Don’t look arnd .. It’s Me !!!!

Now, as u all know, I have never written anything weird/other than gud abt myself here … let alone that, I keep blowing my own trumpet πŸ˜‰

But the inevitable has happened 😦

Shruthi has come with a weird tag n asked me to post 7 weird things abt myself.

*Β  I can’t sleep for a even a second without the fan running! Yes, even in an AC room, I need the fan.

We were in Dalhousie and the temp was abt 2 deg C. Can u imagine anyone who needs a fan in such conditions? No .. then u can take my name next time. I can pull over lots of rugs n quilts over myself but the rotation of the fan is something I can’t sleep without. That was the first instance Su got to know what a cartoon he is married to πŸ˜›Β  Mr.Bechara πŸ˜‰ And I was humming ‘Tujhe jeewan ki dor se baandh liya hai tere zulm o sitam sar aankhon par

The only person on earth who benefited from this was Mamma. How easy it was for her to wake me up to go to school 😦

*Β  I am obsessed with walking. I have to walk for some distance daily. Whether I goΒ  swimming, cycling, yoga, gym whatever, I have to walk a little. On a day when I can’t find time to go for a walk, IΒ  ask Su to drop me somewhere on the way to office or take an auto half-way on the way home and walk a bit πŸ˜› Only then I can literally feel being healthy πŸ˜‰

Once we had been for a fun-ride on our bike n it got punctured mid-way. Since it was far off from the city, there were hardly any shops, let alone puncture shops around. So, here we r pushing the bike n looking idhar-udhar for someone who could fix it and I was thinking ”Okie, I have had my quota of walking today ;)’.

*Β  There are a few food stuffs which I don’t eat n Mamma says I have never ever tasted them. Don’t even ask me why I dislike them. Bcoz I can’t even recollect how they taste but I don’t eat them .. simple πŸ™‚

One such thing is the Dill leaves .. Mamma tells me I hate them bcoz I used to complain that they are giving me hairs to eat when I was a kid [kudhalu paavu – that’s what i used to say – Kudhalu is hairs in Kannada and Paavu is worms/insects in baby language :P]

**Swaram shields herself using a chopping board from all those rotten andaas n tamatars :P**

* I still listen to nursery rhymes … does it count as weird πŸ˜›

I still like eating Cerelac n sometimes even have a scoop of Lactogen if I find it @ any of my cousin’s place πŸ˜‰Β  Now, all u Mamma bloggers r scared of inviting me home na πŸ˜› On the other hand, just think this way. Its so easy to serve a guest like me … no headache of preparing snacks @ all .. serve me Cerelac πŸ˜‰ Ok ok, if u insist [Athithi devo bhava n all that;)], u can serve me both.

When I first told Su how much I luv Cerelac n we headed to a store to buy one, we were scanning all the shelves – I never knew there were so many varieties :P. The fella thot we were new parents n asked us ‘How many months old :P’.Β  Just wondering what if I would have told him it was for a 23×12 months old kid ..errr girl errrrrrr whatever πŸ˜‰

And my FIL likes cerelac too .. now careful before u say eating cerelac is weird ok! Respect for elders πŸ˜› Hail the sasurji-bahu ki jodi !!!!

* I enjoy solitude as much as I enjoy company. Leave me with a book, some gud music and I can stay aaramse for any length of time.

But, just one particular time of the day which is on days I reach home in the evenings before hubby n am all alone, I feel so lonely that the first thing I do is to switch on the TV, then get fresh and head straight to the kitchen. After some time, when I am done with some ground work like switching on the oven/cooker etc .., I come back to the living room to chop veggies etc … What is playing all this time on TV is the Tata Sky Help Channel [by default ;)]. For abt 30-40 mins, Aamir Khan or Gul Panag or Asin keep me company or sometimes, its just some faltoo msgs asking u to subscribe to packages or some discount offers n so on and so forth :P.Β  I would not have heard what exactly they are saying but feel there is someone with me @ home πŸ˜‰

* Ok now, how abt this? I can’t stay without looking into comments n new blog posts. I try to get the gist atleast n get back to work and just leave a one-liner as a comment n return back @ leisure .. I do it either in the mrng or during lunch.Β  If I am very very busy, I atleast respond to the comments on my blog. Now, the weird thing is that the manager thinks am always working and is happy that I deliver in time and my blog friends think I am completely jobless ROFL πŸ˜† .Β  I have mastered the art of multitasking πŸ˜‰

Ok Shruthi … now, if it takes 7 such points to be counted as weird πŸ˜› may be I am not, bcoz I cud get only 6 πŸ˜‰ Whatz ur ruling on this πŸ˜‰

And now, I tag all those who want to compete with me and take the Mr.Weird/Ms.Weird title away from me πŸ˜›

But wait …………………. there is a condition.Β  Either choose to compete or leave a few points ok ok atleast one point for which you consider yourself weird in the comment section πŸ˜‰

And not allowed to say that you are weird bcoz u r reading my blog … ok? Mail me if u have such ideas; don’t give such valuable suggestions to others πŸ˜‰

Now, that’s called choosing between the devil and the deep blue sea!

And if anyone thinks of running away from the weird me, I have weirddddd ways of retaining friends too πŸ˜›

*** Ms.Weird just can’t wait to see what people choose …. evil laughter in the backgroundΒ  Oohhhhaaaaaaaaa Voohhhaaaaaaa*****