I am nt sure if this post makes any sense @ all. Its probably a very very small thing .. but for me, its a really big thing…

Like a proverb goes in Kannada ‘Hettavarige Hegana muddu‘ meaning ‘For the parents, even a bandicoot is very very dear‘ .

And thatz what one simple invite gtalk invite from my li’l bro did to me – I was so excited .. I should have told Su 100 times already that I can’t believe that the baby I held in my hands hs started chatting with me abt his daily (mis)adventures @ school, abt his co-curricular activities, asking me suggestions for his project and so on. I still can’t … even now … checking the words here as I write .. am I dreaming? or is for real?

Being the eldest grand-daughter on my maternal side,  I have been kind of a gang-leader for all these younger kids  .. they used to take my word for everything 😛  It was considered Veda-Vakhya 😉  Come summer holidays and I used to wait to go to each of their houses and play with them. Me and my sis had a tough competition between us as to who would be  liked most by the kids 😛 As soon as there was a new arrival in the family, we had n strategies to ensure the same. Sounds so silly now, but it was a serious matter then!

Thus came Sanju, who is the last but one among the gang and I was worried that my sister wil get closer to him as I was not able to make it when he was born owing to term exams and believe me, I can’t tell u which was the greater of the two for me that yr – the joy of completing the exams or that of being able to meet Sanju 😛

3-months old when I met him first, beating his hands and legs was this li’l bundle of joy. I just loved that summer vacation so so much. Me, my sis and 7 other cousins were waging the battle now contesting for the ‘Most favourite’ spot and pulling his own bro’s legs that we would take the baby away was an obvious one. It so happened that the elder one asked us to do so one day, seeing that all the attention or majority of it was on this little monster, thatz what he would have thought atleast 😉

I have already written enough about Sanju’s antics here – be it tightening the screws of the coconut tree as it was shaking 😉 or the very first interview for school admissions in which he refused to say his name as his Mom had told him not to get friendly with strangers or tell them any details. Even when his Mom said the teacher was not one, he asked her to explain why she had told him that a stranger is someone u don’t know and since he did not know the teacher, how could she not be one! What logic!

And yeah, he wanted to be a coolie when he grows up and here is the proof. Once, where the entire family was getting ready for a trip, he picked up 3 pieces of luggage and started debating that he was as strong as any other adult! He would not let us put them down until we took  a pic. Check out his dress too… he said thatz how ‘Big boyz’ dress up .. pant et..al 😉


And some other time, a drummer is what he wanted to be.

San n Sanju

He started keyboard classes pretty early as he was really interested in music. I still can’t forget the day when we had a bhajans program @ home. There was a troupe singing bhajans. This fella saw that they were playing the harmonium. He immediately got his keyboard out and when they were done with a few songs, demanded the mike and started playing a few songs himself. He asked them to sing whatever he was playing. The innocence, the spirit, this active kid just stole everybody’s heart.

And when he pinged me yesterday, he tells me he has started training in Western too and is a master at skating now! These were updates I used to hear from my aunt or uncle. Now, from the horse’s mouth!

When he called me last time, I told him I am not gonna talk to him as he refused to meet me in Bangalore last time .. he was too busy playing with other kids in another corner of the city.  ‘How many days can u stay without talking to me? Ok, I made a mistake and I am sorry for it … I will definitely come and meet u soon @ ur place’ was what he said. Wasn’t I dumb to expect some child-like tantrums on the other side?  Hw did it change from those Amma, she is not talking to me or Go, even I won’t talk to you to such matured talk? Is there a lesson or two I have got to learn from them? To say sorry so easily, to forgive?

From a hyper-active toddler to this little big boy, I can’t believe where all the years have gone by!  All that has remained the same is the bond between us 🙂 And I hope it remains so forever 🙂

Love u Sanju 🙂 May u always be the supercool, confident boy you are 🙂 God bless u 🙂

Must be racing with the wind!