There hv been a lot many reasons that the supporters have cited – they claim they have been neglected, they say they have not been given their due rights, they feel development will be accelerated.Β  Well, certain things do go unsaid, but there will be a lot of political gains thought about too .. Who would not want another position to be created for a Chief Minister. Who would want to miss another chance to have a ministry and be able to exercise power over yet another state?

A 48-hr bundh, Section 144 imposed, a 11-day fast by one all led to a positive nod by the Centre and Telangana has come into being.

So, is it bad that there will be a divide, one more to add to the already existing number or is it that the newborn will be showered with a lot of attention? Will all the promises be remembered? Will the developments happen or will just remain drafted? Will the allotted funds be spent on the common people? Will this definitely prove to be the silver lining for the cloudy cover we had to live under?

Does a smaller, separate state ensure better governance – Whatz ur take?

Btw, the local daily says the bundh cost the city Rs.250 crores!!!!!!!!!