It’s only here …

that I could have been blessed with a mixed bag of friends in such a short span of time, that I still pinch myself to believe you all are for real!

How else can I explain the feeling when folks I haven’t met in person, haven’t spoken to have become such an integral part of my life.

The only place where I can rant, ramble, grumble and still have no fear of acceptance!

Where I can proclaim I am weird in so many ways and still be loved!

Its an encyclopaedia where I get to learn so much and is updated everyday every fraction of a second, its one place where I have met so many like-minded people and everyone seems to pour their heart out. That’s the reason may be I feel I know people I know here more than so many friends I have met in real life. Its a puzzle, its fun, its amusing that this circle around me seems to be a part of me, all in just the 2 yrs I have been here.

I met a wonderful being in Monika here who is my first blog friend. Its going to be an year now,  her first comment was on my post abt Ganesh Puja and for a long time to come, she was the only one probably who read n commented religiously on every post that I wrote.

I chanced upon Priyanka’s blog and for a long time, with every post of mine, I used to wait for her to comment and it made my day.

I have met sweet people like  ArienMom who can host an online birthday party for me with lots of delicacies, great music and that wonderful greeting and Menaka whose special mail landed in my inbox that day when she was nursing her days old baby! Thanks dear 🙂

I can listen to soulful melodies rendered by Vimmuu,  read wonderful poems written by Vishesh, stories by Sakhi which keep me glued n guessing till the finish, see awesome pics by Amit. This is a THE place for each one of them! Its a pleasure to read Indyeah‘s profound thoughts on almost every topic! Each one of her posts strike a chord, get u thinking, warm ur heart! My fav to date has been her post on Heartprints. Happy Birthday Indy :). Muahhhs!

I get to know wonderful things like the divinity and importance of Ramayana Maasam, thanks to Solilo, and sneak a peek into the wonderful world of flora in Monika‘s and Tara‘s space.

Kanagu and Mystery‘s posts on training days and the first year in the corporate world left me wondering whether they had written about me or themselves!!! Nostalgic attack!

I can get my daily dose of humour too by reading abt OG’s search for Ms.Z :roll:, or Ashwathy’s very first marriage proposal from U.K [Do I dare say that dear ;)] and the Cross-border Terrorism posts! Awesome they are!

Smithu writes @ any excuse and Deeps writes what she perceives, I nod my head with each one of them. Feels like I have known them for so long! And yeah, Smithu bakes the best cakes and Deeps has a beautiful song for every occasion. I luv u girls ..Muahs!

Its become kinda daily routine now to exchange mails with Pixie who has a take on everything and I luv that , every hour or lesser updating what we have been upto [bad bad her gtalk is blocked :(] and chat with Shruthi who always provides meals full with love n laughter abt Movies, Masti, Music 🙂  U both know I love u, don’t u 🙂

Hitchu, my dear comment-monster partner and Crafty, who is my lovely li’l blog-sis  – Each of their posts r simply super-duper! Crafty my darling, ur Hobbes is rt with u even here 🙂 Hugs 🙂

I yearn to read Masood’s take on fatherhood and Rakesh’s posts on lovely Hayaa n Yuvaan .

I got to meet wonderful fellow city bloggers Bins and Ums and also Saritha whose heart is in Hyderabad and we chat about every gali-mohalla here 😉

I got to meet Paisa whose posts really make me don the thinking hat and Puja who is the best at saying so much in so few a words.

I love the way Ashwini’s Thoughtful Train runs and the way Meira jots down tit-bits of every day life!

I look forward to Vidya’s and Nancy‘s reflections and Ashwini’s Tandoori lounge!

I love the ride that Akshatha takes me on through the world of the apple-of-their-i Anvith and also the naughty pranks of Rock-star Emaan.

Aryan and Aryan tales are something I wait to read – thanks to Aryan’s Mom and Swati who are doing so well @ it!

Shraddha who combines her words and pics so well to put forth her thoughts and Sucharitha who gets me all nostalgic with her Past Continuous posts – nice to have found u here.

Lively, Shruthi who ask me when am gonna post next, Rohitha who drops in to let me know her new post is waiting for me,  Swathy who has taken time to catch up with my entire archive and leave comments, u all make me feel so wanted. Blogging for me is more than just writing what I feel n reading interesting stuff. Its connecting with people which matters the most! Thanks girls 🙂

Shalik is the only blogger friend whom I have met in person and it seems as though we have been family friends from long. His wife and son Chinu got along so well with us that Chinu was crying when we left. He calls us Mama-Mami and it touched me so much when Shalik asked me recently when we are going to meet them next as Chinu has been asking abt us all the time. Hugs Chinu 🙂

My sincere thanks to Jigyasa and Pratibha, authors of famous books ‘Cooking @ home with Pedatha’ and ‘Sukham Ayu’ who took some time out of their busy schedule to leave heartfelt comments here. They mean a lot to me.

On this friendship day, I really thank my stars for having got me into this blog world. Else, I would have missed meeting all you wonderful people. Thank u all for keeping me company here and being so good to me. I hope this bond between us grows stronger n stronger n *touchwood* kisi ki nazar na lage. Happy Friendship day to all of u! Kudos to mission Al-Blogfriendsa  😀. Cheers to the blogsamaj!

Happy Friendship day to all of u who have visited and left ur valuable comments on my blog – Harish,Anup, Mandira , Nimmy, Sandeep, Anish, Sharad, Vandana, April Belle, Minticetea, Gayathri Shenoy, Sunny, Dew, Prashant, Hypermom, Ekta, Shruthi, syedjunaid, Timepass, Rushabh Gandhi, Shaine Ali, Nazar, Gazal,Capt. Anup Murthy, Sangeeth,Pallu, Sayani, Ersa, Soniarai, arunraaj, agyaatdarshan, Rafiq Raja, Amardeep Sidhu, Amaresh das, Dev,Just call me ‘A’, Parul.   Hope to get to know all of u better soon 🙂

And yeah, all those people whom I know only through feedjit and those red spots on the Clustrmaps :P,  you all mean a lot to me too :). Happy Friendship Day. N pls leave me a msg. I would love to read it!

Hey wait, I hv few more chweeet friends too 🙂 My li’l cutie-pies 🙂

Ansh, Ash, O.B, Theron, Peanut, Oju, Namnam, Poohi, Hriday, Ibbu, Hayaa, Yuvaan, Varunavi, Pinkuda, Neha, Jiya, Diya, Aakash, Aditi, Anvith, Emaan, Aryan * 2 🙂  Don’t tell ur Mammas n Papas I wanna meet them just to meet u ppl okie 😉 😉

Vimmuu, I listened to ur rendering of Yaaron today and u have left me speechless. I have tears in my eyes. I dedicate this song to all my friends.

P.S: If I left out any of u, am sorry. I have really tried my best to include all.
Pls let me know in the comment section :P :P


  1. aww .. thats a delightful post! so sweet of you Swaram :)Love you too * hug *

    Just this sweet comment tells me this is nothing in front of the love I get here. {{{Hugs}}}

    truly love the way you have put your thoughts across in this lil space. I have no words to say, except Thank you 🙂

    Thanks to u too 🙂

    YOu have put in so much effort, I can see that; i think i speak for everyone when I say that this has been a lovely friendships’ day gift 🙂 thenks. thenks verrry much.

    Aww .. pleasure is mine. This is all I cud come up with after giving lot of work to my brain 😛

    may you have many more blog days 😀 and meet many many more amazing people, like us 😉 😉

    Ha ha .. nice one 8)


  2. Awwww…this is so thoughtful Swaram … truly you seem to be a very warm person 🙂

    God Bless and here’s wishing you a very very Happy Friendship day!!


  3. wow, that was an awesome tribute !! Its wonderful seeing all of them linked here, including me. Thanks a lot 😀 😀

    U deserve it 🙂

    I second your post completely. I started blogging when I began to lose my faith in friendship and today, I find some of the best human beings here; the best part is I havnt heard or seen most of you.

    Wonderful ain’t it !

    Btw, I always wanted to see your face, but that damned flying hair of yours………:D 😀 😀 😀

    U r on my Orkut friends list 😉 the damn hair is well set there 😛


  4. Hey thats a nice post. I can relate to most of the thing u said n feel similar to online friends. Though I do not have that much rich friend circle, but it’s very nice to know about so many ppl at the same place.

    Happy friendship day to every one


  5. hey happy friendship day to you too..
    thats a lovely post where you have weaved all the blogfriends into a garland that is just so sweet 🙂

    will comeback to read it again tomorrow 🙂


      1. yes here i come back. read it, loved u lil more and i am speechless 🙂

        Awww … me luvs u too n those li’l visitors of urs 😉

        such a warm gesture this post is. I am waiting for the anniversary one, now.

        😛 😛

        some ppl are jus so so sweet.. i used to say that to crafty.. and now i find one more. what do I say.. it makes me glad!!

        ahh . that kiddo is saccharine reincarnate 😉

        hugs n muah-muah on both cheeks 😛

        hee hee y do we hv only two 😦


          1. alle tara!!!!! hugs!!!

            😀 😀 😀

            swaram n tara…..bah to ppl who raise eyebrows!!!
            *crafty hugs them both and plants a sloppy and loud smacky kiss on cheeks*




            1. Ha ha Crafty .. thank u so much 🙂

              ***Swaram hugs Crafty n plants a kiss on her forehead; sorry for those tears of joy which made their way on ur face too li’l sis ***


  6. Wow!!Amazing!! what a way to say Happy Friendship’s Day!!

    U like it 😉

    Al-Blogfriendsa and blogsamaj!!! excellent…. 🙂 🙂

    ROFL 😀

    and was happily..surprised to see my name….


    I can see all the hardwork u have put to come out with such a wonderful post….

    Ah thanks 🙂 Hardwork here pays n how! get back manifold in luv – uhh! doesn’t that rhyme?


  7. Hi! Happy Friendship Day. I had forgotten all about that! It was nice to meet you on the Blogsphere. You are right, I too have made so many new friends through this medium. I have been lucky to meet a few of my Blogger friends as well. It’s great to have a World full of friends and a perfect venue to exchange notes, ideas and just simply stay in touch chit chatting. All the best for the day and rest of the week. Cheers. Anup Murthy


    1. So nice to c u after a long time Captain and I am glad or what!

      Its gr8 that u hv got to meet a few of them too! Though I still have not known much abt u, the Mysore connection fills for all of it 🙂

      Thank u so much for all the sweet wishes 🙂


  8. HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

    What a beautiful post Swaram!
    Its heart warming, cute, filled with love and its a beautiful dedication to what friendship is all about!!! 🙂 🙂

    Love ya! Muah!


      1. thanks kano…

        comment actually thumba ithu… but, suddenly you made me go speechless with such a beautiful post.

        You and Crafty both. there too, couldn’t comment much.
        overwhelmed actually.


  9. That was a wonderful wonderful post on such a special day,Swaram! Thank you,sweetheart and wish you too a very happy friendship day!

    Deepu .. this pic is awesome! They shud take u for that Santoor ad 😉

    I’ve told you this before too.I have been as fortunate and blessed to have a friend like you.

    Y do all of u make me cry 😦 Doesn’t feel like I have met u recently Deepu .. seems like frock-dost 😉

    Thank you for being my friend,Swaram.I treasure this friendship of ours.

    (((HUGS)))) *MUAH MUAH MUAH* 🙂

    Wanna meet u soon Sweety 🙂

    And this is for you and all those who believe in friendship…ENJOY 🙂

    Its a blessing Deeps 🙂 Thank u so much for being one 🙂


  10. UMMMMMMMMMMMMMAS and lots of UMMMMMMMMAS from Namnam

    *Deeps bangs her head repeatedly on floor,crestfallen at having known the ulterior motive of Swaram* 😥 😥


    1. ***Swaram brings Boroplus n applies on Deeps forehead***

      U feeling ok nw Dearie 😉 I told Namnam nt to tell u abt it 😛
      Hugs to u Sweety. Luv u too 🙂

      Me will have coffee with u n do DANGANAKKA n listen to lots of songs n then go play in the sand with Namnam okie 🙂



  11. Swaram Though this has lost its meaning to corniness but still Happy Fraandship day 🙂

    True .. just wanted to take a day put to let u all know hw special u r n this is the best day 😉 Hai na 🙂

    PS. I so want to copy this post and paste it on my blog. You’ve gone all the way to link up each and every blogger… Wow!


    You’ve made a lot of people Happy today Swaram 🙂 Cheers to that!

    this makes me happy nw .. ppl i did it for liked it :o:

    I feel like making coffee for you today 😀

    wow pls .. pretty pls .. thatz what I want 😉


  12. Happy Friendship Day – 2nd August 2009

    Happy Friendship Day – Inspiration & Wisdom

    May the Universe be Blessed with a Vision of Good Health; Happiness; Inspiration; Prosperity; Progress & Wisdom always; God Bless


    The RelationSHIP that seeks to Inspire one another meaningfully; purposefully; respectfully and responsibly


    It needs no praise; It needs no eloquent words; It needs no definition since it is the goodness of good thoughts and best wishes that are expressed from one heart to another admirably

    Heartprints – Guidance, Inspiration and Wisdom

    True friends are those that always leave the footprints of their heart with us; always seeking to guide and inspire us wisely

    Thoughtprints – Intuition

    True friends seek to inspire and guide us to acknowledge our thoughts; to listen carefully to what the thoughts are seeking to communicate – most importantly to listen to our Intuition and seek to understand that the Intuition is seeking to awaken and make us aware of our true nature; to identify and embark on the pathways that brings out the greater good in ourselves for the Universe always


    True friends represent Integrity, Honesty; Respect and Trust


    True friends might not speak to one another yet be able to communicate with one another through the silent thoughts and goodness expressed from the heart that are inherent aspects of the communication process amazingly


    True friends do not impose on others what they themselves do not wish to experience


    True friends come only once in a lifetime


    Friendship seeks to unite People all across the Universe to come together to establish a greater understanding between themselves on the basis of Mutual Appreciation; Admiration; Confidence; Cooperation; Esteem; Goodwill; Loyalty; Respect and Trust

    God Bless

    May One and All be Blessed with a Vision of Good Health; Happiness; Prosperity; Progress & Wisdom always; God Bless

    Love & Light;

    God Bless,


    ©2009 Vashi Ram Chandi


  13. 😦 what happened to my comment!!!! it disappeared.

    I wrote “What a lovely post to read as soon I woke up! (that was at 7AM) Love it .. 1. for the way u have aptly described each blog friend.. and 2. U mentioned me!!! thank u thank u!! Happy friendship day to u too 🙂 “


  14. Happy friendship day Swaram..
    i am glad you mentioned me, who has been to your blog very recently..
    i am even more happy to meet you here.. Now i can boast about telling everyone that i have a blog friend who stays in the same city as me 🙂


  15. Happy friendship day sweety 🙂

    Thanx for mentioning me and my kids dear

    Beautifully written swaram 🙂

    Hugs from varunavi and pinkuda,now seriously i wanna meet you,i want to come for a vacation 🙂

    Thanku anta (pinkuda says so)


  16. WOW ! Absolutely wonderful post !
    Iam all touched and teary eyed.

    aww dear glad u liked it 🙂 ***Swaram moves closer n asks Uma to wipe her tears on her sleeves :)***

    BTW, how long have you been preparing this, so that you dont miss out anybody ??? Thats one hell of a job, that you’ve done. Kudos to you.

    Thatz the least I cud hv done for all u wonderful ppl 🙂

    And my dear friend, A very happy friendship day to you ! May this friendship last as long as we breathe !!!!

    Oh yeah .. Cheers!


  17. A very sweet and heartwarming post Swaram.. 🙂

    this is one of the best I have read on friendship day 🙂

    its great to have a friend like you and happy friendship day to you Swaram 🙂 🙂 🙂


  18. Lovely lovely post. There can’t be any better way to put your thoughts than this that too on friendship day. You have made so many people smile today.


    I can feel how much love you have inside you for so many people. I am very touched by this beautiful post and seeing my name here has made me feel so special and fortunate to have a friend like you.

    😛 I don’t know what to say. Thanks for being one 🙂

    Wish you too a very happy friendship day and I wish your friends circle grows bigger and stronger day by day and I am sure it will.

    {{{Hugs}}} Akshatha

    Lots of hugs to you,


  19. hey,
    Thanks so much!!
    this is such a special friendship gift!!
    I am overwhelmed ..
    Happy friendship day swat!!
    and to all new friends here..


  20. Hey hey hey…

    You impress me again ! So much of hard work you have put in this post…in such a sweet way !

    A very very happy friendship day to you too !

    TC…God Bless !



  21. swaram swaram u are my sweet sis,
    and don’t stop me from saying this pliss!

    u make crafty smile away,
    i hope our jodi is here to stay!

    we must prance around at other ppl’s place,
    me disguised as doll and u with hair blowing on face!

    and madness we will together create,
    all sane people around we will vacate!

    now we put on our colour colour hear gear,
    tribal costume and matching spear,
    on friendship’s day we will hug and say,
    lets just dance this life away!!!!!

    😀 😀 😀

    lovely post swaram, all the effort u put it to make this post, and all ur words for all of us! love u so much sweetie!
    and that line “Crafty my darling, ur Hobbes is rt with u even here” really swaram, u r soooper!
    hugs n muahs! am ur lil sis for life!!!!!

    and in true tradition…..its time for…..DANGANAKKA!!!!!!


    1. Crafty u know u r my li’l darling
      When u r with me, no one can even sound me a warning 😛

      U will roll up ur sleeves n protect me,
      All those around will stand and see!

      All of it shows how much u luv me
      I thank the Lord for having been blessed with thee 🙂

      {{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}} Darling 🙂

      In trademark ishtyle DANGANAKKA!!!!!!!!


      1. ‘me disguised as doll and u with hair blowing on face’

        – U n ur imagination 😉 😉

        When we meet na Crafty, pliss to come with 2 plaits like this doll 😛

        Am so used to imagining u saying each line of ur comments that way 😉 😉


        1. swaram!!!!!!!!!

          occasionally i still do tie two ponies or plaits! really!!!!

          and when we will meet, i will come like that only! okies??? muahs!!!! 😀


  22. Aey! thanks and happy friendship day to u and remembered u today….i was away at our farm and did not have ur number to wish u.

    Wow girl .. thats y u r missing in action! Post soon pls 🙂 Wanna c OB’s pics too 😛

    I brought back 2 liters of pure unadulterated milk..u can visit me today for curds…hhee

    Aha .. shall i come to Erode then 😉

    I just wanna know how u come up with very nostalgic and thoughtful post each every time…….whenever I read ur post I feel how come I never thought of writing this coz that is exactly how I feel about the topics u chose to write….way to go…

    Friends think alike 😛

    P.S: Sent u my no 😛


  23. Aey! thanks and happy friendship day to u and remembered u today….i was away at our farm and did not have ur number to wish u. I brought back 2 liters of pure unadulterated milk..u can visit me today for curds…hhee

    I just wanna know how u come up with very nostalgic and thoughtful post every time…….whenever I read ur post I feel how come I never thought of writing this coz that is exactly how I feel about the topics u chose to write….way to go…


  24. Happy Friendship day

    seeing your interest in playing with colors on the blog, I would suggest you look in to changing your theme 🙂 I believe there are themes which can do better with colors here 🙂

    all the best !


  25. hi buddy !
    ive tagged you (again) .. hee hee.. but this one is mandatory ! check ‘Sach ka Samna’ on my blog 🙂

    happy f’ship day to u too..
    very nice post


  26. OMG-

    You have added each pearl so beautifully and lovingly adding a new dimension to your blog-diary. A wonderful post on friendship day.

    I am so happy I discovered your blog!


  27. happy belated frdship day Swaram 😛
    this post must have taken a lot of effort with all the linking up part……..
    appreciate it………. 😛

    brilliant post……….. 😛 three cheers to our blog samaj 😛


  28. I ain’t much into the friendship day stuff.

    I too believe its to be cherished daily but this was the best day I cud let u all know how special u r 🙂

    But yeah, it sure warmed my heart to see my name up there :).


    In the short duration that we’ve interacted, we’ve kinda had instant connection. May be because we were both kannadigas. But that doesn’t matter anymore now that we know we can chatter away to glory.

    Ha ha very true 🙂

    Good to know you swaram. Hope to meet up some day.


    Blog world is definitely more than what I thought when I started a blog. It’s so good, it’s almost like an illusion.

    Very true .. its like a dream sometimes!

    But one which brings happiness.

    Oh yeah .. so much of it

    Hope the weekend was good.



  29. OMG Swaram. I am touched beyond words. Thank you so much . You’ve been such a great friend.

    Just logged in n when I say Calcutta on feedjit, ws waiting for ur comment 😉 😉 Pleasure to have u girl. I feel I wud have given up blogging some time for sure if not for ur comments then!

    Happy Friendship Day to you too.


    I cannot imagine sometimes that you are for real. The way you took time to compose this post, mentioning everyone is so heart-warming.

    Hugs girl 🙂

    Kudos to you girl. I am happy that I got to know you.
    Me too 🙂


  30. I am landing on this blog late…but nevertheless, I am touched 🙂 Thanks for making my day and wish you too a very happy friendship day… Again, this blog proves that you are a heck of a crowd puller 😛


    1. Thanks Vidya n all I wanted was to let u ppl know how much u form a part n parcel of my life 🙂

      Happy Friendship day and thanks for being one 🙂


  31. WOW! Thats the best friendship day post I’ve read. You are Awesome S! And thanks for mentioning me in your friend’s list, I’m truly honoured.

    A Very Happy friendship day to you!


  32. Oh dear glad that u r here 🙂 Thanks for being there for me when I hardly had any visitors. It means a lot to me n thats the reason u r rt there at the top 🙂

    Have a gr8 trip 🙂


  33. Hi Swaram !!!!

    First of all, WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY!!! (Belated of course)..

    I am so touched. That was a heart-warming post!! 🙂 It had me smiling throughout (smiling even more widely when I saw my name).. Thanks a million.

    It made my day … 🙂


  34. wow!!! how did i miss this post… i am an idiot…

    Khabardar! U cnt call my friend that 😉 😉

    hugs loads of them

    how sweet re 🙂

    my eyes are filled with tears…

    awww 😐

    what a lovely post swaram

    thanks for being such a lovely friend

    Luv u Monu n Oju too 🙂

    hugs hugs and more hugs

    Collecting all of them .. I need them 🙂



  35. Swaram, and that is such a lovely name…musical too 🙂 thank you for the visit to a rather staid blog, mine, lol, and the kind wishes.

    This is such timely and lovely post, moving too, in the way you really make friendship day so tangible 🙂

    Happy Friendship Day to you too!


  36. hey, beautiful post. so thoughtful and nicely written paying tribute to one and all. thanks for stopping by at my post.
    n of cos, Happy friendship day to a new friend. 🙂


  37. Swaram darling … The cat dragged me in too late again!!

    Aww … glad u r here 🙂

    This was so beautiful. You have so many people in your life that I am a little envious now!! 😉


    I am glad I met you and I so happy that you consider me a friend too!

    Ofcourse dear 🙂

    I am gonna go to bed with a big goofy smile all thanks to your lovely post. Lots of hugs and keep rocking our world like you always do.

    U go overboard in praising ppl na .. khaash I cud b like u 😛

    Tomorrow morning, I am going to go through this again and check out your other buddies’ blogs.


    Cheers, Ashwini!


  38. omg!! u werent kidding, were u, when u said our thots are alike! and how!!

    😛 U thot i was 😉 😉 Planned for long n scheduled it for 00 hrs! U beat me to it though! Yay! 8)

    love post, dear! thanks a lot for the mention… and happy friendship’s day to us!! (oh, that marriage proposal reputation is going to follow me to my grave… i’m starting to get used to it by now 😛 LOL)

    Let ur Al-Shabab post be out! Am sure its gonna b gr8! It wil outshine this one then 🙂

    and i completely agree… every fraction of a second teaches something new 🙂

    I told u we think alike na 😉 gr8 minds 😛

    btw doing something i shud have done much earlier… blogrolled u 🙂

    aww thanks .. i hv done that too 🙂


  39. Swaram: This is such a lovely post. I just loved it the way you credited all your readers and followers.
    A very happy friendship day to you too
    (sorry it’s belated 😦 )


  40. what a post Swaram 🙂
    LIke Solilo says rulaoge kya?


    The effort you have taken! hats off girl!:)
    serisouly! you have taken that much of an effort to link so many friends..?

    Thatz the least i cud do for the blog samaj na 🙂 I don’t feel that am a newcomer in the samaj .. feels like home 🙂

    so many of your friends must have and still must be feeling treasured after reading this:)

    Aww dear .. Hugs 🙂

    no wonder you are a gem of a friend to have! 🙂

    🙂 🙂 U made my day 🙂

    what a beautiful tribute to blog friends and friendship 🙂
    muahhhs! 😀

    Muahhhhhhhss 😀

    yes Vimmuuu’s song is beautiful! awesome is the word for it! 🙂
    I love his rendition too:) more than the original I would say:)

    Exactly! He is simbly too gud 😛

    P.S: If I left out any of u, am sorry. I have really tried my best to include all.
    Pls let me know in the comment section

    *Indy faints*

    *Swaram sprinkles some water and helps Indy and faints herself @ having met such a warm person!*

    Are you kidding me Swaram?
    No seriously are you?

    😛 Ws nt sure if I wud hv skipped someone n they visit here; gonna look bad na 😦

    such a beautiful post on friendship will be treasured by all your friends:)))

    Luv u Indy .. u know that don’t u 😛 Add some more to it 😀

    you have brought the whole blogsamaaj here on one page in this circle of love 🙂



    I love your post 🙂 and I love your beautiful spirit 🙂
    ((hugs)) here’s to friendship and friends galore! 🙂
    May we always find them when we need them the most! 🙂


    1. Swaram? Thank you so, so much for your birthday wishes:)
      I rambled on about the friendship and didnt thank you:)
      I grinned on reading it and am touched too:) that you remember and like that post:)


  41. This is such a wonderful wonderful post . Oh you are simply awesome 🙂
    n yes, drat that I dint visit earlier. (I so lost the chance of being first .hmph!)

    Bestest happy friendship day to you too 🙂


  42. Swaram! That was such a sweet sweet post! Brought tears to my eyes – you have so pain stakingly written about everyone! Wow!!!!

    God bless all 🙂

    You are such a sweet heart!!!! Hugs, hugs and more hugs!!!!! Every word you have said about blog friends are so true!

    How sweet of u Smithu 🙂
    ***Swaram is sure Smithu will bake a cake for her n let her do paint the couch with Poohi 😛 Hair spray hai na 😉 ***

    And you are the sweetest of the lot!!! Am so happy to know you! Swaram – though it has been a very short time, since I ‘met’ you – I really feel like I’ve known you forever 🙂 Hugs!!!!!!!

    Hugs n muahhs 🙂

    And so sorry that I am this late!!!!

    Damn ur Internet 😛 Its okay re .. glad that u read both the posts 🙂


  43. awwww….thanks, that is so sweet. Happy belated friendship day:) Like the way your blog is getting so colorful and expressive! You must be a lively person!


  44. Awww Swaram…hugs, hugs and more hugs!
    You have no idea just how much this means to me…my heart glowed when I saw my name…

    U r too sweet to nt be mentioned girl 🙂

    We’re very close to our fellow bloggers even if we haven’t met each other. That’s how I feel-i have never met you (hopefully in the future) but yet, i feel like we’ve been friends for years:)

    Yeah .. strange but true 🙂

    It all started with one comment here and there and next thing you know, friendship bloomed. I am going to write a post about this soon.

    Wow! Waiting to read that 🙂

    Theron is rather cranky and fussy these days…he demands to be constantly held.

    oh 😦 cutie-pie is growing up 🙂 Time flies n hw!!

    But when he’s happy, he is really very happy so i guess i shouldn’t complain. He’s trying to laugh now but it sounds as if he’s choking. It’s just too cute!

    how sweet 🙂

    I gotta go now, thanks once again!
    May God bless you.

    Take care n God bless 🙂
    Luv to all of u 🙂


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