Birth stories are interesting aren’t they. So similar yet so different, so much pain and then so much more gain!

Nw, its all thanks to my Dad that I am having a rocking time here  😛 Well, hs this Mumma ever told u! She is either lazy to key in the story or wants to take all the credit herself! It ws in October of 2007 that Dad came home and told Mumma he had a surprise for her and then showed her something – it ws his Blog! Well made, truly matching Mumma’s ishtyle, if I may call it that! Mumma was overjoyed 😀 [and also jealous me thinks :mrgreen:] Whateva, all that I care is that I was born the next moment and got to see this wonderful world of blogging. My sibling i.e Dad’s blog hs attained liberation now but then everything happens for a purpose isn’t it :P. The chatter-box that  Mumma is, she went on and on and zZZZZ. I should really really thank u all for leaving ur footprints here 8)

2 yrs down this evergreen lane filled with all possible emotions, all that I can say is I have totally enjoyed the journey. From that day when I ws being  used as a platform by Mumma to pour her heart out and to show off what she thinks are her writing skills [She is a core non-veggie when it comes to eating someone’s head u know] to this day when she has made so many super-duper friends, it truly hs been a wonderful journey! Whether the song played hs been a peppy number or a dukh bhari one, u have all been with her and supported her to help me see this day.

I turn two and it calls for celebrations 🙂 N I promise, I wil try not to throw those terrible-two tantrums and gift Mumma with a writerz block 😛 But, do let me know if u she is bugging u okie ssshhhhhh koi hai 😉 Will see that she takes a longgggg break!

Anyways, lets celebrate now people and pls I want those gifts of urs vokayyy ……. hungry for them – those bouquets okie okie brickbats too or even better cricket bats – My Dad loves playing Cricket u know 🙄

Ur comments are what have made me come this far and thatz all I want from you  …. puleaseeeeeeee be generous with them 🙂

Okie.. y am I dng so much bak-bak! Mom’s genes 👿

Here, lets cut the cake 🙂

N nw lets do what we r all waiting for!

Eat! Sing! Dance! Celebrate!  hee haw 😀 😀 😆

Oh waittttt!!!!!!! Supposed to give u return gifts no 🙂 Thank u ppl for being chooooo chweeet to me [Well, the party is also to tell u that u hv to continue to be so 8)]

Njaay maadi 😀

ETA: Jay hs written a lovely poem for me 🙂 Well, I admire his talent .. he pens a few words relevant to any post that I put up 🙂 Thank u so much Jay!

The pen turns two
Tune grows a banyan
The song never gets old
The blog turns two
Melody whispers a million
The song never gets old
Thoughts etched to walls
Comments painted to pals
The song never gets old
Words run a mile
Pulling every smile
The song never gets old
Symphony just begun
Lyrics waiting crescendo
The song never gets old