Our day starts with a walk through this lovely place close to home, Indira Park. We have lovely companions there from naughty squirrels to the cooing birds to the refreshing flora! I had written a post about my morning walk companions long back – well don’t worry, it hs hardly any words .. more n more pics πŸ˜‰ So, pls have a look @ My Morning Walk Companions πŸ™‚

Its a sad thing that the lovely lake which u see in the pics is always flooded with plastic bottles and so much trash! It pains to see the aquatic animals struggling to wade through the same, the plants absorbing this water, the birds feeding on the same! Imagine ur house filled with trash or having to drink muddy water even for a day guys! Can u? Then how can they? They are living beings too! Wonder how man has been described to be the only animal to have thinking abilities!

To add to this, this is one of theΒ  best-maintained parks I have ever come across! There are trash cans provided @ almost every foot-step! What pleasure do people derive in discarding them into the lake then? I fail to understand! Let alone stop the usage of plastic, people can’t even discard them properly? Its not that we r not aware of the problems plastic causes rt? The first step in finding a solution to any problem is in admitting that we haveΒ  a problem. Whatz with the denial when u know there is one!

The plastic bagsΒ  end up in a landfill and take up to 1,000 years to biodegrade and emit harmful greenhouse gases. It causes irreparable damage to the ecosystem, thus bringing about Climatic Changes and proving to be extremely harmful to life. It also has many health hazards associated with it includingΒ  the deadly Cancer and even genetic defects.

Reducing your contribution to plastic-bag pollution is as simple as using a cloth bag.

I had once received a mail with some easy solutions to this menace which we can definitely follow regularly and help in battling the problems caused by this monster:

*Β  Start saying ‘NO’ to carry-bag when you can carry things in your hand
*Β  Don’t forget to carry a cloth bag from home when you are heading for a purchase
*Β Β  Keep a set of bags always in your bike/car
*Β  Avoid packing goods in multiple plastics which can packed in a single one
*Β  Reuse a carry bag for atleast 10 times before you throw it away

So simple aren’t they?

We truly believe that if there is one corner in the world u r sure of changing, its urself! We once started an initiative to clean the place and believe me, people were just not ready to get in and help us. Most of them had the same answer ‘I have not done it’ or ‘Come on, there are already so many bottles! What difference will one of mine make?’ Where will this take us? Is this the way we want to keep the competitive spirit in us alive? Why can’t we use it instead in a positive way? Compete with each other to spread awareness, to go green, to stop using plastic!

I would like to mention here about one outlet in Hyderabad ‘Emerald Mithai Shop’Β  who are doing a wonderful job by avoiding plastic bags completely in their business. Not only do they pack everything for you in well-made paper bags which carry meaningful messages about conservation of water, afforestation, climate change etc.. but also provide discounts for people who carry their own bags and also return the paper bags. They also have nice messages displayed on the walls all over abt benefits of water-harvesting and so on [Always wanted to get some pics; somehw nt been able to! Will share them soon]. Whatever u buy to eat there are given to u in the containers made from leaves etc.. Isn’t this a wonderful initiative?Β  I really feel we can take a leaf out of their book and do whatever is possible from our side.

I am scared we will be in a position where our future generation wil not be able to enjoy Nature the way we have been able to! What if the colour ‘Green’ is something they get to see only in their books, the crayons, the pens et..al! Isn’t it time to regain the Paradise rather than repenting later and crying over ‘Paradise Lost”

Let’s do our bit people! On World Environment Day, I had written a post about small things we can do to contibute towards having a healthy environment where we can live happily! Here is a photocopy of a poster displayed by GreenPeace India I had shared in that post! Hw simple and easy it is to follow these in our daily life. Little drops of water do make a mighty ocean isn’t it?


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