As I sat down to have tea and catch up with some news to take a break and switched between the various news websites, in between all the usual headlines talking abt who hit whom cases and the tales abt axing and taxing, my eyes fell on a small column in the corner of the main page which carried something very positive :bulb: Wish such things can make it to he headlines someday though!

It ws about one Mr.Ravi Gulati, who had given up a corporate job after his MBA from an IIM in order to educate kids nearby his home. It was about how he had taken to teaching children of maids, drivers, barbers and so on.

A living example of a person who just did not talk abt reforms we need but went ahead and joined in the movement to bring about the same, contributed on his own towards realizing the distant dream of having each child educated touched me and I went on to find out more.

One line of his  “I have not made any sacrifice, I am not doing anyone a favour. I am doing what I want to do, what I like to do,” really touched me! Hw many of us go about doing small things and think we are really helping the other person! We forget that the smile we see on another’s face when we give them a gift or bcoz of our small token of appreciation make us all the more happier! It does give us a feeling of joy in our heart, whether we realize it or not!

I remember reading somewhere that we can feel the real joy of giving when we’re doing something for others knowing that we’re simply doing it for ourselves-we’re doing it for our own joy.

I just loved what he said “I don’t expect the kids to pay me back but pay it forward” . He also adds that in his classroom, every student is a teacher and every teacher a student.

He goes on to explain how one student got bored of listening to the same lesson for the 3rd time or so as there were new students who had enrolled and was hungry for more. So, Ravi asked the student to take over and explain the same to the others. He has explained how years of conditioning had taught the student that the ‘teacher was a position‘ and so he was reluctant to take over but how Ravi convinced him that  it was a ‘role-for-the-time-being’ that the student could take over! Brilliant point rt?

Its nice to know that along with his Mother, who has herself worked for the benefit of  mentally challenged children for 30 yrs, started a non profit organisation called ‘Manzil‘. U can visit their website here.

In between all the common, ever whining news items and controversial, meaningless comments to follow them on rediff, this ws a welcome change. This is part of a series called Extra-ordinary Indians.

When I chased after money, I never had enough. When I got my life on purpose and focused on giving of myself and everything that arrived into my life, then I was prosperous. – Wayne Dyer

You can watch an interview with Ravi Gulati here.

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Had to share this with all of u :) A truly inspiring one isn't it?