..when we can thank our teachers for all that they have given us!

The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book.  ~Author Unknown

We r eternally thankful to them but wishing someone on a special day has its own charm!

I just sent an SMS to my teachers and for our arts teacher, I sent it from another number saying ‘guess who’ @ the end. She replies bk saying ‘U naughty girl, u have just not changed! Be the same always. Luv u :)” The message was filled with warmth which I could so feel 🙂 It ws not just a reply, it was a reflection of those years together of companionship, the affection, that lovely bond between a teacher and a student!

If I just go down the memory lane, there hv been numerous occasions, the memories of  which are insribed in my heart as-is.

They pampered me silly, @ the same time correcting me when I went wrong.

The dream begins with a teacher who believes in you, who tugs and pushes and leads you to the next plateau, sometimes poking you with a sharp stick called “truth.”  ~Dan Rather

They told me the importance of studies, @ the same time taught me to appreciate the importance of arts n sports.

They encouraged me to score well, all the while letting me know how important it was to understand music, painting so on and the importance of having fun 🙂

They helped me build up a fearless, optimistic attitude towards life, and also taught me how much modesty and humility mattered in life!

I  like a teacher who gives you something to take home to think about besides homework.  ~Lily Tomlin as “Edith Ann”

Even now, when I meet my kindergarten teacher, who stays close to my parent’s home, I so feel like a student sitting in her class learning A for Apple, B for Bat 🙂 Sudha Ma’am, if u ever happen to read this blog, pls know how much I love u even today 🙂 For all those funny songs u taught us to being the first person outside home who taught me the magic alphabets can create, I respect you the same even today 🙂

We had a Maths teacher AMR. He used to take us to give science programs on AIR. On the way back, he once took us home and offered us lunch too! I remember I was in middle school then and I ws feeling so proud to have had lunch @ my teacher’s place 😛 I went aroung telling everyone that I had yummy carrot sambar ;). AMR came and told me on the last day of school ‘U r welcome home for carrot sambar anytime’. Love speaks n how 🙂 I will never forget hw he came home during study holidays to give me some papers to solve and also on the day my Maths exams got over to find out whether the exam went well! The last I met him in person was on the day of my wedding! We do keep in touch over phone n mails n I hope to meet him when I am in Blr this time 🙂

We had a new Hindi teacher join school in 10th. During her first class, when she gave her intro, there were ‘n’ pair of eyes looking @ me and I ws looking @ her like :surprise: She not only shared my Mom’s name, but also her husband had my dad’s name too! N her full name ws exactly what my Mom’s was inc. the initials! It ws a real coincidence! SGS 🙂

It so happened that when we were filling up the board exam application, she happened to see my Mom’s name and looked @ my face! The other teacher next to her told her that she did hv the same name as my Mom’s. Almost immediately, she said ‘Ofcourse, Swaram is a daughter to me too’.  She had said that the next instant.  Even today, when I remember that, I feel so happy to have had such wonderful teachers. It ws so much filled with love. Honest response! She ws a superb teacher, more like a friend to all students n I began to respect her more after that! I loved it when she attended my wedding and told abt this name thing to Su too 🙂 Thanks SGS for all that u have taught me in my student yrs 🙂

A teacher’s purpose is not to create students in his own image, but to develop students who can create their own image.  ~Author Unknown

Our music teacher ws one innocent lady and very sweet 🙂 The boys used to have a lot of fun in her class [ok ok girls too a li’l bit] I love the way she used to say ‘Chotter box’ [thatz what it sounded like]’! Once she hd taken abt 10 of us for a singing competition @ Ramana Maharishi Centre of Learning, which was abt 7-8 kms away from our school. On the way back, we all forced her to use the reserved fund for getting back to school to get us ice-creams n stuff n that we cud take a bus to school instead of hiring a cab 😛 Okie, we took some time to convince her, but once done had the time of our lives 😛 We knew she ws one teacher who wud not go tell the Prinicipa or anybody for that matter what we had done and so had a gala time. Let alone catching a bus, we even walked more than half-way enjoying the ice-cream, having Bhel-puri, mangoes, singing all the way, playing antakshari on the roads n she was gng ‘Aye, Oye’ all the time 😉 Thanks ND for all those wonderful songs u taught us and also for letting us enjoy whenever we wanted to 😉

Ofcourse, we had our time having nicknames for the teachers n all such stuff, but I am definitely grateful to each one of them for their contribution in shaping up my life, however it is and I am extremely happy with it 🙂

There ws this teacher AP who used to teach us history! She ws a nice teacher but very strict.  The boys had nick-named her Arda-rathri Pishachi [midnight female ghost :P] She used to give us a stare like Goddess Kali whenever she got angry! Unfortunate that the history classes would be usually placed immediately after lunch! I still don’t understand y! Did they really want us to sleep? We used to send one girl RL home during lunch to get ice cubes and everytime AP used to turn around to the other side, start rubbing it on our eyes! Once, I got caught doing that and had to pretend having an eye-infection 😛 Not only ws I spared, but also got to leave the class and spend my time in the library reading all my fav books 😆 Whatever it is, she ws the one who instilled in me a love for this subject which we thought ws just like a lullaby 😆

During our engineering days too, we had a lot of fun with the lecturers err I mean we did get to know a lot from the lectures 😛 Some of our lecturers treated us like friends and the way they taught us ws like discussing with peers 🙂 I used to love that n really wait for thier classes.

In the first yr, we hd the Physics HOD KLS teaching us one part of the syllabus. She ws a very intelligent lady and believe me, cud answer all the qs we used to dig up with so much hard-work from all possible books to fire @ her 😛 One funny thing ws she used ti adorn her plait with a bunch of artificial flowers! To top it, she used to change them for the afternoon sessions!

Once she ws teaching something abt sun and its positions and posed a qs something like what happens when the angle is something of that sort! One of the guys shouted from the back ‘The yellow flowers become purple’ Gosh! We all thot we were gone that day but to our surprise, KLS said ‘I like it once in a time’ Fun is indeed a part of life 😉 Baap re! Our grahas n stars were all in gud positions that day 😛

Those were indeed the golden days of life! We hd a lot of fun, at the same time getting serious enough during exams [Yuddha kaale Shastrabhyasa :roll:] N each teacher along the way made the journey totally worth it!

A note of thanks goes out in the name of all of you 🙂 Love u all dear teachers and hope to meet u all again sometime soon 🙂

I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.  ~William Shakespeare

A happy teachers day to all the teachers in and out of the blog world too 🙂 U all deserve the love and respect of each one of us 🙂

No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burden of another.  Thank you.  ~Author Unknown