Kalyug ๐Ÿ˜ฆ is all we say whenever we hear of someone being deserted by their own blood or about the property disputes or when we have to shell out our hard-earned money for getting our health back to normal! Medicine – no more a noble profession but just business is what most people feel nowadays!

But then you meet someone who not only offers you the best treatment but also gives you back your long-lost confidence in the same and never makes you feel its all only for the money, you are overjoyed to see that such humble souls still exist and that its not about fame and money alone, but dedication, commitment and much more. Its abt saving lives and helping people have confidence in themselves that they can get through the hard times.

Thatz what one doctor we recently met did! He helped us to keep that spark of faith we have in medicine ignited.ย  He openedย  our eyes and let us see that good exists amidst all the evil which is now prevalent in the world. That a lotus flower still blooms in between the swamp which is normally seen around!

My FIL has nt been keeping well of late due to a Cartilage problem. He hd been asked to undergo surgery by one of the doctors he had consulted in Bangalore. He is one person who is difficult to handle when it comes to visiting the doctors. He has a feeling it wil heal by itself and does not even take proper care! Ask him to go on a long drive even now and he wil jump and be ready for it instantly. But, scared that we were, and not having been able to take him to another doctor for a 2nd opinion, we thought of consulting a good doctor here in Hyderabad and talk it over with them. Su called up Mediciti, Hyderabad for an appointment with Dr Krishnaiah (a Famous Orthopedic in Hyderabad circle). Mediciti told us that he would not not be available until Monday, but understanding that we may need to see him earlier they told us that he would be in KIMS, Hyderabad and they would give us a referral to consult him immediately. It was really kind of them! As a result, we got lucky enough to meet him the same day at 5pm in KIMS.

We wanted to know ifย  there were any alternate treatment other than going in for surgery. The doctor clearly explained what the problem is, how it would have been caused, about the possible types of surgery etc.. He said me that even is he got to see the MRI scan and other details, he would still not make any judgment unless he examines the patient himself. He convincingly explained that we can be reassured there are other ways of helping the patient besides surgery and also referred to a good doctor in Bangalore.

At the end of the consultation, the Magnanimous personality that he was,ย  struck a line in the payment brochure and wrote an instruction to the reception desk to return the consultation fee, as according to him since he didย  not ‘GIVE’ย  a remedy. He said he just could not take the money for something he had not cured or helped to come out of!

All words to convince him that his words had really helped a lot were in vain as heย  stuck to what he had said and again told us everything will be fine.

Going by his sweet gesture, KIMS also returned the Hospital outpatient fee in addition to the consultation fee they had collected earlier.

We were truly humbled by this experience and being a witness to the same, I wanted to share it here so that after having read/ heard so many incidents which speak otherwise, we can still have the positive spirit in us about the same stays alive and so that it enhances our hope in the same.

Our uncle [my FIL’s younger brother] also had a similar experience recently and he was so touched by the warmth with which he was treated that he wanted to share it with everyone. Here in his own words are relevant details from the mail which he has sent to the Associated Press:

Subject: Exclusive regarding health care – an amazing experience – from a US citizen

I developed some chest pain on the night of 23rd September 2009 at 8.30 PM and had some continued pain at around 10.30 PM in Bangalore, India.ย  After some initial tests by a general physician at a nearby nursing home, I was asked to go to JAYADEVA HOSPITAL, a specialized and renowned cardiac hospital.ย  This was around 11.30 PM local time.

Upon my arrival at Jayadeva Hospital emergency, 2 specialist cardialogists, a few nurses and support staff were attending to about 5 patients including myself.ย  They took my vitals, an ECG, blood test and an EKG, kept me under observation for about an hour, and found everything was okay and was not heart related. Thank the Lord! And before discharging me, they took one more ECG to doubly make sure I was perfectly fine.ย  And after all this and just one hour at the emergency ward, I was on my way back home.

There areย four amazing points to note here:

  • They charged me a total of Indian Rupees 92 (approximately US$ 2) for the treatment I received at the hospital.ย  That was the total bill!!!!!!!
  • The doctors and the staff took excellent care and made me feel extraordinarily comfortable through the process, and I was treated by well-known and experienced cardiologists .
  • And this sensational hospital with one of the best facilities in the world makes a profit of over million dollars a year in spite of charging extremely nominal by any world standards.
  • There was absolutely no issues of nationality, affordability, race, religion or politics in the policies of the wonderful hospital and we were all treated as one human race.

So, my dear Congressmen, Senators, and lawmakers in the United States,ย  please wake up, see what can be done to improve our health care and be able to take care of our citizens.ย  It would really be a shame if we can’t take care of 300 million americans being one of the greatest nations in the world… while another great nation and the largest democracy in the world India can take care of a billion people with lesser resources.

I hope this experience of mine is shared amongst my fellow citizens and lawmakersย back in the United States, for us to understand that there are alternate ways to deal with major national issues that we are currently facing.ย ย  I sincerely urge all of us to set our differences aside and look for a major health care reform.

So, there guys, 2 experiences I have had myself, not read somewhere, heard from others, absolutely no communication gap! It makes me so so happy to know we are still in safe hands which can help us wade through health storms and makes me feel so proud yet again to be an Indian!