My friend works as a lecturer in a college here. We heard a shocking news yesterday that one of her students committed suicide 😦 She jumped down from the terrace of her college as two lecturers and another helper who had run up to find out why she was there were watching her! She was a final yr degree student .. would have passed out of college in a few days. She was doing well at studies too.

She was on a call when the helper ran up to talk to her as instructed by the two lecturers and jumped down immediately while holding the phone. Her Mom was on the other side 😦 Can there be something worse for a Mom?

Why, why do people do this? They just take the decision @ that one weak moment.Β  Life is like that isn’t it? We do feel low on a few days .. we do feel its not worth living .. we do feel nothing is going right at all.. but is bidding good-bye to it the only solution? Problems are temporary … why give in to only suicide as the permanent solution?

The mother said that she had called her to give her the names of 5 girls who were troubling her in college.Β  Now, if the girl ws really being troubled, how difficult was it to complain against them or if that was difficult, she could have changed her college. I agree its difficult given the term of the year, but isn’t taking this extreme step too much? Its not impossible to find other solutions. Her parents or teachers or friends would have definitely stood by her if she had shared with them. Preliminary investigations have revealed that one of those girls and this girl were in love with the same boy and so that group used to trouble this girl! I am not sure how much of this is to be believed.

I get extremely disturbed when people decide that suicide is the only solution to their problems. In the nick of the moment, if they decide that they can’t live without a person whom they are in love with, do they even give a second to think about that Mother and Father who conceived them, the Mother who carried her for the entire term and pushed them out, bearing all the pain, thinking about only their wonderful creation which would be the reason for them to live? Doesn’t the same theory apply here too? How can they live without a loved one? What about ur siblings who were ur partners in fun and fights? What about ur dear friends who always lent u their ears and a shoulder to rest on?

Is it just not possible to think logically before taking such steps? Love, failure in exams are the causes in most of the cases that we have heard. I feel the pressure to excel in everything has to come down too .. it does affect a few people too much but then the solution is not death. Not every child can come first. Not every one can be a doctor or an engineer or a scientist or what not! Why are people not allowed to pursue their interests but are pressurized to follow what the society likes to see? I can agree if you do guide ur children as to what is good and what may not be, but why tell them they are supposed to study only such and such a thing?

Again, acceptance of love is one main thing. Why are we more worried about what the society will speak about our children if they fall in love with somebody from another caste or religion and not about their own happiness? Do tell ur children that they need to find a partner who is understanding, capable, trustworthy, loving and caring? How has this got to do with any caste or religion or class? Every religion teaches tolerance … all paths lead to One!

As much as we have learn to be strong-willed, its high time the society changes its way of thinking too! But, what is society after all? We make the society and when each one of us change the way we think, we act, the society will definitely see a change for the better. Its my life and I should be able to lead it the way I want, in lines with doing good for the society and committing no crime.Β  How does it matter what job I do? Which caste I am married into? Isn’t a vegetable vendor as important as a techie? Each one has his own important role and each of it is equally important. We should just not be forcing people to do something they don’t like!

I am not any philosopher or a great counsellor or I am not even an authority at reading minds of people. I am just another being but it kills me to see people around taking their life in a second 😦 There are solutions around. Talk to ur loved ones, oppose those who are wrong, try to change places if nothing works out, but pls pls don’t leave ur dear ones in a helpless state 😦 Do think of what you are leaving behind before u leave the world!

Life gives u a reason to die …. but 100 more to live .. please look for them!

The answer is not in suicide.. the answer is within u!

P.S:Β  I am not sure if there is a proper flow in this post. I just wrote what I am feeling at the moment! Just said all that I want to say. I wanted to get it out. One post of mine might not make a big difference, but I hope people do take their time and count 10 before they give in to such drastic steps.

May her soul rest in peace and God give her family the strength to lead life!