Straight from God’s Own Country

Okie guys …. now stop hitting me with all those known and unknown missiles since I am posting again today 😉 I am well equipped buhahahahaha 👿 BEWARE  💡


Certain things do work as a therapy for me when I am feeling low. One of them is photography – clicking and seeing pics 🙂  And, as I share my rants with you, I wanted to share a few good pics too 🙂 Truly refreshing and rejuvenating 😀

Mom, Dad and Sister dearest are back from a long trip to God’s own country.  I am feeling soooooo J of them 😈  They started planning for the trip after our 3-day trip to Munnar but visited that and much more. And all I could do is go on a trip through the pics Miss Sis shared!

The more the merrier 🙂  Letz embark on the journey together 8) As they say, photographs can reach eternity through the moment!

Kerala is truly beautiful and never fails to amaze me … the misty mountains, the lush-green plantations, the serene farm lands, the calmness of the backwaters, a variety of gorgeous flora, the fresh yummilicious 😉 carrots, strawberry … it hs something to cater to the needs of everyone!

A friend’s home in Trikkur, Kerala which they visited! How I wish I could stay there 🙂

Trip To Kerala 004

A house on the banks of the back-waters! Awesome place rt  🙂

A view from the backwaters of Kumarakom

Backwaters ... Kumarakom
Trip To Kerala 028
I can see a ray of hope there 🙂
The Bleeding Heart Flower
Bleeding heart flower


Trip To Kerala 128

Trip To Kerala 133

Periyar Lake, Thekkady
Periyar Lake, Thekkady

As the sun sets in Thekkady; leaves a mark behind 😉

As the sun sets in Thekkady .. leaves a mark behind :D

From the spice garden of Thekkady
From Spice Garden, Thekkady!

Over to Tea-heaven, Munnar


Over to Tea-Heaven Munnar !


tea plantations @ munnar
Just green thatz all 🙂

Sis asks if this is heaven?

Trip To Kerala 077

And then says ‘Ofcourse it is!’ As usual, she has the questions as well as the answers to them :P’

Echo Point, Munnar

The Blissful Misty Mountains

Mattupetty Dam .. the blissful misty mountains!
Mattupetty Dam

A waterfall here, a waterfall there .. just makes Munnar all the more beautiful

Trip To Kerala 094

Sister says she saw a slice of Kashmir in Munnar … here it is 😀

Kundala dam, Munnar

Thanks dear for all the pictures! Luv u 🙂 And, be happy! For once, I have addressed u decently 😀


  1. oh!!Swaram,I am so J now!!Every pic is so green/so lovely!!If only I had a house like in pic 1 or 2, I’ll never work;).What a place to stay in??

    By the way,one of your munnar pics(the first one pic u posted) is now on my office desktop:) no copyright issues,pls:P. Whoever sees the pic stands by and enquires where the place is:)


    1. Sigh! I feel the same too Savi 😛 Just njoy in the lap of nature 😉

      Ha ha enjoy 🙂 No copyright 😉 Only tangy rasam when we come there 😛


  2. Oh !!!! Super duper pics !!! Thanks for putting them up. Feels like everyone shld make a trip to this wonderful Kerala, once, atleast, in their life. Otherwise, life’s purpose is not attained. Right ????? 🙂

    When I am low, my therapy is music….lovely melodious Md Rafi is the cure for me !!!! 🙂


  3. Nice photos… you make me look back at all those pics which I clicked exactly 2 years back! Go go… let me see how many more you can post in a day.


    1. Ha ha .. two is all I cud do 😉 Let me take up the challenge sometime 😛

      I ws there just 3 mths bk; still feel like gng again 😛
      Btw, Coorg, Chikmagalur side and Hornad side are equally beautiful too! Just that tourism is hardly advertised there 😦 Sad state 😦


    1. swaram. Why do u keep just one post displayed in your page? I feel if anyone wants to read you old posts, it would be difficult for them to go to older posts for each and every post.. also if anyone clicks on any months posts, only 1 will be displayed..i guess its better u display atleast 3 to facilitate reading.
      Just wanted to let u know my point of view..or is there any specific reason for keeping only 1 post?


      1. U r open to say whatever u feel Mystery .. thanks for the feedback! I had it that way before! I would love to have more than 1 on the monthly archive page but not on the main one 😦 The two have a common setting na .. thatz the problem! Somehw, I feel very difficult to scroll thru when there are more than 1. The page feels so long!


  4. wooooow!!!! nice snaps 🙂 lovely place 🙂 reminds me of my trip to nagarkovil..on that trip we went to kovalam and kanyakumari and stayed at a friends place which was similar to this


  5. OMG !! Such heavenly pictures Swaru… Loved them and I’ve watched them thrice already !! Will keep coming back here again 😉

    Nature’s beauty is amazing…lovely and breathtaking !!
    We all must take break 2ice a year from this bhaag-daud and visit such pleasant places-which human being has not converted into concrete jungle yet- pause for a moment,breath in and relax !! Life’s like that 🙂

    HUGS 🙂


  6. Kerela is an awesome place… truly god’s own country… i went there this weekend on outing… to Wayanad… its was superb… just splendid 🙂
    loved the munnar snaps… pinture perfect 🙂


  7. ohhhh..these are some of the most amazing pictures ..kerela is such a beautiful place …love to go there again…the clarity of pics is also too good…


  8. Beautiful pics,ur sis is also good in photography like u.

    Loved the flowers and header pic.

    Heard a lot about the munnar,lovely pic of waterfall 🙂


  9. Fresh cool snaps..I just knew that the familiar flower is “bleeding hearts” 🙂 Keralal is God’s own country ..I am glad that i am a part of it ..


  10. Awesome pictures! Your Miss Sis is one talented photographer! 🙂 The wild lushness of Kerala never fails to amaze me despite having lived here all my life. The manicured gardens don’t have the charm of the gorgeous natural beauty of Kerala, isn’t it?


    1. Thanks a lot Ash 🙂 She wil be really happy to know 🙂
      N u r rt, anything made-up can never be as beautiful as what Mother Nature has bestowed upon us 🙂


  11. Tell your sis, of course THIS is heaven!! ANd i saw the “bleeding heart flower” for the first time! 🙂 🙂

    I still have vanila stalk in my fridge which i got from the spice garden 🙂 🙂


  12. Super cute snaps :))) I had been to kerala (Guruvayur) once for my friends mrg. I loved the place but the driving was sooooooooo rash. I litterally felt chennai auto drivers were lot better 😉


  13. loved looking at all the pictures. first Lostworld then you , grr not fair, making me feel miserable for not having visited this lovely state. makes me wanna pack my bags now and head straight to Kerala 😀


  14. Your wonderful pictures had a soothing effect on my eyes and senses. You’ve made me wish to go on a holiday to somewhere similar soon.

    With life running a madly hectic pace, having a peek at such gorgeous scenery can have a real calming effect.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Keep up the good work.



  15. SWARAM….how beautiful!!! I loved that house and all other pictures too…it was like it is Assam .It is very commonly mentioned that Kerala and Assam are very similar…now i know it for sure.I would love to visit Kerala someday.


  16. Beautiful pic of my homeland…BTW you forgot to add something in this para of urs “Kerala is truly beautiful and never fails to amaze me … the misty mountains, the lush-green plantations, the serene farm lands, the calmness of the backwaters, a variety of gorgeous flora, the fresh yummilicious 😉 carrots, strawberry … …. the gorgeous and brainy mallus like Sakshi, Sols, Deeps, Smitha…even Vimmu 😯


  17. Very nice pictures and Kerala is fun indeed. Thanks for writing in, good to hear from you, I am back from Goa and things went very well altho hectic. Had loads of fun with the housewarming. Missing the place already!


  18. OH Swaram,I’m so so jealous with you and your sister!! I’ll spare uncle and auntie because I need them to instigate against you 😈 😛

    Oh my! Look @ u 🙄
    Beautiful snaps,re! Kerala looks heavenly! I’ve never been to Kumarakam or Thekkady(I knw I’m a ‘malayali ke naam par dhabba’! ) R & I have plans to go there with Namnam sometime in the future,hopefully soon!

    Even I hv nt been there 😦 😦 sob sob 😦
    But trust me,these snaps have made me yearn even more!
    Do convey my special wishes to your sister. Her photography is amazing!
    Thanks deepu .. she wil be very happy 🙂


  19. The pics are beautiful Swaram! The houses in Kerala are so pretty. Wish I could go there for a visit 🙂 Thanks for sharing the pics.


  20. Lovely pictures…

    I have been seeing Kerala recently… else its been the usual Cochin and Trivandrum visits alone.

    You should visit Cherai beach along with all the above places… its a beautiful beach just off Cochin.


    1. Oh thanks .. We cud nt see Cochin the last time arnd! Just got down the plane and left to Munnar! Must make a trip sometime 🙂 Wil def. visit Cherai beach next time 🙂


  21. Thanks for sharing the pictures-each one is beautiful and each tells it’s own story. I think Kerala is a place I’ll never tire off. And when I cannot go-I can come and look at ur pictures!


  22. Oh dear! Swaram, I just realized that I missed 2 of your posts! So sorry!

    Coming to this post. The pics are just amazing! I loved the bleeding heart flower most! I had heard about this flower but hadn’t seen a pic of it yet. And that pic of the Periyar Lake is breathtaking too!

    So your parents and sis had a lovely time 🙂 I have not seen this part of Kerala – maybe one day 🙂


  23. Lovely pictures – It’s called God’s own country for nothing 🙂

    And btw, how many MBs of pictures do you have on your hard disk 😀 And why don’t you ever do any modifications on your pics?


    1. Thanks 🙂
      We do hv back-up of all of them .. hard disk wud never be enuf 😛

      I don’t like to edit them Rakesh .. but for may be cropping or so 🙂


  24. Those were really lovely pics. I wish I could click like that. After trying to take good pictures of my kiddo in the last five years, I am so fidgety with the camera. I take pictures of scenes just like the way I take Neha’s pics. As though the mountains that I am focusing on will just get up and walk away!! 😀


  25. Sure a peice of kashmir is there in munnar, Such a lovely pictures, the house by the back water and the green everwhere are my personal favourite! Isnt that periyar lake is the same that had a tragic accident few weeks back! gosh I wish they could make the tourism better here. And it would be beneficial for many.

    Hope to visit here someday 🙂


  26. Woww, lovely pics.. I’ve been meaning to go to Kerala for long, wonder when the trip will happen… and yes, Munnar is a beautiful place indeed!!!

    was in Coorg wen we read abt the Periyar river accident, so sad..!!

    Cool blog u got here.. came thru Sri’s!!


    1. Oh! Coorg is a nice place too 🙂 Ws our fav weekend getaway 🙂 We used to drive down to my grandma’s in Mysore and then rush to Coorg 🙂

      Thanks Aarti 🙂


  27. Hi,

    First time here..

    I read all your post and its awesome..

    Reg this post, keral is too beautiful and long time, i am planning, but nothing is working out. But after seeing these pictures, i think i should seriously think about visiting..

    Thanks for the photos.


  28. Hi, You know what we go to kerala almost every year !! (its my native place !! silly! 😉 ) but then we end up going to relatives place and same old places. This time we have decided that we are going to all these places you have shown here yes.. yes.. yes..
    (hoping Swaram dont see the J smokes emanating from my comment !!!)


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