Hey guyz …  This week,  I have had some gnanodaya that I have an other portfolio to which I have to attend to  – @ something called workplace!

Have been juggling b/w home n work literally. So, all those thoughts in the draft folder of my brain/mind whatever will take time to be put into words.

Well, I could not wait to share a few things with u though.Also, Pixie wanted a post … here it is for u 😉

Recently, my cousin came visiting with his 2+ yrs old daughter. She is kinda hyperactive running all around and is a real chatter-box. She speaks really well and I can’t believe there’s so much clarity in her speech. There are 2 things though which really amused me that day. She says ‘revy revy good‘ or ‘revy revy bad‘ whenever she finds anything she likes/hates. She just can’t get the word ‘very’ 😛 I gave her something to eat n she said ‘revy revy yummy‘ :P. It sounds so sweet to hear that 🙂

The other one was V.P.Singh. Not sure where she heard the name though when he is nowhere in the news! She calls him V.C. Ping. And so, I think the word ‘Singh’ for her has taken the form of ‘Ping’. Ask her which is ur fav song n she goes, ‘Ping is King Ping is King‘ . I think she is going to take to chatting like duck to water 😛


When we had been on a trek recently, we met one person Mr.RS. He shared how their life changed completely after their second daughter was born with Down’s syndrome – they were shocked at first and did not know what her future is going to be like. When she came of age, schools refused to take her in. That was when they took the major decision in their life. They quit the high-paying jobs they had and started a school for such children. It helped that the mother had been a school principal before. Today, their school stands as one which has taken in so many such children and is imparting quality education to them. He is so happy that so many other parents are not going through the difficulties that they had to, to see their daughter be what she is now. The girl now is a wonderful Kathak dancer and we could see the joy in the eyes of the proud father.  The elder sister who is an architect was equally supportive to the younger one.

They also run an NGO which arranges medical camps for the needy, camps in villages to let then know the importance of sending their children to school, discourage them from the evil practices of child labour, child marriage etc…

Isn’t life all about what we make of it. If they had been cribbing about what happened to them and not taken it in their stride and moved further, life would have been different for them too! He was also saying how much he has changed from being a person who just thought about himself and his family to one who wants to see a change in the world and is working towards it. He attributes it all to his second daughter and said he has taken it as a message from the Lord that something had to be done by him instead of being selfish.

It really touched my heart. Aren’t we missing out on so many gifts from God just because they are not wrapped the way we want them to be ???