is what someone searched to land on my blog 😛

What I was trying to find out is who on earth would want to look for something like that??  Father’s daughter as in … one who is reallllllllyyy attached to her dad n has been his heart-n-soul n is now moving away? N in that case, what is it they want to find .. like how many more people have the same feelings or something 😛 Come on guys, don ur imaginative hats n let me know what u think. Or is it some bidaai songs 😉

Also, I think I might make some bucks here by offering some consultation 😉

Recession u c …. I have already thought of opening a fast-food joint @ home, having a paying guest etc… 😉

* whatz new trend going for marriage dress

* “cut my long hair”

* wearing dupatta

* how to put moggina jade [kind of plait adorned with flowers]

Arre wah! I think me gonna be a Fashion Guru 😛

And for a variety of songs ….

tamasoma jyotirgamaya song

fun work songs

birthday song father

child song of life

And this one:

what is the mom telling priyanka in the song say na say na at the end

Someone was also looking for

compliments on saree May be a husband who wanted to say some nice words to his wife  😛

And yes,  I will put up some nice ways to wish people and copyright them ; ) So many of them were looking for the same!

fathers birthday wish for daughter

nice father to daughter birthday wish

happy birthday from father to daughter

dad daughter birday wishes

A father’s wish for a daughter’s birthday

father birthday wishes from daughter

And one eligible bachelor who really wants to put an end to the evil social practice of dowry hit my blog looking for ‘I say no to dowry‘ 😉

Another role my blog is serving is translation!

what language is ek lo ek muft in

There was a also a hit looking for ‘muft‘ onlymay be someone was looking for Buy 1 Get 4 free kinda sale 😛

Any ideas what a search for these keywords may be for 😉

And this is a very good exercise which helps you discover how innovative you are 😉  So, do it!