The past weekend was gr8 …  I simply loved it!  Monday was an off too, thanks to the elections .. well, gotta work on another day though 😐

I absolutely love unplanned weekends which go well. We thought we would not head out, given that we had enrolled for the 10k run next day, except for the usual stroll we take alongside the Hussain Sagar lake almost every weekend. Now there, I am so thankful to have such a gr8 place so close to home. How lucky 8)  The whole stretch on one side is covered with lawns, where you can just relax and have a nice time. We just went there, played with the SLR for some time, clicking the moon, the street lights, the shadows, the reflections and whatever seemed interesting 😉 The weather was just right too .. all in all, a perfect outing!

Chandamama 🙂


Chand phir nikla!


Pati, patni aur woh err camera 😛

Mera saaya saath hoga ;)
Mera saaya saath hoga 😀

Then, we felt like trying our hands @ the bowling alley yet again and without any second thoughts, packed the cameraman’s tools and headed straight there. Had to wait for an hour and I roamed around aimlessly doing some window shopping, while the man had a gr8 time @ the Nintendo zone as always! These game-zone people are really brilliant I tell you .. they do know how to hold the people rt there ..even when the wait is for more than an hour! I saw most of the men waiting for a lane, turn towards the Nintendo zone and the women head out for .. isn’t it obvious … (window) shopping. Now, I don’t blame it on the women .. Peter England, Woodlands, United Colours of Benetton, Pantaloons, Levis, name it and u have it! Who asked them to open the game zone in between all these? Tactics!!!!!  .. we are not to be blamed @ all :bulb:  In just about 15-20 min, I got a call that the lane was allotted and had to rush there.  Had a nice dinner .. oh eh, I love the basil parathas which they serve @ Basil, Lumbini Mall .. healthy n tasty .. yum yum 😉


The 10K run was gr8! When u have a cause for a run, its probably all the more fun.  As they rightly said: ‘Million Emotions, one run’. This time, the cause was ‘Save the lake’. It hurts to see the magnificent lake, which is one of most sought after locations in the city, polluted so badly 😦

‘There were people of all age-groups. One young grandpa was awesome; he never ever took to walking. He was an inspiration for so many of us.  There were people on the wheel-chairs too! Hats off to their spirit! I had attended marathons before too @ Bengaluru, but this one took the cake. Awesome location – around the lovely Hussain Sagar, superb arrangements, including the Rock bands and Bhangra performances to pep up the participants all along the route, performances by Shiamak Davar troupe and few others after the same; a day to remember for sure.  And yeah, a note of thanks to the Lord – just realized we should thank him so much for being healthy! Wealthy for sure 8)  I met this girl S somewhere near the 6km line and believe me, till we reached the finish line, she was going on and on about her Dad. How he would have reached the finish line long back, his super-cool nature, the way he runs so many miles daily and so on. Dads r indeed our super-heroes na 😉 Yet again, I could see that inexplicable bond between a father-daughter duo!

Just run … every step counts

A yacht carrying the msg ‘Save the Lake


A yacht with the message 'Save the lake'

We will we will rock u!
We wil we wil rock u!


Could not help but click this 😉 How do u like this shirt of our auto driver 😛


One of my friends M had some awesome birthday celebrations for her younger son. A Wild Bash it was!

The theme was ‘Chasing Butterflies in the Wild‘.  She said her main aim was to get the kids ‘out’. In her own words, she felt they were too much cooped up inside, not becoming one with nature and losing a chance to interact with the best teacher….and to top it,  all for free. So, she had taken a whole gang of kids to a jungle area nearby [safe one ;)] with a lake surrounding a temple [The jungle area on the way to Shameerpet, near the Koteshwara temple for those who know] I just went wow wow over the pics.  Wonderful location and its evident that the kids had a gala time playing in the lap of Mother Nature. I heard rocks, shapes of leaves, bugs, insects, funnily shaped twigs everything excited them .. what a blissful phase of life childhood is 🙂

‘A trek, chasing butterflies and bugs, looking out for hares and foxes…fish in the stream, finger food under a tree…with a few friends and the sounds of crickets for company’  is what she had to say! Do we really need anything more 😉

I just love the way she does things so differently. Reminds me of that saying ‘Winners don’t do different things; they do things differently’. She is a winner for sure, acc. to me, when it comes to such events.

Hmmm …. I think thatz all I have to say for now. Oh eh, just wanted to share this one with you … I find this structure somewhat funny…what ya say 🙄