26/11 for sure is going to give me, infact many of us sleepless nights for years to come. I can’t imagine going through that trauma in the wildest of my dreams …. it pains! I salute all the heroes who lay down their lives and those who fought with the spirit of saving other lives alone and those people who were held captive for having the strength to face all that struggle .. it does send shivers down the spine even today.The face of that innocent child Moshe … I can’t believe even that couldn’t stop those bastards from doing what they did 😦

Its been an year … exactly one! Well, whatz the outcome? Are we confident there are measures in place now to combat such a terrible thing now? Are we sure we will not be the victims someday?Β  How long are we going to trust the people who govern us? Aren’t we well aware they cannot grow over party politics?

Passing the buck has been our favourite .. rather ‘the favourite’ game for a long time now. But, can we give a thought to what we can do from our side? We can be the change … a minute fraction of it atleast! It does help in the long run!

It hurts to see people looking for shortcuts to escape the security check in so many public fairs et..al. Do they ever realize that the time they are saving might never be their’s? How do we make them realize its for our own good that such measures are in place? Why do they crib when there is a long queue for the security check-up. I feel happy when there are stringent measures in place .. we are supposed to right. When we went to see the Khairatabad Ganesha [the tallest in India] which attracts a lottttt of people, most of them were trying to creep in through the little corners! Whom are they trying to fool but themselves? When we told a few of them, they asked us if we did not have better work πŸ™„Β  We complained to the security officer who gave her best possible smile, which would have melted our hearts completely on any other bright day.

Recently, we had been to a park and as I waited for the check, the man there told me to proceed as the lady guard had gone to the rest room. I told him I can wait but he was bent upon pushing me out from there. Isn’t that a lapse?

Why are women not checked in so many malls?Β  It does make work easy for the terrorist brains to design their activities rt? If not by choice, many women may be forced to do it for the sake of money/family etc…? Small things to count.

These things are in our hands. Aren’t we the cause too in some way then? Let’s not resort to short-cuts. Lets spend that extra time which helps in saving our own lives and that of our loved ones.Β  Even while getting the passports, visas etc … I think we should go the right way. Today, it might be just another human being like U or Me … but what if its one monster some day? The bribes make it equally easy for them. Let’s do what we can.

I felt bad when one of my ‘NRI’ friends the other day was talking abt how unsafe India is .. how dirty it is! Is it India or is it us who have made her like this? Do we find a solution in running away from here or trying to make this beautiful country a safe place to live in? Even if my Mother is clad in a simple cotton saree and is surrounded by so many others in designer attire, she is still my Mother and I am proud of her …. I am 100% sure each one of us is! I admire other nations for their advancements, but we do have a role to play in keeping things as they are. Stop spitting on the roads, stop pissing whereever you want.Β  I know I am digressing, but that comment hurt me.

I do take a oath that I will contribute what I can .. I may not be able to fight at the borders or face them directly .. but I will do my duty as a citizen and make it easier for the war-heroes.

Hats Off to the Heroes!!!!


Saare jag mein kahin nahi hai doosra Hindustan πŸ™‚

Let’s pay our homage to all those men and women who fight @ the cost of their lives to ensure we lead a peaceful one!