that I could have been blessed with a mixed bag of friends in such a short span of time, that I still pinch myself to believe you all are for real!

How else can I explain the feeling when folks I haven’t met in person, haven’t spoken to have become such an integral part of my life.

The only place where I can rant, ramble, grumble and still have no fear of acceptance!

Where I can proclaim I am weird in so many ways and still be loved!

Its an encyclopaedia where I get to learn so much and is updated everyday every fraction of a second, its one place where I have met so many like-minded people and everyone seems to pour their heart out. That’s the reason may be I feel I know people I know here more than so many friends I have met in real life. Its a puzzle, its fun, its amusing that this circle around me seems to be a part of me, all in just the 2 yrs I have been here.

I met a wonderful being in Monika here who is my first blog friend. Its going to be an year now,  her first comment was on my post abt Ganesh Puja and for a long time to come, she was the only one probably who read n commented religiously on every post that I wrote.

I chanced upon Priyanka’s blog and for a long time, with every post of mine, I used to wait for her to comment and it made my day.

I have met sweet people like  ArienMom who can host an online birthday party for me with lots of delicacies, great music and that wonderful greeting and Menaka whose special mail landed in my inbox that day when she was nursing her days old baby! Thanks dear 🙂

I can listen to soulful melodies rendered by Vimmuu,  read wonderful poems written by Vishesh, stories by Sakhi which keep me glued n guessing till the finish, see awesome pics by Amit. This is a THE place for each one of them! Its a pleasure to read Indyeah‘s profound thoughts on almost every topic! Each one of her posts strike a chord, get u thinking, warm ur heart! My fav to date has been her post on Heartprints. Happy Birthday Indy :). Muahhhs!

I get to know wonderful things like the divinity and importance of Ramayana Maasam, thanks to Solilo, and sneak a peek into the wonderful world of flora in Monika‘s and Tara‘s space.

Kanagu and Mystery‘s posts on training days and the first year in the corporate world left me wondering whether they had written about me or themselves!!! Nostalgic attack!

I can get my daily dose of humour too by reading abt OG’s search for Ms.Z :roll:, or Ashwathy’s very first marriage proposal from U.K [Do I dare say that dear ;)] and the Cross-border Terrorism posts! Awesome they are!

Smithu writes @ any excuse and Deeps writes what she perceives, I nod my head with each one of them. Feels like I have known them for so long! And yeah, Smithu bakes the best cakes and Deeps has a beautiful song for every occasion. I luv u girls ..Muahs!

Its become kinda daily routine now to exchange mails with Pixie who has a take on everything and I luv that , every hour or lesser updating what we have been upto [bad bad her gtalk is blocked :(] and chat with Shruthi who always provides meals full with love n laughter abt Movies, Masti, Music 🙂  U both know I love u, don’t u 🙂

Hitchu, my dear comment-monster partner and Crafty, who is my lovely li’l blog-sis  – Each of their posts r simply super-duper! Crafty my darling, ur Hobbes is rt with u even here 🙂 Hugs 🙂

I yearn to read Masood’s take on fatherhood and Rakesh’s posts on lovely Hayaa n Yuvaan .

I got to meet wonderful fellow city bloggers Bins and Ums and also Saritha whose heart is in Hyderabad and we chat about every gali-mohalla here 😉

I got to meet Paisa whose posts really make me don the thinking hat and Puja who is the best at saying so much in so few a words.

I love the way Ashwini’s Thoughtful Train runs and the way Meira jots down tit-bits of every day life!

I look forward to Vidya’s and Nancy‘s reflections and Ashwini’s Tandoori lounge!

I love the ride that Akshatha takes me on through the world of the apple-of-their-i Anvith and also the naughty pranks of Rock-star Emaan.

Aryan and Aryan tales are something I wait to read – thanks to Aryan’s Mom and Swati who are doing so well @ it!

Shraddha who combines her words and pics so well to put forth her thoughts and Sucharitha who gets me all nostalgic with her Past Continuous posts – nice to have found u here.

Lively, Shruthi who ask me when am gonna post next, Rohitha who drops in to let me know her new post is waiting for me,  Swathy who has taken time to catch up with my entire archive and leave comments, u all make me feel so wanted. Blogging for me is more than just writing what I feel n reading interesting stuff. Its connecting with people which matters the most! Thanks girls 🙂

Shalik is the only blogger friend whom I have met in person and it seems as though we have been family friends from long. His wife and son Chinu got along so well with us that Chinu was crying when we left. He calls us Mama-Mami and it touched me so much when Shalik asked me recently when we are going to meet them next as Chinu has been asking abt us all the time. Hugs Chinu 🙂

My sincere thanks to Jigyasa and Pratibha, authors of famous books ‘Cooking @ home with Pedatha’ and ‘Sukham Ayu’ who took some time out of their busy schedule to leave heartfelt comments here. They mean a lot to me.

On this friendship day, I really thank my stars for having got me into this blog world. Else, I would have missed meeting all you wonderful people. Thank u all for keeping me company here and being so good to me. I hope this bond between us grows stronger n stronger n *touchwood* kisi ki nazar na lage. Happy Friendship day to all of u! Kudos to mission Al-Blogfriendsa  😀. Cheers to the blogsamaj!

Happy Friendship day to all of u who have visited and left ur valuable comments on my blog – Harish,Anup, Mandira , Nimmy, Sandeep, Anish, Sharad, Vandana, April Belle, Minticetea, Gayathri Shenoy, Sunny, Dew, Prashant, Hypermom, Ekta, Shruthi, syedjunaid, Timepass, Rushabh Gandhi, Shaine Ali, Nazar, Gazal,Capt. Anup Murthy, Sangeeth,Pallu, Sayani, Ersa, Soniarai, arunraaj, agyaatdarshan, Rafiq Raja, Amardeep Sidhu, Amaresh das, Dev,Just call me ‘A’, Parul.   Hope to get to know all of u better soon 🙂

And yeah, all those people whom I know only through feedjit and those red spots on the Clustrmaps :P,  you all mean a lot to me too :). Happy Friendship Day. N pls leave me a msg. I would love to read it!

Hey wait, I hv few more chweeet friends too 🙂 My li’l cutie-pies 🙂

Ansh, Ash, O.B, Theron, Peanut, Oju, Namnam, Poohi, Hriday, Ibbu, Hayaa, Yuvaan, Varunavi, Pinkuda, Neha, Jiya, Diya, Aakash, Aditi, Anvith, Emaan, Aryan * 2 🙂  Don’t tell ur Mammas n Papas I wanna meet them just to meet u ppl okie 😉 😉

Vimmuu, I listened to ur rendering of Yaaron today and u have left me speechless. I have tears in my eyes. I dedicate this song to all my friends.

P.S: If I left out any of u, am sorry. I have really tried my best to include all.
Pls let me know in the comment section :P :P