They had moved into a new city – something S never thought would happen anytime in life. They had made a conscious decision to stay in their hometown – the city where they had met, entered into sacred bond of wedlock, transformed into being a couple in addition to being gr8 friends, experienced the joys of having a extended family and a circle of amazing friends! But whatz life without change?

A new life beckoned, where they would be in charge of running a household all on their own, having to take over the kitchen instead of working on a planned menu, to go shop for everything needed to run the chores instead of making use contents of the store room. A new challenge in life – which they knew they would face hand-in-hand and definitely triumph!

But still, something ws missing! Yes, a new city, new people, new job – ofcourse S needed time to adapt herself.Β  The 15 days break she had taken between switching jobs so that they could settle down meanwhile seemed like eternity! A phone call every hr to the husband, STD calls back home, always waiting for friends to come online, the loneliness enveloped her and she waited to get back to work!

And when she did, it was a totally different work environment. The one and only girl in a team of 35! Now, not that she was conservative or that boys could never make good friends, but then the joy of having a Sakhi, a lovely female companion @ work is something different and that she really missed!

Well, she sailed along with the work, which for Heaven’s sake was exactly what she wanted to be like and life sailed smoothly exploring new things, forging new bonds with the present team.

Soon, it was time for the Annual Day @ the workplace – a day which even today holds a special place in her heart, as the day when she found a true friend for life! The bangle maker, the mehandi artist, the cartoonist were all invited and everyone was having a gr8 time running from one stall to another! So many girls dressed colourfully, where queueing up to get Mehandi designs on their palms and their eyes moving rapidly like the hands of a clock to select the colours for bangles they intended to get done! She was there to trying to talk to a few of them and at the same time get some nice bangles to adorn her hands πŸ™‚

A beautiful girl dressed in a lovely green saree with a maroon border, kajal in her eyes, thick hair well braided into a plait tried to make some place for herself near the bangle stall. N she found it just next to S.Β  S had seen C @ work few times but never had they talked to each other or for that matter even exchanged smiles. But this day was different. C liked a few bangles and soon realized the cash she had was not enough to buy them.Β  S offered to pay for them and thatz when they got talking. Tring tring .. rang the phone and S picked up the same to answer the call! Maja bartide; ella bahalha chennagide [So much fun; its all so nice] ws what she said to the caller and when she hung up, C was staring @ her wide-eyed! S could not understand what ws so amusing in the conversation which caught C wide-eyed when C exclaimed in full excitement ‘Kannada’!Β  So, there sprouted a new seed of friendship which grew leaps and bounds with time. Colleagues, both from Bengaluru, they had so much in common that they clicked instantly!

N what followed was a celebration! They nw met everyday over lunch, tea and those refreshing walks which followed during tea-time.Β  They had a gala time whether it was enjoying the gol-gappas in front of the office, shopping together, the gupshup over Dabeli, discussing new recipes they had tried, complaints err compliments abt colleagues and no longer did it seem like they had met just a few months before!

C was one warm person and S could not help but value their friendship more and more with every passing gesture of C’s!

Be it cooking for S and carrying her lunch to work when she would fall sick or thanks to the gas cylinder which once khallas takes a week to be replaced, carrying dabbas ofΒ  pickles and chutneys her MIL used to prepare, getting her surprise gifts from anywhere she went on vacations and lots more. S could not thank her stars more for having been blessed with such a friend in a city where she no longer felt lonely, mostly because she saw an elder sister in her friend C!

But then history repeats itself rt?Β  And this time it ws C n her better half who were moving in search of new horizons, in pursuit of better prospects, to make another place home, away from home!

How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.Β  ~Carol Sobieski and Thomas Meehan, Annie

Tomorrow is C’s last day @ work and I still can’t convince myself she is moving for good! Yes, I so hope its all a dream and I shall still be sharing lunch with her the day after or go on a walk in the adjacent park to refresh ourselves between work or ping her incessantly or lock the system and run when she calls me for the evening tea!

Good-byes are always difficult aren’t they?

Why does it take a minute to say hello and forever to say goodbye?Β  ~Author Unknown

But I truly wish C that a wonderful, joyous life is waiting to embrace u there and wish that your family is blessed with all that you desire now and forever because you totally totally deserve a beautiful life!

Thanks for being a great friend, a wonderful companion, a cool confidante and a lot more!

N yes Meira, I have another reason to come to Gurgaon now, at the earliest may be πŸ˜‰

Goodbyes are not forever.
Goodbyes are not the end.
They simply mean I’ll miss you
Until we meet again!
~Author Unknown