I went to America..

Wondering what this is all about. Remember abt the  ‘Back to School‘  post I hd written long long long ago but not so long ago  but little long ago whatever and you ppl said u wanted to read more! Nw, curse my memory 😀 I still remember that and want to treat err torture u with some more 🙂

We used to have these CCA [Co-Curricular Activities] hours in school when we used to have lots of fun exhibiting our talents [whatever that is]. There ws this girl PKG in our class who used to always volunteer to sing a song and this was the song! Always!

Err I know the song is kind of racist, but those days we just looked beyond it all mainly bcoz of the tune of the song which was so funny!

I went to America I saw a Bilhi Mukha [bilhi=White, mukha=face]
Tingu tingu tingu tingu tingu tingu tingu

I went to Africa I saw a Kari Mukha [Black  face]  
Tingu tingu tingu tingu tingu tingu tingu

I went to China I saw a Chewing Gum
Tingu tingu tingu tingu tingu tingu tingu

I went to Uganda I saw a Real Bonda
Tingu tingu tingu tingu tingu tingu tingu

This ws one hit song and let alone PKG, we all started singing this and this became the invocation during the CCA periods 😉 But, it ws a treat to watch OKG sing this 😉 She used to swing back and forth for the tingu tingu and her nostrils used to move inside-out [wonder hw I cn explain this :P] Nyways, it ws total fun 😀 The way the guys played drums rythmically on the desks while singing, enacting a few scenes from the dramas we hd, trying to tap our feet so some famous tunes in that small space available in the classroom, awesome!


And then there were the love stories! Who is in love with whom and more importantly, hw 😛

One ws called the ‘Stamp my Feet’ luv story 😉  A stamped B’s feet one day and she ws annoyed and repaid bk in kind! A did the honours again and so on and on it went until they fell in love 😀

The flowering of love between another two over sharing a laddoo on someone’s birthday and sooooo on.


Studying in a Central School meant we dint have our regional language Kannada as part of the syllabus! But then, our Principal had introduced one class per week for Kannada and we also had an exam for 25 marks along with the other subjects. There ws this guy VyMa, my bench-mate for the exams! He ws an yr senior and ws a non-Kannadiga. The Kannada text books for std 1-4 of our school wud be that of  Std.1 of state syllabus 😉 Now, this guy did not know much of it and since we both had the same text book and moreover, since it ws my Mother tongue, he asked me to show him the answers! Nw, I used to be a pacca disciplined student u know – no copying and all that for me 😉 This fella started offerinf chocolates, sweets and then got angry and told me that it ws after all a minor exam 😛 Nw, one of the answers he hd written then, I cn never forget all my life! The ws ws to give the other gender of ‘Ganda‘ [meaning Husband] and the answer hd to be Hendathi [wife]. Nw if u compare these two words, other than the extra ‘thi’, they are similar if u replace ‘Ga’ with ‘He’. All this fella did ws he totally ignored the ‘thi’ and his answer read ‘Henda‘  N u know what is Henda in Kannada 😉 Alcohol :P’


N those sounds of ‘Wait for me ya’ still echo in my ears when I think of school! Shail ws the one who used to always say this. When the teacher would be dictating notes or we had to copy them from the board, she used to throw a glance @ our books and if we were a word or two ahead, she would go  ‘Wait for me ya pls’. Such small things mattered to us then and made the bond of friendship so strong! Hw I wish things could be so simple even now 😐


During the assembly hr, it ws a daily routine that there would be an article, a thought for the day, the news and a brain teaser read out loud! Hindi on Monday, Kannada on Tuesday, Sanskrit on Wednesday and English on other days! And u know what, any day the assigned person would be absent, I would be called to fill in his/her shoes and do the needful! Nw, it ws Tuesday and I ws called to read the News!  There ws a news that day which said Thugudeepa Srinivas [a famous villain] hd passed away! The headline read ‘Thugudeepa Srinivas Nidana‘ and I read it as  ‘Thugudeepa Srinivas Nidaana‘ I would like to blame it on that classmate of mine Sweety who ws seated there in front of me and ws acting like nothing less than Mr.Bean 🙄 😆 😈  For the records, Nidana means death and Nidaana means slow! Wonder what sense the statement made 😛


Well, longggg story cut short, those were indeed crazy golden days 🙂

Come guys, share ur memories here 🙂


              1. i came for vadai/kulfi…rendum bussu…postu semmmmaaa lenngggthuu..jus read 🙂 seems as if u went to school yesterday and experienced all this 🙂 so fresh..esp tht tingu tignu :)) loved it :))


              2. awesome…aweosome :)) wait for me..wow..loved tht portion..reminded me of my frnd 🙂 u had a lovely time at school i guess..evn otherwise…u remember these small things…which are real treasures 🙂 loved this post..amazingly well written


      1. Aama Sri, fixing for posting comment 😀 ! Gils is a cheater,Gils is a cheater

        (Read it like ‘rahul is a cheater,rahul is a cheater’ in KKHH)


  1. Looks like I AM first.. And that too, I added that comment only after reading the whole post.

    Oh man! Thatz gr8 😀

    Either I read real fast or the rest of the world is happily eating.
    Cool girl 😀

    Nice post. Fundoo.

    😛 Thanks 😉
    You have a very vivid memory. Brought back so many tales from my school days from my dusty memory.

    He he 🙂

    ” Thugudeepa Srinivas Nidaana ” .. LOL !!! 😀 Henda was also brilliant.
    Ha ha ha .. cn never forget that 😛
    I once had a classmate who when asked “who founded Buddhism” replied .. ” BUDDHU” 😀 heee hee..

    hee hee haw 🙂 That ws heights 😉


  2. “Tingu tingu tingu tingu tingu tingu tingu” hahahhahahahah.. i wonder what the tune of this song was? ond sala haaDu please 😛

    Ha ha next time sure 😉

    how do you remember so many things? heheh
    😛 😛

    of course all those school love stories are difficult to forget. Even now I remember who liked whom during those days 😀
    Hilarious that all of us had to be paired with someone.
    Alva! Yaako pa 😉
    I was paired with a senior of mine, sanjay his name was, and everytime I passed his class the whole class would go “sanjay sanjay” heheh.. silliness personified. now I can laugh bout it but I dunno why i couldn’t just ignore it back then!
    ROFL 😀 SnS 😉

    Ganda – henda tumba chenngittu heheh 🙂
    hee hee hee 🙂
    matte ee assembly li thought for the day etc was so boring. I don’t understand why all the schools followed similar agenda 😛
    Exactly kano! Most of them wud be repeated 😉
    also initials were the most happening identity alwa. like your PKG we had few in school. funny 😀
    He he ya 😀


  3. Even i used pull my sister’s legs during school days, by showing my classmates and tell her that “see she will be u’r future sis in law,so be nice to her always”….that single sentence will turn her into a ‘bhadraali’ 😀 😀


      1. countless 😀 😀 (but they were my good friends)……but when my ex girl friend(in 11th standard) accepted my proposal …she gave me a kiss 🙂 (i was very surprised with this).


  4. If this is the kind of memory you have Swaram, you definitely are the jaan material for any friends-night-out kind of event 🙂 & I would love to be the one listening to you the whole night 😀


  5. School days and our idiosyncracies. I so want to write a post on that, now!

    Wow! Cool 8) Pls pls post it soon 😀

    All these phamous love stories of the class, the ‘he looks she’, etc were part of school life,illa?
    He he 🙂

    And there were also incidents where there were rumours of A and B, A would suddenly pass a ‘happy birthday brother’ card on B’s bday, to shut up many mouths:D

    ROFL 😀 The things such cards and Rakhis were used for 😯

    And Cruel you, did that he detested!

    Hw dare he 👿

    Congrats on winning that first prize!!
    Hey thanks 🙂


  6. You surely knew a lot of funny named ppl in ur childhood! Ha ha. Kharghosh was really a funny name. How did u come up with that name? Too good. Really funny post!


    1. Ha ha ha .. its made up from his real name .. both sound similar 😛 Can’t give the name here bcoz the google search mite get him here ROFL 😀


  7. …tingu…tingu..tingu…tingu… sahi hai yeh to! 😆 😆

    And i learnt a lot of new kannada words today, now i HAVE to use it ON some one 😉 😀


  8. You got a crystal clear memmory, and what a funny song 🙂 LOL enjoyed reading this post , and wow secience lecture contest… u must be like the intelligent kid!


  9. Gosh! The school stories! I don’t know a single person who doesn’t have such wonderful memories from school n college life. And most people have different stories to narrate 😀
    They’re so much fun.
    Who had a crush n you in school?


  10. Guess u have a very good memory… still remember that song… I jus loved the line ‘Tingu Tingu..’… LOL…

    ‘Stamp my feet’ love story… wonderd the ways by which love blossomed those days…

    ‘wait for me ya’ – just reminded one of my school friend… there is one such innocent friend in every school…

    gud writing!!!


  11. Loved the Khargosh stories the best !!! Yes it did bring back memories – this never changes, in our class at one time, anybody with matching initials was declared a couple 🙂

    Ha ha ..everywhere 🙂

    Nidaana was too much,

    I know 😦 😛

    we also did everything to make anybody on stage or in front of an assembly laugh too 🙂

    ya! Trend 😛

    And flaring nostrils and the hilarious song !!! And you found a header to match with this delightful post!! 😆
    ROFL 😀 The song first reminds me of her nostrils 😉


  12. A bigwaala Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 🙂
    *coming back to normal*. Couldn’t resist it 😀 😀 😀 Ye aapke Bangalore ka asar hai..
    Ab vapas jakar post padhati hun..So much to catch up 🙂 Ta-ta


  13. Gosh you and Khargosh? what a pair and I was truly entertained by that story. Trust me I had gone through similar experiences 😈

    Ha ha ha And the first word u hv used here is his second name 😉 😉

    Tingu Tingu……ayoo I am gonna sing that song from now on and make it the anthem in my class now 😀 this place needs some entertainment u see 😎

    ROFL 😆

    You have so many memories of school 😎 ahem I think I better not write my school memories coz if some of my classmates happen to read my blog they might hunt me down to take revenge 😛
    Plisssssssss share them Saksh 😉


  14. Funny song, never heard that one before, Uganda..Bonda hehehe.

    I hv heard it only from her Anup 😛
    I have forgotten most things about school days. I remember it was fun but that’s about it. Life turned out, for me, much more exciting, adventurous and fun after studies and school!

    Ha ha after studies, its ofcourse real fun 🙂


  15. Tingu tingu tingu tingu…..

    Thats one hell of a racist song !!!

    Hmm woh tho hai 😛
    But all we knew that time ws Americans were whites 😛

    Tingu tingu tingu tingu…..

    Love in School ???? Gawwd !!! I didnt even know what it meant till I entered college (Who all am I kidding, huh? 😉 )

    Ahem 😛 Look who is talking 😉

    Tingu tingu tingu tingu…..

    What if he really wanted to write Henda !!! 😀 😀 😀

    Uh??? 😯

    Tingu tingu tingu tingu…..

    “Hw I wish things could be so simple even now”…what? you guys still copy from the same blackboard and now it isnt simple because…. 😉

    😉 😉 😉 What 😛
    Tingu tingu tingu tingu…..

    You make the mistake and then blame it on my sweety ! Not fair !!! 😀 😀 😀

    Vimmuuu, u just dont know hw much I laughed sday when I read this comment! So much that I cud nt even reply to comments 😉
    Tingu tingu tingu tingu…..

    so tell me, where is this Khargosh now !! Im sure he has a different story to tell !!! Who knows, for all he should be blogging somewhere and must have already written about the devil that is Swarr !!! 😀

    ROFL 😀 Gotta find out na 😉 Who knows hw the hell he is 👿

    Tingu tingu tingu tingu…..


    1. 😯 WRT,

      “so tell me, where is this Khargosh now !! Im sure he has a different story to tell !!! Who knows, for all he should be blogging somewhere and must have already written about the devil that is Swarr”


      I remember reading a post about a girl who was called khargoshnee is school…? Let me find that link…


    2. Well I wanted to write a diff comment abt Sweety so that u check it if u hv subscribed to comments 😛

      Sweety, as u think, is nt a girl Vims 😉

      Its a guy buhahahahhaha 👿

      What fun to pul ur legs nw with OG, Suji n nw Sweety 😉

      Sweekruth ws his name 😀


  16. That henda story was a riot 😀

    ROFL 😆 I just cant forget that 😉
    Me too thinks u had the soft corner for the rabbit, what say????
    Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiii …………
    Ting, tingu, tingu, tingu, tingu, tingu, tingu



  17. Hahaha.. rotfl.. lovely post and lovely banner.. I love the way you put sweet banners appropriate to the current post 🙂

    Thanks dear 🙂
    Yeah I guess everyone has such fun filled stories from school.. Did you name that guy Khargosh? why Khargosh? why not some devilish name? 😉

    Its derived from his name 😉 Gosh ws his surname 😛
    Yeah even I had an enemy just like you had in school but now he is one of my closest friends and we still laugh at the way we fought in school.. Why did we even fight? no idea.. 🙂 🙂

    Ha ha ha .. that is hw it is na 🙂 Crazy age 😛
    Really lovely post gal.. made me nostalgic

    Thank u girl and hope we get to read a similar post from u 😉


      1. Password: fightschool11
        I have made it password protected since one of our school frnds saw 😦 and threatened me to send it to that frnd.. so made it protected 😀 read it then i will delete it tomorrow 🙂


  18. ha ha ha ha……

    Best post to read in the beginning of the day. I just laughed so much that my teammates were asking me whats wrong with me and when I told him the “ganda” “henda” story, they also laughed so much!!

    Ha ha ha adhu heights alva 😛 Ajji na Abbi antha barithida avanu 😛

    I love reading childhood stories and you describe them so well. Already waiting for moooooore posts on them!

    Nim post ond sathi odide .. that inspired me gotha 🙂
    And the america song….I am planning to teach it to Anvith 🙂
    ROFL 😀 He will come chasing 😛
    ROFT@Khargosh story 🙂
    😉 😉 😉
    Best one was ganda-henda…I still cant stop laughing 😀
    Ha ha ha


  19. The love stories bit was very much fun to read 🙂 We had this boy in our class who was notorious for falling in love with girls from a higher grade 🙂 We always teased him about it that he liked older women. Now he is married to someone younger 😛


  20. he he…

    funny stories, brought back a lot of memories you know… I’d almost forgotten all of that!

    Especially the love shove 😀

    In college, when the girls went back home, and we sat in the canteen having pepsi, our fav. timepass topic was – Who do you love this week? Yeah, I mean, we used to love a different girl each week. 🙂


  21. Ha..ha..ha.. how do you remember all this Swar? You have awesome memory *touchwood* I don’t want to nazar lagao and turn you into Ghajini. 😀

    Khargosh? A guy’s nickname? How cute was he? 😉

    Crazy olden days for sure but lot of fun to reminisce it now. Aren’t they?


    1. ROFL @ turning into Ghajini 😛

      N I dont want to call that enemy Chasmish Soda budda cute 😉 😉 😉

      They were crazy but awesome days Sols 🙂


  22. Awww….lovely post. Reminded me of my school days & lots of things are common. In fact almost all of them from love shove stories to wait for me ya.


  23. Hey… Read this post… Amazing… Nice… Too good… Finding it difficult to post comment from mobile… Will put a detailed comment once i get back to my pc 🙂


  24. Swaram, you were such a prankster!! 🙂

    Hee haw still am 😛

    The tingu song is so cute!! 😀 I can imagine the girl singing that song!!
    Ha ha ha .. che I hv to meet PKG and ask her to sing it for me 😉

    BTW, a dear friend of mine from my hostel days (graduation) taught me a Kannada song about “rotti” which I can’t quite recollect now! And my cuz from Karnataka have taught the whole of Kochi kids about the “Rotti thinna beku”song!! 😀

    Oh i c! Nt able to recollect any rotti song 💡

    The Stamp of Feet love story was so funny!! Which world did you and your friends come from?? 😀 You guys are so funny!!

    ROFL 😀 Aliens 😛
    And your “filmy” love story had me in splits too … I just love reading all your childhood tales, so full of beans and mischief!!
    Ha ha ha I so love playing pranks 😉


  25. Wow-what a collection-random memories-esp-tingu-tingu, the love stories and khragosh-stirred together in a post that brought back so many memories….please keep adding to it!


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