WARNING: This post is all abt what women love doing the most [atleast most of us ;)] SHOPPING!  Gentlemen, pls do not complain 😉 However, if u do love art-n-craft and respect artisans for their dedication, pls stay on 8)

The past few weekends hv been gr8 and the one that just passed by was nothing less! Starting from Thursday when we hd a gr8 time attending the Ganesh Nimajjan along the banks of the Hussain Sagar, standing in appreciation of the creativity people exhibited with the idols, the majestic lake, the glimmering lights which adorn it and enhance its beauty, to some nice Hum-Tum time spent @ home on Friday and then a nice dinner @ Li’l Italy on Saturday , I never gave a thought to fix any program for the Sunday! Was blog-hopping till abt 3 a.m while watching the awesome match b/w Sharapova and Oudin! On Sunday, made some yummy Biriyani and Kheer, had lunch and was relaxing reading some book n listening to some gud music!

But as Suryadev ws getting ready to go home, I started feeling really bored and wanted to go out! Thanks to Su’s conf call, he just cud nt accompany me. But Me being Me, just headed to fullhyderabad.com, found that there ws an exhibition of North-Eastern arts n crafts and decided within a fraction of a second that I wil be gng there 😉

Passed on a note to Su  ‘Hey dear, me feeling bored! Wanna go to an exhibition’.

‘Sure dear .. Carry on ..  buy whatever u want .. take care’ 🙂

Me said ”Nahi re … just time-pass 😉 No shopping I hv enuf stuff baap re ❗ … I cn as well hv an exhibition myself 😛

Wide grin on Su’s face 😀  He does know me better than I know myself ahem 🙄

And ofcourse he ws rt! Have a look !

I just loved the star-like design!
I just loved the star-like design!
Paddy on velvet! Awesome ain't it?
Paddy on velvet! Awesome ain’t it?


Kaan mein Jhumka ;)
Kaan mein Jhumka 😉
Envelope cum wall hanging!
Envelope cum wall hanging!
Lovely bookmarks :)
Lovely bookmarks 🙂

I got a few towels, but just can’t make up my mind to use them … so beautiful they r! Look @ the work. The artisan told me they are called GAMUSA.

She asked me to buy this design which is their traditional one .. the Cape design!


Another one!

Bottle holders
Bottle holders
Made from cane!
Made from cane!

I bought this saree kinda thing, a two-piece saree actually which they call ‘Mekla Chadar‘ and is their traditional attire during Bihu.


After abt 2.5-3 hrs:

Su calls: Hey, u still nt done? Come home soon na … its boring  😛 Waise, did u find anything worth buying?

Me: Few things err I mean few more mmm mathlab I actually found it hard to decide what to leave behind 🙄

Now whats with these men! They say women r chatter-boxes, they go blah-blah n all that and 2 hrs seems like too long 😯 I guess the bakbak is like music to their ears 💡 They just don’t say it … Ahem 8)

Everytime I visit such a fair, I am spellbound by the variety India has got to offer! Just from the North-east and so so many things on display! Mera Bharat Mahaan 🙂