Okie guys …. now stop hitting me with all those known and unknown missiles since I am posting again today 😉 I am well equipped buhahahahaha 👿 BEWARE  💡


Certain things do work as a therapy for me when I am feeling low. One of them is photography – clicking and seeing pics 🙂  And, as I share my rants with you, I wanted to share a few good pics too 🙂 Truly refreshing and rejuvenating 😀

Mom, Dad and Sister dearest are back from a long trip to God’s own country.  I am feeling soooooo J of them 😈  They started planning for the trip after our 3-day trip to Munnar but visited that and much more. And all I could do is go on a trip through the pics Miss Sis shared!

The more the merrier 🙂  Letz embark on the journey together 8) As they say, photographs can reach eternity through the moment!

Kerala is truly beautiful and never fails to amaze me … the misty mountains, the lush-green plantations, the serene farm lands, the calmness of the backwaters, a variety of gorgeous flora, the fresh yummilicious 😉 carrots, strawberry … it hs something to cater to the needs of everyone!

A friend’s home in Trikkur, Kerala which they visited! How I wish I could stay there 🙂

Trip To Kerala 004

A house on the banks of the back-waters! Awesome place rt  🙂

A view from the backwaters of Kumarakom

Backwaters ... Kumarakom
Trip To Kerala 028
I can see a ray of hope there 🙂
The Bleeding Heart Flower
Bleeding heart flower


Trip To Kerala 128

Trip To Kerala 133

Periyar Lake, Thekkady
Periyar Lake, Thekkady

As the sun sets in Thekkady; leaves a mark behind 😉

As the sun sets in Thekkady .. leaves a mark behind :D

From the spice garden of Thekkady
From Spice Garden, Thekkady!

Over to Tea-heaven, Munnar


Over to Tea-Heaven Munnar !


tea plantations @ munnar
Just green thatz all 🙂

Sis asks if this is heaven?

Trip To Kerala 077

And then says ‘Ofcourse it is!’ As usual, she has the questions as well as the answers to them :P’

Echo Point, Munnar

The Blissful Misty Mountains

Mattupetty Dam .. the blissful misty mountains!
Mattupetty Dam

A waterfall here, a waterfall there .. just makes Munnar all the more beautiful

Trip To Kerala 094

Sister says she saw a slice of Kashmir in Munnar … here it is 😀

Kundala dam, Munnar

Thanks dear for all the pictures! Luv u 🙂 And, be happy! For once, I have addressed u decently 😀