The Song of Life presents!

Red carpet welcome, Drums roll, Music and here we go!

Its time to be a good girl nw! Been postponing the award ceremony for quite some time.  Its high time that I pass on the awards before I get another one titled ‘MISER’ 🙄

Heartfelt thanks again to all those people who have bestowed these awards on me. Mighty encouragement I tell you 🙂

And now, onto the first award –  Friends Award!


My faith in friendship has grown manifold, thanks to the blogworld. Happy or sad, jokes or rants, u ppl are always there for me 🙂 U can make me smile when am in the worstestest of my moods. Luv u all 🙂

I would like to pass on this award to all the people on my blog-roll! Ofcourse, u r there on the roll because you mean a lot to me! Plssss pick it up 🙂


Aryan’s Mom has awarded me with theOne Lovely Blog Award‘. Thank u so much 🙂


I pass it on to these people who have lovely quality posts on their blogs:

SwathyAvada Kedavra, Bindu, Disha, Amardeep, Elegant ChicVivekMakrand, Abha, Sandhya, AnupChandrika aunty, Momo’s Ma, Titaxy, Butterfly, Menaka, Nancy, Nu, Sucharita, VandanaRashmi, Rocksea and Sarah, Ashwini Deo, Iya, Uma and Richa 🙂


And now, theI love your blogaward 🙂 If u din’t know that 😉


Aparna, Savitha, Anish, Akshatha, OG, ArienMom, Shruthi- Attuned,Ashwathy, Just Call Me A, Sakshi, Crafty , Pal, Jay, Monu-Ansh, Puja,Masood,Rakesh,Lively,Meira,Kanagu,Priyanka, Hypermom, Indyeah, Monu, Shruthi-Lil’P , Tara, Hitchu, Dew, Aryan’s Mom, Mystery, Pixie, Deepu, Rekha, Paisa, Smithu, Solilo, lostworld, Suji, Vishesh, Shraddha, Ashwini – The Thoughtful Train, Vimmuuu, Saritha, Swati, IHM.


Applause 🙂 🙂 🙂

I admire some bloggers  for their writing style ! I really really do! Be it poems, fiction whatever – they r too gud @ them! This award is to honour such bloggers!

Pen is mightier than sword!
Pen is mightier than sword!

Sakhi – Her short stories are so captivating!

Vishesh – Wonder how u write so well!

Kanagu – U r really gud @ fiction Kanagu!

Hitchu, OG, Vimmuuu, Ashwathy and Crafty – For the Cross-Border terrorism series 🙂

Indyeah – Do I need to say anything more!

Shraddha – Love the way she expresses herself in few words and her wonderful illustrations.


Inspirational Bloggeraward for those which inspire hope, love and joy in life! My pick wud be:

Aparna, Savitha, The Thoughtful Train, Akshatha, Monu-Ansh, Avada Kedavra, Puja, Pal, Hypermom, Pixie, Solilo, Deepu, Smithu, Saritha, Just Call Me A, Shruthi-Li’l P, Lively, Meira, Tara, Anish, Monika, Mystery, Swati, Priyanka, Dew and IHM 🙂


Avada Kedavra has passed on these awards to me. Thank u so much girl! U made my day 🙂


Thanks a lot dear 🙂 Luv u too 🙂


Tea-Cup-MouseI pass on the tea-cup award again to all the people on my blog-roll, my dear blog-pals 🙂



Crafty, Pixie, Deepu, Smithu, Solilo, OG, Vimmuuu, Kanagu, Masood, Rakesh, Hitchu, Uma, Meira, Lostworld, Aryan’s Mom, Shruthi – Attuned, Monu, Sakshi, Suji, Nancy are the coooolest bloggers me thinks 8)



Passing on this award is a herculean task , what with me being a certified blog-addict and with so many gr8 blogs around.  So, I pass on this award to all the blogs I have mentioned in this post! Honestly speaking, am addicted to all of them and take reading their posts as seriously as the deadlines for an official product release [I know u hv doubts how seriously I take the deadlines anyways :P]


Congratulations to all the award winners . Its celebration time now😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

All set for Pet-Pooja then 😉

Let the party begin! DANGANAKA 😆


  1. Thankeeeeeeewwwwwwwssss Swaram 🙂 at last the most anticipated award ceremony is here . pssstt I have been secretely wishing for this award 😛

    *teary eyed* thank you thank you *sniff sniff*

    This week has been the best.. have received two two awards hehe 😀

    *hug hug*


  2. Che just miss agoytu first place!
    Congrats for those bunch of awards Swaru. And now the routine part, acceptance speech and all.
    “.. ahem ahem.. hrrm… *take a huge bow and smiles at everyone gathered for the ceremony* Thanks for bestowing me with the precious award. It’s good knowing you love my blog 🙂 I would like to thank the people who made this possible- all my blog friends and people whose blogs I love to read *adjusts the hair behind the ear*

    ROFL 😀 70’s heroine ishtyle 😛

    without you it just wouldn’t have been possible *sniff* *sob* *sniff* I hope you know how much this means to me *tries hard to contain the tears* Thank you so much again *hugs Swaram and starts wailing* *Swaram is thinking of escaping from the awkward embrace* 😉

    Someone hs said that 😉 Awkward antha 😛

    *Lively understandingly wipes tears urgently and runs to have her share of snacks served by Swaram* 😀 Gee…


          1. *comes dancing to the podium in pakka tapori ishtyle* danganakka dankanakka dakkanakka jakkanaka. Thanks Swaramma… awards kottidakke. Neen kodtiya anta gottittamma nange. Yaranna marethru nanna mareyalla anta gottittu. Tumba dhanyavada, tumba thaaangs. Baa vond step haaku nan jothe. *drags Swaram with her to the centre of the stage* *both dance away to glory* danganakka jakanakka


                1. Pleeeeeeease tell me that you spit water on yourself… heheheh that would’ve been fun to watch 😛
                  Pic office inda kaanista illa 😦


    1. LOL @ lively..

      you forgot to thank you doodh wala, dhobi, dog and your chai wala….

      sheesh…i need to give a crash course on acceptance speeches to everyone!!



                    1. you have been spreading this alwa?!! 😛

                      u come when there is no power and stay for exactly 5 mins, see the house in torch light and rush out!!!11

                      what coffee to make??1 tellu?!!!

                      😛 😛 😛

                      Ahoo ahoo 😉 decoction ready idhu haalu idre agalva helhu 😉
                      Me so so so njaaying leg pullingu 😛


  3. *Accepts the clap with a bow* Thank YOU 🙂 . *On the stage, as the actors say when they receive an award* – Will make myself deserving!!


  4. Gee…so many awards. And I’m confused…how many of them are for me 😛
    I think I’l take all of them go 😀
    Who’l notice!


            1. lol ! But I can’t give up my beer . Or my coffee. Or my blog. Or my awards. Or you Pixie.


  5. you better start taking the office deadlines seriously 😛
    you know, for, that implies something more as you said..

    the ceremony was lovely Swaram.. Thankoo for listing me there as well.. but like meira said, me too confused which all are for me 😉 you have been quite generous I see.


    1. Ofcourse I do girl 😀 Else, wud hv been kicked out by nw 😉
      Added that bcoz ppl like Vimmuuu or Hitchu wud hv got hold of such things in the post only 😉

      Y confused? There’s only one Tara no 😛 So, grep for ur name n there u hv them all 😀


      1. i was joke maroing girl.. dont worry.. i know you are one good girl..
        btw did u paste all award badges in ths post? perhaps thats the confusion.


  6. Congrats Swaram…..u deserve everyone of them…u certainly are a popular person among the blog parivar 🙂

    he he thanks dear 🙂 Popular nahi pata paagal s 😉

    Thank U for all the awards….made me feel really good:-)).
    I’m actually going cross-eyed counting my awards.
    Ummm…..where exactly have u pasted the ‘One Lovely Blog Award‘… name is there in tht but I cant find it anywhere 😛 [how do u make tht big-eyes emoticon]

    Here for u – Smileys help page 🙂

    Oops 😛 Just corrected 😉 thanks for letting me know 🙂

    And not the least thank U for the hospitality….those heart-shaped chocolates especially were yummylicious
    Njoy maadi 🙂



    First Awards!!! 😀 😀 😀

    (* Suji gains inspiration from Joey and is busy, with Vimmuuu’s help, preparing a speech to be presented at the function *)


  8. Aich !! Cannot express what a super duper surprise this post was ..

    Hee hee really 🙄

    Congratulations blog rani. You’ve certainly amassed a whole lot of awards.. & you deserve them all sweetie !! 🙂

    Kind words girl 😛
    Truth be told, so happy to have befriended you via blogger.

    Me too 🙂
    You’re simply an angel. Thanks a million for all those awards. I’m seriously wondering whether I deserve them.

    Baah angels wil run away 😉 U deserve them and much more girl 🙂
    Love you babe. Warm hug.
    P.S – I think you missed out the ‘Humane’ award I awarded you ?! Sorry I’m pointing it out, but probably you’ve reserved it for another awards ceremony??
    Ha ha ya .. ppl r already confused 😛 Nice memory eh u remember it so well 🙂


      1. I’m almost coming to my senses now 😉
        Alrite, let me count…
        1. Friends Award (Wow! I’m on ur blogroll)
        2. Lovely Blog Award
        3. Tea Cup Award (Again, on ur blogroll)
        4. Addicting blog award (My blog’s been mentioned 😉 )

        Confirm confirm… wanna proudly showcase it 😀

        Phewwwwwww…. tht was one ride on a roller coaster!!! 😛

        Thanks babe!!!!! Luv ya :*


  9. If any Award function can make all the ppl happy, it is to be this !!!! Super Swaram….I think you’ve made everyone happy and glad and joyous and thrilled to have got an award here !!! 😆

    And thank you, darling, for giving me those awards. I’ll cherish them, as they were from you to me !!! 🙂

    From the red carpet to the delicacies, enjoyed totally and greatly excited…..let me just run and put all these awards in my page…. 😆 so happy 😆 😆


  10. wow three days holiday, pre birthday prep,plus now your awards,….wow gonna celebrate it properly :)…….
    ly as the deadlines for an official produ LMAF ..hehe 😀
    i’m sure U are the best pal of most of the bloggers in blogosphere and i’m so happy to have a good friend like you
    Once again thank you so much for all the awards 😀


    1. Gee too much of appreciation dude 😛 I wish to hv my feet rt here on the ground 😛

      Anyways, u do deserve them 🙂

      Pre-bday prep? When is it? Bday wishes in advance! Hv a blast 🙂 Gud time to come to Chennai isn’t it 😉 or u r gng to the hometown?


              1. yeahhh , one of my cousin called me almost after 3 years 😀 .Another cousin called me from US (that two twice,i couldn’t attend it on first time 😦 ) .Thank lord for such aspecial family members and genuine friends..
                No probs swaram, U can surprise me next time 😀


  11. Swaram, u deserve all the awards, your blog falls in all the categories. Thanks, I think i got into your list too..hehehe…I always ended up with consolation prize when i was a kid, this one is too big for me! cheers anyway!


  12. I am late here as well,my comment is 107th here.So i am first from down.

    Congrats and thank q so much for passing the awards to me.

    Now will go to ur previous post


  13. jesus… thats a lot of awards at one go!!! i’m honoured!!! 🙂 overwhelmed!!!

    (((hugs))) glad i know u!!
    thanks for the award sweetheart…will put them up soon

    i honestly hope my blog lives up to ur expectations always…


  14. Swaram, I am so sorry – big time late.

    Arre kya sorry n all 🙂 U r welcome to read @ leisure 🙂

    I read it earlier – messaged you and forgot to mark it unread – so forgot to come here to comment 😦 So sorry. I keep doing this at yours and Pixie’s – I read you guys as soon as I see it , even if I don’t have time – and then end up not commenting for hours.

    Thatz so sweet of u 🙂
    Congratulations on your awards, Swaram! You so deserve them! You never cease to amaze me. How did you manage to link up so many of us, when you just got back from holiday and are inundated with work. I so need time management lessons from you 🙂

    Ha ha ha an hr from the 24 for my dear friends – anytime dear 😉 😉

    And thanks soooo much for passing on awards to me too 🙂 Hugs!!!!!!!!! You are a sweetie pie!
    U too Smithu 🙂 {{{{{{{{{{Hugs}}}}}}}}


  15. Congrats Swati… for the tonne load of awards u’ve recvd…
    & yeah thanks for passing on as well… my first set of collections…(hopefully u can pass on more in the future :D)

    I was expecting a red carpet.. any idea whr the hulla-gulla for the presentation ceremony is?? 😉


  16. Wow…. congrats for all the awards Swaram…. 🙂 🙂
    you deserve them all… 🙂

    and thanks for awarding me 🙂
    and also I am honoured to hear that u like my fiction… even though I am writing rarely and have lot to improve…

    thankooo.. thankooo… 🙂


  17. My Oh My..its like a train of awards. Thanks for the award Swaram 🙂 I love reading your blog, its very addictive 🙂


  18. Hey sweetheart 🙂 thanks so much..I think I am totally thrilled… as this is my first blog award 😉

    So…my speech is ready…”Well, I would like to thank my uncle, aunty, bhaiya, bhabhi, maama..maami…my pets ..etc etc 😉 ”

    Jokes apart..thank you thank you thank you!!!

    We all love your blog too…and the exuberance you spread through your blogs dear!!!

    God bless!


  19. Haye…haye, why i am always late? Whenever i come here, your comments have already reached 3 digits :\ ..
    Aur biiiig waala thankyou hai ji for all the awards 🙂

    And yeah…this profile pic is ekdum Jhakaaaaaaas 🙂


  20. aha!!!!!!
    oho oho

    congrats on the awards sis!!! u truly deserve each one!!!
    and no this is not nepotism!! i ain’t sayin it coz u are my swaroo sis!!!
    Hai hai meri pyari behana thankus 😛
    and thankoooo for all the awards!!!!! muah muah!! celebrity style!!!!!
    wow! u r one dear sis 😀
    and now for the food!!!!

    *crafty has filled her plate with TINY samples of each and every item…handed them to swaram and guests and looks solemn*

    people, this is ur share… do enjoy!

    *crafty is attacking pile of food on table*
    ROFL 😆 U entertainment pkg 😉 😉
    😆 :mrgreen:


  21. Swaram, wow! thanks! Those awards are surely going to add glam to my page! 😀 I am super happy! Happy Dussehra!

    I have to have a one on one with you on various topics. Real soon! 😀 OK, U and Uma don’t seem to doing a great job with this whole planning thing. I am going to have to take the reins, I think!!! 😀


  22. Lovely !! So many awards,huh ? Great 🙂 I’m glad and I know honestly that you deserve them all… :)) Congratulations sweetheart 🙂

    Ok well, awards for me then..There is a confusion ..I’m not able to find your blogroll to check whether I’m eligible for those awards for blog rolled bloggers ?

    HELP Swaram !


  23. Oh my God! I reached here so late!? congrats Swaram for having won such a lot of awards.
    Swaram! thanks a million for the first award i received in the blogger career! I value ur gesture and the award a lot. HAPPY DUSSEHRA TO U DEAR. KEEP SMILING!


  24. OMG how could i miss this post..damm I got three awards..

    First ever….i cant explain you what i m feeling this time…its been more than 6month of blogging and i didnt get any award…..

    I want to create a award page onblog…but there was no award to mention there…thanks a zilllllllllion dear 🙂 🙂

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :-):-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :-):-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :-):-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :-):-) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    All these smiles u brough on my face 🙂

    {{{{{{Super tight hugs to u }}}}}}}}}}}}}}


  25. I don’t have my award ceremony speech prepared, so this is what I am thinking rite now :-

    Oh my God ! What a day. My first award and that too in bunch. It was indeed an honor to win ‘One Lovely Blog Award’, in addition to common blogroll awards. You made my day. I hope to continue the work to win not only this award but grap the awards in other categories too next time. This award means so much to me.

    I would like to thank my family, the train incident(my first post) that conceptulised this blog, everyone who has commented every on page because that motivated me, everyone who has ever visited my page because my traffic data showed someone came n made me happy, all the fellow bloggers which set an example and to award ceremony organizer Swaram for giving me the award.

    I don’t have the award shelf on my page but will create it soon.
    thnx again 🙂


  26. hey swaram, I missed reading so many of ur post kane!
    seeing each one now, dont know where to comment from!
    hey, is that award seriously for me?
    ohhhhhhh, thank you!
    and since its my first one, enlighten me as to what to do with it?
    as in how to put it in my blog!
    i donno!
    😦 😛

    and glad u had a awesome time during navratri!


    1. Arre its ok! Glad to c u bk aadre 🙂 Hope u r all settled nw n bk to blogging with full enthu 😉

      Yes dear that award is indeed for u 😀

      U cn do a post and announce u rxed an award and put it up on the side bar 🙂


    1. Arre these ppl r just blind with luv 😉 They keep showering praises and awards 🙂 Friends r really wonderful gifts rt 🙂

      Welcome here and thanks 🙂


  27. Omg OMg OMG OMG…so many awardsss.. thank YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Swaram….I cannot stop dancing 🙂 You’ve made my day brighter..thanks for coloring it 🙂
    …………..and now i’ll eat all the goodies 🙂


  28. Hey

    Thanks so much for the award 🙂

    I don’t have so many blogs in my list but i am trying to extend it and will host a award ceremony then 😉 . Surely you will fetch some exciting prize 😉

    Cheers !


  29. Hey saw this page only now….swaruuuu..congratulations on all the awards.You deserve every bit of it and more.

    And thank you from the bottom of my heart for passing some to me as well.I’m truly honoured. will surely put them up on my page.and yes this awards post reminds me that I have a few to pass on.

    hugs & muahs for being such a wonderful friend 🙂


  30. Hats off to you for taking time out to link everyone of us and passing on the awards to one and all!
    Thanks again,re

    You’re so sweet,Swaram! 🙂


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