Hiya folks! For all those who asked me if I am alive, yessss I am! How can I go away so soon 😉  I have a lottttt of things to do in life, one of them being write a lot many posts here and bug u ppl 😉 Right now though, the bugs in code have been bugging me bug err big time 😦

Work has been superbly horribly hectic ..sorry for being so late in replying to all ur comments too!

I have so many things, so many pics to share with u ppl, but just no time 😦

Life has been simply beautiful u know .. I mean it was always nice, but the past few days have just beeeeen fantastic.

We got to see the real Hyderabad .. the essence, the soul on last Sunday when we went to the ‘Heritage Walk‘ – an initiative by the tourism department to let people know about the glory of Hyderabad which lies in its numerous splendid monuments. There is a well-trained guide who takes u along and explains in detail about the history of this wonderful place. I so want to take this up sometime u know! Need to attend full-day training for 10 days which is not feasible as of now 😦 My friend M,  had written about her in one of the old posts about the different, innovative ways in which she celebrates her kid’s birthday was our guide 🙂 Felt good about it 🙂

You should see it to believe that almost each and every house/shop whatever that you can see along the route have a royal element attached to them. The walk starts from the Charminar and ends at the Chowmohalla palace. It takes place on every Sunday and second Saturday. Just drop in near the Charminar, buy ur ticket which is just Rs.50/- and includes a simple, delicious breakfast at the palace too .. I really feel they should increase this for the wonderful thing they are doing! The walk begins @ 7:30 a.m. Anybody visiting Hyderabad, please make this a part of ur itinerary. Ahh no .. I am not being paid for this advertisement 😉 I will share the pics in my next post and u will see that each one speaks volumes about the glorious past of Hyderabad 🙂

Come Monday, we attended the last day of the Pandit Motiram Pandit Maniram Sangeet Samaroh , which is organised by Pt.Jasraj in memory of his Late Father and Brother, who were singers of great repute, every year for 4 days, ending on Nov 30th, which is his father’s death anniversary. Some of the finest musicians from all parts of the country perform here .. the concert of Pt. Shivkumar Sharma that I had mentioned in the previous post was a part of this one. Pt. Jasraj always performs on Nov 30th and but obvious that it was out-of-the-world.

Legend has it that Qutub Shahi, who was the first ruler to proclaim himself the King of Hyderabad, wanted the city to be made so so beautiful that he could enjoy ‘Jannat‘ right here and not wait for the same till the doors of heaven open for him when he passes on. Anybody who attended the concert can vouch for the fact that we indeed experienced Jannat that day. Will post these pics and the audios in the next post too 😉

I have fallen in love with this city .. slowwwwwly but ssssteadily … my home away from home 🙂 I just realized that if we learn to see the good in anything, we can never hate it.  I think the same applies to people too probably na? If we learn to look for the good in every person instead of fault-finding, we would never hate anyone. May be difficult but I want to work towards it.This is a self-reminder 🙂

And eh, its gud news at the work front too. We had to face a pay cut some months back, thanks to recession. The same has been reverted back .. yippee 8)  No complaints about more work though actually, reminds me I hold a job in these tough times .. one which is just what I want to do 🙂 Thank God for that 🙂 Also, reminds me of my first manager in the IT world … he used to always give a smile and say .. Wow! Another bug! Let’s get to work .. we will get to learn so many new concepts from this .. Luv that attitude 🙂

Awwww, most importantly, it was my li’l sister’s birthday yesterday. Belated Wishes Dearie. And she won a client recognition award yesterday …what a lovely gift for the day … I am sooo happy for u girl . This is her 3rd award in just a bit more than an year that she has been working 🙂 I am a proud sister 🙂

Thatz just about it u know, ahhh I hv already said enough .. but life’s just going good … got to count my blessings 🙂  Reminds me how much I am indebted to life too .. got to be good and do good.  Bow to thee Almighty!

Coming up next: Pictures from the Heritage Walk and Pt.Jasraj’s concert .. stay tuned 😛