Red carpet welcome, Drums roll, Music and here we go!

Its time to be a good girl nw! Been postponing the award ceremony for quite some time.  Its high time that I pass on the awards before I get another one titled ‘MISER’ 🙄

Heartfelt thanks again to all those people who have bestowed these awards on me. Mighty encouragement I tell you 🙂

And now, onto the first award –  Friends Award!


My faith in friendship has grown manifold, thanks to the blogworld. Happy or sad, jokes or rants, u ppl are always there for me 🙂 U can make me smile when am in the worstestest of my moods. Luv u all 🙂

I would like to pass on this award to all the people on my blog-roll! Ofcourse, u r there on the roll because you mean a lot to me! Plssss pick it up 🙂


Aryan’s Mom has awarded me with theOne Lovely Blog Award‘. Thank u so much 🙂


I pass it on to these people who have lovely quality posts on their blogs:

SwathyAvada Kedavra, Bindu, Disha, Amardeep, Elegant ChicVivekMakrand, Abha, Sandhya, AnupChandrika aunty, Momo’s Ma, Titaxy, Butterfly, Menaka, Nancy, Nu, Sucharita, VandanaRashmi, Rocksea and Sarah, Ashwini Deo, Iya, Uma and Richa 🙂


And now, theI love your blogaward 🙂 If u din’t know that 😉


Aparna, Savitha, Anish, Akshatha, OG, ArienMom, Shruthi- Attuned,Ashwathy, Just Call Me A, Sakshi, Crafty , Pal, Jay, Monu-Ansh, Puja,Masood,Rakesh,Lively,Meira,Kanagu,Priyanka, Hypermom, Indyeah, Monu, Shruthi-Lil’P , Tara, Hitchu, Dew, Aryan’s Mom, Mystery, Pixie, Deepu, Rekha, Paisa, Smithu, Solilo, lostworld, Suji, Vishesh, Shraddha, Ashwini – The Thoughtful Train, Vimmuuu, Saritha, Swati, IHM.


Applause 🙂 🙂 🙂

I admire some bloggers  for their writing style ! I really really do! Be it poems, fiction whatever – they r too gud @ them! This award is to honour such bloggers!

Pen is mightier than sword!
Pen is mightier than sword!

Sakhi – Her short stories are so captivating!

Vishesh – Wonder how u write so well!

Kanagu – U r really gud @ fiction Kanagu!

Hitchu, OG, Vimmuuu, Ashwathy and Crafty – For the Cross-Border terrorism series 🙂

Indyeah – Do I need to say anything more!

Shraddha – Love the way she expresses herself in few words and her wonderful illustrations.


Inspirational Bloggeraward for those which inspire hope, love and joy in life! My pick wud be:

Aparna, Savitha, The Thoughtful Train, Akshatha, Monu-Ansh, Avada Kedavra, Puja, Pal, Hypermom, Pixie, Solilo, Deepu, Smithu, Saritha, Just Call Me A, Shruthi-Li’l P, Lively, Meira, Tara, Anish, Monika, Mystery, Swati, Priyanka, Dew and IHM 🙂


Avada Kedavra has passed on these awards to me. Thank u so much girl! U made my day 🙂


Thanks a lot dear 🙂 Luv u too 🙂


Tea-Cup-MouseI pass on the tea-cup award again to all the people on my blog-roll, my dear blog-pals 🙂



Crafty, Pixie, Deepu, Smithu, Solilo, OG, Vimmuuu, Kanagu, Masood, Rakesh, Hitchu, Uma, Meira, Lostworld, Aryan’s Mom, Shruthi – Attuned, Monu, Sakshi, Suji, Nancy are the coooolest bloggers me thinks 8)



Passing on this award is a herculean task , what with me being a certified blog-addict and with so many gr8 blogs around.  So, I pass on this award to all the blogs I have mentioned in this post! Honestly speaking, am addicted to all of them and take reading their posts as seriously as the deadlines for an official product release [I know u hv doubts how seriously I take the deadlines anyways :P]


Congratulations to all the award winners . Its celebration time now😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

All set for Pet-Pooja then 😉

Let the party begin! DANGANAKA 😆