A part or Apart?

Summer 2007 it ws – scorching heat in the month of May – but still, the silk saree and heavy jewellery only kept her happy! It ws her wedding that day – a once in a lifetime affair. She was going to be a part of his life and so would he in her life! ‘Until death do us apart‘ is what would have been on their minds!

She had a Masters in Chemistry, he had only cleared his 12th and had just abt a decent government job.  Her age which mattered most in the society which does nothing good other than wag their tongue had made her take this decision, probably, more for the sake of her family than for herself! Yes, the life of her younger sister who was not getting any younger and had to be married off sooner than later was on her mind all the time. Whoever made this custom – get married @ this age, the elder one has to be married before .. ridiculous! All that apart, she was happy! She was going to be married too and have a family of her own .. a loving and caring husband, their own sweet children, an adorable extended family was all she was thinking about! Money, education nothing mattered to her!

The wedding bells rang…. amidst the chanting of hymns, the traditional music in the background, the two were united for life in the sacred bond of marriage!

But alas, happiness was short-lived! It took just 2 months to discover the monster who was hidden in the husband. As though the lakhs of money they had taken during the wedding was not enough, there were now demands for land which her father refused outright! Then came the demands for household appliances. The brother, all he wanted was that the sister should lead a happy married life, went on to spend more and buy them all … it was for his sister after all! But then! Man and his selfish desires .. the wants kept increasing and so were the demands. To add to it, it never felt like the man loved his wife! All he wanted was probably Money!

And then she decided! She would not tolerate any more! She walked out – a 2 month-old, newly-wed bride. She took a bold stand! She did not care for what the society would say. She was educated .. was standing on her own feet. She did not want to ‘adjust’ or ‘sacrifice’ or ‘compromise’ as the society would have asked her to! She hd already tried enough. Her family stood by her all through!

To add to this, the man was extremely suspicious. Every phone call she made, every discussion she had with a neighbour was scrutinized and she would be questioned! It had reached such a level that a few of her neighbours also called her maternal side and asked them to take her away. She bid a final good-bye to all this. I really admire her for her strength! It might not be an easy decision! 100 things like family pride, dependencies etc… might be playing on her mind but she did it! She kicked all these thorns on her way and made a strong decision to throw him away from her life! She wanted to stay Apart now not as  a part of his life.

The dowry system has been a real bane! It does so much harm to the society but even so-called educated people are not above it. It ws the root cause even in this case. I had written a post about this evil practice before. It pains to see people who are victims of this and are not even questioning abt the same! I ws shocked when a person told me his wife has got to learn things from her SIL and what ws it she had to learn??? The girl had not questioned her parents abt the dowry they were going to pay!!!!! I hd ranted abt this moron before too but sorry could not help but mention this here!

Anyways, this is about a friend and I am proud of her that she has taken this call .. she hs not lost her balance in between all these adversities! Its been 2 yrs that she hs been away from him and the fellow is playing really smart! He is not available on phone, has changed his house and does not reply to letters too! We have been trying for long and finally decided to file a case against him! As our lawyer suggested it would be faster if we could apply for divorce through mutual consent, the brother started hunting for him and by God’s grace, finally found him and after some altercations, he has agreed for the divorce too .. probably he felt its better than having a case filed against him!

She is going to write her Class-1 exams and her father still feels she should not go for a divorce and that her husband will take care back once she becomes an officer! WTH! Why does he care so much for a marriage in which there is no love or trust or understanding? Again for the society?  Doesn’t that mean the husband will then come back for a officer and not for his wife?Why does the fear of acceptance in the society make one so blind? I know its difficult to follow than to speak, but in my own family, I have my Mom’s cousin sister who walked out of an abusive marriage and let alone leave on her own, even took care of her Mother by herself! And this was when the son could not take care of his Mother! And there are &*$^ who talk abt Male kids baah!  And I have seen my entire family stand in unison against that man who lost the battle so badly and had no face to even say a word against her!

I am happy that my friend’s family, her Mom, brother have all stood by her, even against her father and are taking care that she does not get influenced by the father’s decision! And, she hs really been strong, had remained composed and hs made a really firm decision!

And here we stand just days away from the D-day, the day she will be legally free! I just hope it sails smoothly! Pls, pls pass on ur best wishes to her! She needs them all!

All I want to say by sharing this is its very much true we want people to lead a happy married life but not at the cost of ur own individuality, not a life devoid of mutual respect, trust and understanding! It does not make sense that you keep trying all life to instill some sense into the mind of a monster who thinks being a Man makes him stronger and gives him the license to abuse his wife! What if someone does it to his own sister? Why can’t people put themselves in others shoes and feel what they are going through?

Its been said from ages that ur husband is God! I just have a question here to all those wives who have been silently worshipping their husbands, no matter what! If u can ever picturise God doing all such things, a cruel God who tortures beings he has created, would you ever worship him? Do u worship Ravana et..al or destroy them when u celebrate festivals?

As Swami Vivekananda puts it, ‘The greatest sin is to think yourself weak’. So, stand up and question! Raise a protest! Let them know they can’t take you for granted! Bell Bajao!

And pls pls pls pls SAY NO TO DOWRY!

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month!



  1. Wonderfully written Swaram πŸ™‚ its an evil practice in this society… But not many questions about it due to reluctance… I still dont know why it is considered as a sin… And why the girl’s family wholeheartedly ready to give dowry…


    1. Oh u r so rt Kanagu! The girls side should take their stand too and nt agree for marriage in case they want dowry! Ppl will then learn their lessons!


  2. All the v best to your friend. I appreciate her strength and determination not to give up. May she have a very happy and satisfying life ahead and soon enough the man learns the lesson of his life.

    Thanks Tara! She needs them πŸ™‚

    well said in the header “Real men don’t have to abuse to show how strong they are”…

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  3. Brillaint Swaram!!! My best wishes for your friend. She is so lucky to have found support in her friends, mother and brother.

    I love the quote by Vivekanand, more women should read and understand this!!


  4. Excellent swaram, hats off to ur friend and her mom and brother.It is very difficult decision to take but she is brave enough to take and that too quite early in the marriage.

    Oh xactly Saritha! U r abs rt! The newly-wed tag that she still carried with her!
    Most of the marriages like this continues because of kids,money,education and lack of support from the family.

    U r so rt 😦
    They should file a case against him and all the dowry and extras given should be taken back.Guys take dowry because it is easy money they get without any hard work and they take advantage of the girls family,sick people.

    One gud thing atleast is that they hv deposited the cash in her name! Some relief!

    I really don’t understand why parents are in a hurry to send the girl from the house.I have decided until my daughters are educated,earn and can take a decision by themselves than i will think for their marriages.If they select the groom than i will fully support them.
    Hats off to u Sari! The need of the hour is such parents πŸ™‚ Lucky Varu n Pinkuda πŸ™‚

    Hugs to your friend and she should be seen as a role model by the women who suffer domestic violence.
    Exactly πŸ™‚ I hope this helps people who suffer in silence!


  5. Cool……
    so nice post !
    I don’t think that any men, having good thoughts inside, heart in the body…. could do harm to others…….

    patience, understandability should be a practice from the very beginning of life…….


    1. Wonder what hs filled their hearts Mahmud 😦 Easy way of getting money, and a cook-cum-helper cum what-not does make people blind 😦


  6. nice thots..u know ..wen i went for a GD..the topic thre ws is dowry a necessary evil..everyone who spk bfr me said bad abt dowry…so wen my turn came..the instrctor said..i’ve to take the opp. stance!! i was stumped.. he was throwing me as meat to all those gals who were waiting for someone to talk abt the pros..so that they can tear them apart πŸ˜€ i spoke something like..dowry shd be seen as gift..something which is given wholeheartedly..and after these two lines the gals took over πŸ™‚


  7. excellent thought and really, well-written!!

    Thanks Savi πŸ™‚
    kudos to your friend,who stood strong and took a decision.
    And to your aunt, too!
    Even I fail to understand the parents decision to stay put, even when the marriage is in shambles!
    The way we hv been made to consider that society is so so imp in our life 😦

    But, today,besides dowry, there are several reasons,Swaram, for which the girl is ill-treated.
    Hmm … the fear where she will take a son away from his parents 😦

    And what a title you chose – A part or apart….When the words stay together, they stand apart. when the words are separated, they stand united!! πŸ™‚
    Wow! Never thought of this one! Gud one Savi πŸ™‚ Hugs πŸ™‚


  8. “If u can ever picturise God doing all such things, a cruel God who tortures beings he has created, would you ever worship him? Do u worship Ravana et..al or destroy them when u celebrate festivals?”

    I love how convincingly you have explained this Swaram… I am so, so impressed!!


  9. Hey Swaram, I could just see fire on my screen, your post is so intense… You are right. I wish every women could take so much courage to stand up against such attrocities. Well said and yes all the best to your friend.


  10. she is better off without such jerks in her life. i wish her the best πŸ™‚

    Oh u r so rt! Thanks kano πŸ™‚

    Last week, the woman who makes coffee and cleans my workplace was abused by her husband, a lowlife suspicious swine. he attacked her with a blade and she is now in the hospital. the poor girl is very timid. has no courage to move out and live on her own. There are so many women who are bound to such life and are helpless.

    OMG! Thatz scary and sad .. a blade today .. hope its nt something bigger tomorrow 😦 Y do women give in 😦 I feel like dragging her away from him 😦

    I hope the jerk is put behind bars and she lives her far from him. but of course for that we need to get hold of that swine.
    Oh eega sikkidane sadhya punyakke! He hs agreed to come on Saturday! Just hope he does!


  11. My highest thoughts are with your friend, Now that she decided to take charge, life would be flight of a 1000 doves from a cage. I bless her a good life ahead. The greatest sin is to think yourself weak’ , That really moved me πŸ™‚


  12. Its a shame we still live in that socially acceptable norms of society. I mean really soicety is just you and me, if we both dont care it should be of least concern


  13. Wonderful post and wonderful header, Swaram! So apt! Real men don’t do this!

    Thanks a lot Smithu πŸ™‚

    Women like your friend should be applauded for their courage and deified rather than being pressured to go back to her ‘husband’! I can’t understand how her father even thought of asking her to go back to that guy! How can parents be so blind?

    Society makes these ppl blind! I am happy no one else hs been influenced by his words!

    You know what makes me mad – when girls are called a ‘burden’ to be married off as soon as possible! How can one’s child be a burden? And how cal parents be so blind? Marrying off the child to just anybody – just because that meant their ‘responsibility’ is over?

    Oh u r so rt Smithu .. ppl shud correct this attitude of theirs sooner than later 😦

    And you are so right – women are expected to worship their husbands irrespective of what they do.

    Shit rt?

    As for dowry – don’t even get me started. Both giving and taking dowry should be criminalized! How is it that it is alright for the girls parents to ‘gift’ their child but nobody talks about the boys parents ‘gifting’! It irritates me when people start defending dowry as a harmless gift from the girls parents! Unless people start shunning people who give/take dowry – things will not change. I have seen weddings where all the so called ‘gifts’ are displayed proudly! It has become a status symbol now!

    U just said it! I hv seen people discuss openly abt hw many grams of gold they got!!!!

    There- I have gone and ranted on your post 😦 Sorry – but you have brought out so many relevant aspects in this post! Wonderful hard-hitting post!
    Come on dear πŸ™‚ I should thank u infact .. it ws nice reading such an apt comment!


  14. Brilliant post, Swaram.

    I applaud her courage and strength and wish all goes through smoothly and she comes out even stronger from this ordeal.

    Dowry and Male Child – gosh, don’t get me started. Makes my blood boil. I’ve written about these on my blog as well citing real life examples. Unbelievable how sick people can get. And whats really worse is that it happens in well-to-do educated families. What is education teaching them? Which book says that a male child is superior? Which book says that dowry is good? Yet these educated jerks do all this.

    And the analogy used for husbands as gods is perfect.


  15. Take a bow for such an excellent write up swaram!

    and Kudos to the lady whom u referred here.

    She inspired me to write the post Mystery! All thanks to her πŸ™‚

    It’s not about the money. it’s about the self respect. I am sure if the husband had a real need for money, the girls side would definitely arrange for it even though it is well above their capacity. But that will be for their love for the Son in law.. But forcing out money from the other side just to satisfy ur ego or to boast about it to Ur neighbors is a great sin..

    U r rt Mystery 😦 Show-off is so imp. for them 😦

    Walking out of such a marriage at an early stage requires a lot of courage. Hope the lady gets divorce soon and this bad patch in her life ends soon..
    Hope so too Mystery! Thanks for the wishes πŸ™‚


  16. Kudos and best wishes to the lady…in fact to all the ladies who decide to break away and ‘live’ their life…

    And kudos to the families who stand by their daughter/sister/friend under such circumstances….

    Hope this post will be an eye opener for many who suffer in silence…


  17. @Swaram – Well said and totally back your angst and keep posting such real issues.

    My alter-ego has always been telling me that Men and Women are never born equal and I kept on disagreeing w/it for a large period.

    But these days I realize it is so very true, how could they be equals ?

    If Men had gone through even an iota of the abuse Women have been subjected to in this ‘:grrrrrr-eat Nation’ over the last Millennium , I bet there would be no Man alive to see this day.

    Hats off to your Friend, and my suggestion to her Father to think twice before he wishes to put up his head for another day, what a yuck is he ?

    All said talk about age, why do we forget the definition of youth.

    Lord Krishna and much before him, the Taittreya has described youth as

    Aasitho, dhrudishto balishtaha

    Any one who processes these 3 qualities is a youth ….

    Aasitho – Ever keen to learn
    Dhrudishto – Of strong will
    Blaishta – Strong

    It is there to see that women score over men in all the three cases, Muscular strength perhaps is an exception.

    Why is age associated w/youth, when Actors do not age even as their grandchildren make debut !!!
    I wish and firmly hope that the Women of India like your friend will soon bring an end to such hypocrisy.

    Coming to Strong, as in your header – more Strength is needed to curb your lower self, to bear pain, to Sacrifice, and that is why I feel man is indeed the weaker sex.

    Finally, spare a thought for The Girl again and her Mom, I know finding a life-partner is not the be-all and end-all but wish she finds a Man of real courage to accompany her through for the rest of her journey.


    1. Hey dear πŸ™‚ U hv truly been my pillar of strength and better half in its true sense πŸ™‚ Thanks for the support in all walks of life πŸ™‚

      Wish all men realized what they need is a sangati, a co-traveller in the journey of life and not a cook, cleaner and such things alone πŸ™‚

      Thanks for being a REAL MAN πŸ™‚


    2. N u know what, her bro told me there’s a marriage proposal for her and they feel its from a nice family [I really hope so] and thatz the reason they want to speed up the divorce process!


  18. brilliant post swaram!

    Thanks Abha πŸ™‚

    its indeed sad that even in this day and age there is talk of dowry! and saddest part is it happens in a lot of highly educated families.

    Oh ya .. Education only gives them only bookish knowledge 😦

    these are the times i feel like saying highly “literate” families because “educated” ones would never dream of behaving like this.

    Oh ya! U r abs rt Abha … the two words make a lot of difference!

    they actually try to justify saying this is parent’s way of giving the daughter the share of property etc! arre toh let them give it to the girl, why the heck should they give it you?!

    Brilliant point! Ridiculous!

    am glad your friend walked out. sending lotsa positive vibes her way!

    Thanks dear πŸ™‚



  19. Ur friend has shown unusual courage by walking out as soon as she realised her marriage was not going to go anywhere with the kind of behaviour her husband was exhibiting. Wishing her the very best!!!!!

    “I just have a question here to all those wives who have been silently worshipping their husbands, no matter what! If u can ever picturise God doing all such things, a cruel God who tortures beings he has created, would you ever worship him?”

    Superb Swaram….just the question most Indian women should be asking herself.

    Loved Swami Vivekanda’s quote too!!!!!


  20. Great post Swaram

    I applaud your friend who had the read the writing on the wall and walk out in time-Yeah, the parents, society apart, it is most often the girl who tries to “live through” all the trauma, in the vain hope that things may improve, or because her family needs her too, and then it is too late…

    The quote is very apt-Women need to take responsibility for their own selves first, the rest will follow..


  21. HI SWARAM…beautiful name !!

    Thanks Kavita. Welcome here πŸ™‚
    What a strong statement you have made here ….your friend is a winner and i wish many women out there too could gather courage like her,take matters in their own hand and decide that they want to lead a respectable and happy life not the one their abusive husbands want them to have.

    Well said Kavita πŸ™‚
    Hats off to her and all the women like.You have done complete justice to a topic as important as this…..kudos to you.

    Thanks a lot Kavita πŸ™‚

    My good day today….i discovered you !!
    It ws lovely reading ur blog! The wonderful pics and ur love for ur place shines through πŸ™‚ Glad I found u πŸ™‚


  22. Masters in Chemistry, he had only cleared his 12th……WTF!!!!…..
    between in my neighbourhood(kerala) also it happend.He was 8th pass and she were MSE(Physics)(love marriage)……she was from very poor family.He was working in middle east and supported her studies……they are doing good.

    Glad that they r dng good Anish πŸ™‚ Well, thatz what matters anyways πŸ™‚
    One of my friend told another incident.Like the previous incident he(seems he is also 8th fail) were also working in middle east and supporting his wife’s education(bse-nursing).But that mean lady ran away with her classmate.Just imagine how that guy felt,he spend his all earnings for her education and now he is a joker in front of others….
    Oh thatz so bad 😦

    k back to the post.I appreciate her determination to take such a crusial decison.And also she is so lucky to get support from her family members.May god give her strength to be succesfull in her life
    Thanks for the wishes Anish πŸ™‚


  23. Tough situation to be in… The dowry system in India is much more entrenched in to the minds of the families, than you can ever imagine. For some reason, people wish for ‘free money’ which as a concept, is non existent! Dowry is just one type… inheritance is another big evil in our society, which people just don’t realise! Anyways, it was good of you to write about this… I wonder why sometimes the girl’s parents insist on dowry, even if the boys side is not very inclined!!

    Destination Infinity


  24. awesome header.. the story of such people really churns me out… Such women are excellent examples to the society. All my best wishes with your friend and her family. I just hope her father changes his mind and understands that she should be accepted for who she is not for being an officer. Its so disappointing when parents are ready to throw their children in to darkness and sadness. The very parents who protected the children from every problem and darkness throughout childhood.

    Well, once again, all the very best and loads and loads of hugs to her


  25. LOVE LOVE LOOOVE the Header… its Perfect!
    And a very well written episode of your friend’s life. Divorce is still considered such a stigma in Indian society, its pathetic.
    Your friend is a bold woman, and lucky to have a supportive friend like you. Cheers to you both!


  26. Hmm.. Thats true. Many ppl think abt their prestige and society’s views rather than thinking about their own good and bad 😦

    All the best for ur friend πŸ™‚

    Header image is more than perfect for ur post πŸ™‚


  27. All the best for your friend (and her sister πŸ˜€ ) !!

    +2 guy demanding for more dowry, huh? What non sense !!! He should be kicked on his rear end and made to crawl ! Idiot !!

    2 months ago, a leading Mallu actress walked out of her 6 month old marriage for the same reason – dowry. When will we learn to live like humans ! sigh !!

    On a lighter note, with all my time spent on blogs, I would be the one on the receiving end of DV ! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


    1. Her sis does nt fall into ur category Vimmuuu – cute but nt single anymore πŸ˜‰

      So, ur gonna shut down ur blog in Feb! Wow πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›


  28. All the best for your friend girl.. this was one of your best posts, I can say.. Too good.. Hope more people read this and get some sense πŸ™‚ The society really needs some reformation!!


  29. ” Her family stood by her all through! ” ..

    Loved that. Its definitely hard to take a tough decision for your life not knowing the consequences. Your friend is a shining example in this world full of cowards. Bravo.

    I’m glad alls well. They say life’s short but for the person who doesn’t have a peace of mind, life’s quite long.

    I’m certain she will emerge a stronger and more confident woman after this. Best wishes.


  30. Its an interesting post, Swaram! Sorry to hear about your friend but good to know her decision!

    Women should take her example and free them of the misery!!


  31. One emotional burst, Swaram !!!

    My best wishes to ur frnd to be the woman she wanted to be, to be free from the monster husband !!!!

    May God give her the strength to handle this situation !!!!


  32. First time here and I am very impressed. Hugs Swaram for standing up and writing about this so well.

    All the best wishes to your friend. May god give her enough strength to handle this and live her life happily…



  33. First of all, best wishes to ur friend and her family. It takes a lot of courage to take this step.

    Thanks Makrand πŸ™‚

    Some bad customs have so much become part of ‘society’, that if someone wants to correct them, its considered as action against society instead of a correct deed.
    Oh exactly! U said it!
    Of course dowry is the worst custom out of all of them. It has been made illegal but still ‘society’ not willing to give it up.

    Once I went to attend a marriage and was discussing with my friends about the huge amount of food, money etc wasted in such functions. I am not saying it should not be a celebration, but one should not be forced to do as ‘society’ expects like throwing a huge party in a marriage garden. It should be according to what both families want, that’s it.

    Hmm rt … it should be well within reach!
    One of my friend had similar thought and he said, he would like to make his marriage function a simple one not a show off. Next day he told me that his parents just burst out even on thought of it, reason being ‘society’
    Oh this society thingy is so so deep-rooted 😦
    Well above thing not related exactly to ur post but think about a father who doesn’t want to spend x amount of rs. on his children marriage, just for the sake of approval of ‘society’.
    I know… its really diff. for some ppl to marry off the daughters bcoz of these stupid status related things 😦
    n between all this, forgot to mention about the great header and title of post πŸ™‚
    Thanks Makrand πŸ™‚


  34. Really an eye opening post for the men who just think of a marriage a business rather than a start of a divine relatioship…

    Girls… It’s really hard time that they should transform themselves to the stature that Bharathi dreamt of decades before… Kick of the the noises of the society… Tomo this same society will hail that girl once she got into a respectable position…

    Oh Well said! Cud nt agree more!
    So lets take the honest criticism from the society… and never leave our individuality until it harms other…
    Brilliant point πŸ™‚
    BTW, an apt title for this post… n my hearty wishes for her to get freed out of that jail and lead a sparkling life hereafter…
    Thanks Bala πŸ™‚


  35. Oh ..too bad this happened to your friend and its great that she could be of so much of torture …

    Seriously what I don’t understand even after getting so much of dowry and a educated wife who is financially independed (meaning will continuously bring money to your family) can somebody be so greedy ..

    And dowry is as even as it can be for a society and such a major reason for not wanting girl child to be born..everything is so interrelated


  36. well written post!
    i cant believe such stories still exist even now?
    I thought these things happen only in old”evil saas-bahu” typemovies!

    I think ur friend took the right decision and i wish her all the best for her future!


    1. Thanks πŸ™‚ Hw I wish they did nt exist 😦 Its so pathetic to watch them on TV itself n when u see it happening, it pisses u off completely!


  37. Oh wow! Nicely written Swaram. But its so wierd that even after all this the dad wants the girl to go back! Its good that all the others are supporting her. All the best to your friend.


  38. Touche…
    Really hats off to your friend. And you for writing about it.
    There are some awful men out there. And I feel like finding and slapping her father real hard. How can he even think of pushing his daughter down that hell hole again.
    But alas, the society still looks down upon divorced people like they’re bad. Especially women, if her sister isn’t married, chances are that nobody will come forward to marry her. Doesn’t this entire system suck?


  39. Swaram, all the best to your friend. She deserves respect and has the right to live her own life! Thanks for the awareness with Bell bajao.

    I recently helped a friend from the clutches of her abusive husband. I refused to stand around and just about her torture. I pulled strings. got her a lawyer. The divorce proceedings are on, and she recently moved out of the house and is a little closer to my watching eyes. πŸ˜€


    1. Oh thatz gr8 news B! U mean that lady abt whom u hd written before? Am really really happy she is out of his clutches! Thank God! Kudos to friends like u πŸ™‚


  40. Nicely written Swaram. Good to know that there are so many who are supporting her in this.

    I love these kind of posts from you where you are spreading out such good messages across the world. Keep it going, Swaram…

    Read somewhere you are unwell. Hegiddiri eevaga ? Get well soon. Take Care


  41. Nice read and well written Sw. Hats off to your friend. Its not easy of what she did, it takes great strength to face society, answering all those people, surviving, mental pressure, sister marriage and her life too. Tough world for her I should say.

    Hmm … a bold decision indeed!

    Tell her to be strong and keep going. I am sure she will be fine. Best wishes for Class-1 job she is applying. and hope she gets the job. Also, hope she finds a good person who will understand her and accept her.

    Thanks for the wishes πŸ™‚

    Seriously, when her dad says to work out the way with him. It might mean just for the good. As in, find better life and stay happy. I am sure he doesn’t mean bad. But, he doesn’t see/understand the evil in that person. What the best thing to do is, if you are close(as in close enough to speak). Then better have a word with her dad. Explain in detail.

    I agree no dad can think of anything bad for his daughter but the problem is with the conditioning u know 😦 Society tops the priority list 😦

    I have read so many girls charred, hung, killed after they were forced to stay with groom. So, I don’t want your friend to even remotely come close to that situation.

    Well… all I cn say is she is bold enuf to take extreme steps! Thank God πŸ™‚

    I am little shocked with Su comments and your response to it. Why was the comparison done in the first place?. When there was a quote, there would be no man alive to see this day. I kept myself wondering, wow imagine the world with only women :D. End of dinosours, all world in pink, shopping 24*7, gossips, pity fights, no ads, end of soap opers, all those cries, loud talks, no boy band cd sales :D. Well, sorry for going out of line. My brain works in Clavin mode sometimes :D. Can’t help.

    Ahem πŸ˜› No comments πŸ˜‰

    What nation got to do with abuse and all(grrrrrr eat Nation reference). It’s people and there mentality. Atleast we have to thank our nation for allowing to express what we want and not forced to do things in a forced way. Also, good in a way it’s not very liberal as well. Lol with 1.2B population and liberal rules :D. God save earth/doctors/hospitals/medicines/life insurance/traffic police/corruption/sales of accessories/diapers/restaurants/coffee day coffee’s/beach ware sales/public nuisance.

    Maybe we don’t have complete list of rules like many other countries. But, when people are idiots and don’t trust in themselves and there “BETTER HALF”(I really need to understand the meaning of this. I am somehow not very much convinced).

    Man and Women compliment each other. When there is a unison, everything works fine.

    Cud not agree more πŸ™‚
    It’s good for you two to have found that meaning. I can only hope I will get understanding partner. Will ask tips from boss when time comes :D. I would like to know the formula.

    Ha ha ha .. gud luck πŸ˜‰ So, yavaga oota haksadu πŸ˜‰

    Staying “a”part from him instead of “a” part, maybe meant life or death to her. Good that she took that decision. All she needs a job and she will be back to those happy days.


    Is there a way to know if your post is replied back?. Other day I was wondering if I got reply back to one of the old posts. But, can’t recall which post it was.

    – Ivar


      1. Ivar e avru, avre ivru Ivar u. Ivru Ivar u?. Artha aitha Ivru yava Ivar antha?. Illandre FB :P. Hahahahaha.

        Swa – Oota na? manege banni boss karkondu. Ammana kayalli volle oota haksona. Sadhyake plans illa. Nodona papa yava punyatgithi papa madiddhalo antha :P.

        Common be brave and comment for the no comments. I really would like to see a reply.

        Any luck on getting rid of that damn alien :(. Why Su gets better one :@. World is so unfair :P.


  42. I hate those alien it allocates me atomatically. Why not the cook ones like the aliens of Akshata or Butterfly or Nova :P.

    Oops Nova is a barbie girl is it?. It looked so alien. I thought it was a pity version of Species movie :P. Muahahhaa.


    1. ROFL πŸ˜† Will try to find a solution πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

      BTW, u cn subscribe to the comments on this post @ the top of this page on the extreme rt to get the follow-up comments! I have replied to all ur comments πŸ™‚


      1. Lol. So you happy with those antennas :P. Blue body and jelly hands :P. Happy to swap :P. Potato one with horn is not bad at all. It has atleast nice smile and shiva like 3 eyes muhahahahaa.


          1. Sure why not :D. I assume it was for me :P. As the three eyes is currently used by Su. You got to be more vigilant and put bans :P. If I had a choice to use the third eyes, one behind the head it would have been :D.

            I am more inclined to use the IVAR first one. Somehow it’s less nastier than the other three. I think it’s do with the id provided. As long as I keep my id same and use different id’s it will keep on allocating new ones.

            Anyway, enough of spamming and wasting the webspace.


            1. Ha ha ha! Hats off to ur contribution in saving webspace πŸ˜›

              So, one behind its gonna b πŸ˜‰

              U can upload whatever pic u want on gravatar.com and shoo these aliens away πŸ˜‰


  43. Lol it took 4th attempt :P. Someone was making fun of me other day when I was half asleep :P. Lol the new one is cool. Three eyes again and a grumpy look :P. Muahahahaha. Look at the hands above the eye level, as in hands attached to head. Lol I like this one Su. You should use this :P. lol.


  44. @ Swaram,
    I was reading your post after several days. My heart went for this girl. The same day, I came to know of an incident which was related to a married cousin.
    Since your title for this post was so very apt, I borrowed (don’t mind if you call it stole :p), the title but named it as “a-part or apart – 2”.

    Kudos to your friend for being so brave. I am sure she will do very well … and all the very best to her…


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