Certain is it that there is no kind of affection so purely angelic as of a father to a daughter.  In love to our wives there is desire; to our sons, ambition; but to our daughters there is something which there are no words to express.  ~Joseph Addison

It was on the last Thursday @ abt 9 p.m that Dad called me and told me he is planning to come to Hyderabad to visit us on the Saturday. He said Mom was nt able to take leave on Monday, so sis wud be joining him n they would probably land here on Saturday morning and fly back on Monday evening. I was surprised for a minute .. we do talk almost daily .. Dad calls me and says nothing much … just a courtesy call .. how r u? did u eat properly? hows work? hows Su? –  just some normal routine stuff but we do speak to each other almost daily! And even when we spoke that morning, there was no hint abt his visit! N here he was – calling me @ 9 p.m n telling me they were coming the day after. I told him that office work has been very hectic, so I may nt be able to take leave on Monday and Su was caught up with some training sessions too – just asked him if it was fine or we would postpone the program to next week – he said it was fine – the sis was coming with him n so they wud not feel alone and that we would anyways spend time with them for 2 whole days.

He had superb reasons – u had fever na, I can c u r still coughing – just wanna c u, ur new silver lamps are ready – Y don’t u keep them for Ganesh Puja .. I will get them to Hyderabad, ur sis has a comp off on Monday – she needs a change too ;). In 1/2 an hr, he called back after making all the online reservations to give the travel details.  Whether the sis needed a change, whether the silver lamps had to be part of the festivities this time itself – I am not quite sure; but, the father wanted to see his daughter – it had been 6 longgg months since we had visited Bangalore and we had not met in person after that! So, he wanted to see me and in no time decided he would come to Hyderabad.

Every single day from the past 3 yrs [almost] that I have been married and moved out, I have felt that this dad of mine has still not been able to accept it! I am still his child may be who has gone out to school/work and he makes all the routine calls to check whether I have left, reached home etc .. What a beautiful bond it is between a father and a daughter na!!! Beyond comprehension.

A father is always making his baby into a little woman.  And when she is a woman he turns her back again.  ~Enid Bagnold

So, here they are and what a time we had this weekend. Chit-chatting @ home, eating all those delicacies myself n Su like that Mom managed to prepare n pack up as soon as her dear husband decided just like that one moment that he wanted to visit his daughter, lotz n lotz of shopping for the sis n the gifts she wanted to buy for us for our anniversary, eating as though we have been starving for days – Popcorn, Kulfi, Dabeli, Gola, Chats, Buffet dinner – name it and we had it 😉

The lil sis has a list of items she gives me she loves when I prepare and I have been a good sister n prepared them all for her :P.  We also visited the newly constructed Puri Jagannath temple here, taken long walks by the beautiful Hussain Sagar, marvelling at its beauty during the day and by the evening when the entire Necklace road lights up and paints a fantastic picture!

I am also grateful to God for the wonderful bond that this FIL, BIL n SIL share amongst themselves. I just love watching them share all their childhood stories, crack PJs as though they are chaddi-dosts n have a gr8 time all day long. When dad carried bananas from Bangalore keeping in mind that Su loves that variety or when Su ironed Dad’s n Sis’s clothes when we 3 were busy chatting as the iron man expressed difficulty in giving them back in time or when the sister fought with him saying that he has to buy some gift for the anniversary or that the ice-cream treat is on her, I know they are little things, but all I can do is stand and stare and pray that it remains the same forever n ever 🙂

“A happy family is but an earlier heaven.” -John Bowring