Wondering what this is all about. Remember abt the  ‘Back to School‘  post I hd written long long long ago but not so long ago  but little long ago whatever and you ppl said u wanted to read more! Nw, curse my memory 😀 I still remember that and want to treat err torture u with some more 🙂

We used to have these CCA [Co-Curricular Activities] hours in school when we used to have lots of fun exhibiting our talents [whatever that is]. There ws this girl PKG in our class who used to always volunteer to sing a song and this was the song! Always!

Err I know the song is kind of racist, but those days we just looked beyond it all mainly bcoz of the tune of the song which was so funny!

I went to America I saw a Bilhi Mukha [bilhi=White, mukha=face]
Tingu tingu tingu tingu tingu tingu tingu

I went to Africa I saw a Kari Mukha [Black  face]  
Tingu tingu tingu tingu tingu tingu tingu

I went to China I saw a Chewing Gum
Tingu tingu tingu tingu tingu tingu tingu

I went to Uganda I saw a Real Bonda
Tingu tingu tingu tingu tingu tingu tingu

This ws one hit song and let alone PKG, we all started singing this and this became the invocation during the CCA periods 😉 But, it ws a treat to watch OKG sing this 😉 She used to swing back and forth for the tingu tingu and her nostrils used to move inside-out [wonder hw I cn explain this :P] Nyways, it ws total fun 😀 The way the guys played drums rythmically on the desks while singing, enacting a few scenes from the dramas we hd, trying to tap our feet so some famous tunes in that small space available in the classroom, awesome!


And then there were the love stories! Who is in love with whom and more importantly, hw 😛

One ws called the ‘Stamp my Feet’ luv story 😉  A stamped B’s feet one day and she ws annoyed and repaid bk in kind! A did the honours again and so on and on it went until they fell in love 😀

The flowering of love between another two over sharing a laddoo on someone’s birthday and sooooo on.


Studying in a Central School meant we dint have our regional language Kannada as part of the syllabus! But then, our Principal had introduced one class per week for Kannada and we also had an exam for 25 marks along with the other subjects. There ws this guy VyMa, my bench-mate for the exams! He ws an yr senior and ws a non-Kannadiga. The Kannada text books for std 1-4 of our school wud be that of  Std.1 of state syllabus 😉 Now, this guy did not know much of it and since we both had the same text book and moreover, since it ws my Mother tongue, he asked me to show him the answers! Nw, I used to be a pacca disciplined student u know – no copying and all that for me 😉 This fella started offerinf chocolates, sweets and then got angry and told me that it ws after all a minor exam 😛 Nw, one of the answers he hd written then, I cn never forget all my life! The ws ws to give the other gender of ‘Ganda‘ [meaning Husband] and the answer hd to be Hendathi [wife]. Nw if u compare these two words, other than the extra ‘thi’, they are similar if u replace ‘Ga’ with ‘He’. All this fella did ws he totally ignored the ‘thi’ and his answer read ‘Henda‘  N u know what is Henda in Kannada 😉 Alcohol :P’


N those sounds of ‘Wait for me ya’ still echo in my ears when I think of school! Shail ws the one who used to always say this. When the teacher would be dictating notes or we had to copy them from the board, she used to throw a glance @ our books and if we were a word or two ahead, she would go  ‘Wait for me ya pls’. Such small things mattered to us then and made the bond of friendship so strong! Hw I wish things could be so simple even now 😐


During the assembly hr, it ws a daily routine that there would be an article, a thought for the day, the news and a brain teaser read out loud! Hindi on Monday, Kannada on Tuesday, Sanskrit on Wednesday and English on other days! And u know what, any day the assigned person would be absent, I would be called to fill in his/her shoes and do the needful! Nw, it ws Tuesday and I ws called to read the News!  There ws a news that day which said Thugudeepa Srinivas [a famous villain] hd passed away! The headline read ‘Thugudeepa Srinivas Nidana‘ and I read it as  ‘Thugudeepa Srinivas Nidaana‘ I would like to blame it on that classmate of mine Sweety who ws seated there in front of me and ws acting like nothing less than Mr.Bean 🙄 😆 😈  For the records, Nidana means death and Nidaana means slow! Wonder what sense the statement made 😛


Well, longggg story cut short, those were indeed crazy golden days 🙂

Come guys, share ur memories here 🙂