Colleague1: Hey guys! Sweets! I am gonna be a father soon πŸ™‚

Colleague2: Wow!Gr8 news man! Esp. gud that u r on the way when u r in the present team .. boy guaranteed!

Colleague3: Exactly! G,M,B and now me .. all of us r proud fathers of a Vamshoddaraka [One who will carry fwd the family-tree]

Colleague1: I hope so too man .. lets c!

I was silent all this while since I hate entering into such cheap discussions. All our words will only fall on deaf ears.

But then:

Colleague3: What say Swaram? Better plan when u r in this team only!

Me: Then I better do it once I move out of this team πŸ‘Ώ

Colleague2: Easy to say .. don’t tell me that u don’t wish for a boy too!

Me: Never!

Colleague4 comes in now.

Colleague4: What will you do if its a boy? Throw him in the bin? [Exactly what he said!]

Me: Thank God I can’t think like u! We would love him as much as we would love our daughter!

Colleague2: Ur plans of a daughter would be shattered then .. how sad 😦

Me: If we can’t have one, we hope we can adopt one! Amen!

Colleague4: Jathi [Caste-religion] and all that? [He is the cheapest being I have met .. even if I hate saying this!]

Me: U care? I don’t! Wish u would not too!

He fumes and goes away! Then starts another round.

Colleague2: Everything fine about my son man .. only complaint is he is dark!

I work with such horribly insane characters 😐

I have my own doubts abt what the so-called ‘education’ system is really teaching people!

We r just two daugthers and my parents have tackled the qs of how they will live their life after their daughters get married with gr8 ease.Not even once did we even feel that they missed having a son .. I don’t remember my dad saying such a thing on a single occasion. Let alone my dad, my grandpa had 5 of them and I never saw him complain once in life! I am happy to be a part of such a family.

I always thought things r getting better … or may be they r though @ a snail’s pace.. but so many such characters in one place? Or some of them are getting influenced by others and dare not utter the truth? Y do we yield to social pressure so much? When one of my colleagues was pregnant, she was saying that she would love to have a daughter, but was sure her in-laws would be happy only if it was a son, esp. after her co-sister had just delivered a boy 😦

We gave up watching daily soaps at home long back because we thought they added lot of garam masala and showcased such things! What abt these real-life scenes though? Shall I just shut up and let them wag their tongue? πŸ™„

And FYI, I let them know that when my friend’s brother, the gr8 Vamshoddaraka refused to look after her Mom and forced her to sign the property letter and pass on the house to his name, it was the daughter who chipped in and her first condition to marry was that her Mother would continue to stay with her! And thatz how it is today! I am proud to have her as a friend and respect her a lot!

Doesn’t this answer the centuries old question?

I whole-heartedly wish my colleague gets a daughter and he learns to love her as much! After reading a few comments and pondering over this, I think he should miss that special bond between a Dad and his daughter. Luv u dad for never having compared me to anyone and for hvng been proud of us sisters always πŸ™‚