Nancy has tagged me to share my favourite photograph here. Being avid lovers of photography, we have loads of them. It was a difficult task indeed but this one is really close to my heart.

This was taken when we had been to Gangtok in August’06. We both love kids and the kids there were so cute that we never missed the slightest opportunity when they were willing to pose for the camera or have a few words/play with us.  We met these li’l guys on their way to school. They saw Su with the camera and I still remember how they were pulling at his tee n said ‘Photo’. They spoke another language [guess it shud be Nepali] and neither of us understood what the other said but then we had fun together and this photo warrants it.  That guileless smile – Priceless! Been 3 yrs almost but it still is my desktop pic most of the times 🙂

Picture Perfect !!


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Others willing to share pics are welcome to do the tag. Pictures do speak better than words 🙂


And now, Rohitha has tagged me to enlist 10 things which drain me out emotionally. Not that I am a perfect being, far away from it rather, but there are some basic ethics which I fail to see in people and they turn me off.

I don’t want to even mention casteism, religious disparities, gender inequality, dowry, child marriage, child labour etc .. I will not be in my senses then 😛 And so is it with everyone I think.  So, here goes my list of 10 things which tax me emotionally.

** I hate hypocrites. Period.

**People who think simplicity lies only in what they wear, what they eat etc.. and not  in their thoughts n actions .. I wonder why do they have the most complex of thoughts then?

* *Those who can’t write their names in the books of history and in turn revert to the easy route of engraving them on the historical monuments! Also, people who are not open to healthy competition and look for short-cuts like mascafying 😉 or use someone else’s hard-work to show off as theirs, is something called ‘conscience’ a part of their dictionary?

**Never to miss them who go on spitting on the roads, passing urine as though its their own bathroom, throwing garbage all around, I get so pissed off.  Why the hell do they then complain Indian roads are not like those of the other nations? Also, those who leave the wash rooms so dirty thinking that people are there to clean it anyways. They are human too and their work is not to clean ur shit 😦

**Anybody who wastes food can just not get into my gud books. There are millions of hungry people and atleast some of them close to each one of us willing to take it. I have no shame in getting anything which seems to be extra when we dine out. I have had to listen to people who have said it looks cheap but I just don’t mind.  Thanks to the hubby who instilled this habit in me; he makes sure we hand it over to any person soon after so that it does not go waste.

**Whatz with those who think they can go on n on having fun at the expense of others. Calling someone names, laughing at their physical structue  may be fun for some time but when it crosses certain limits, u just can’t know how adverse the consequences are.  I have seen people being reduced from social-butterflies to just being confined to their home or a small circle of friends and being so low on confidence, that it silently kills them.

**People who don’t understand they are not supposed to chit-chat but read in a library, that they have to listen to music and not narrate their household tales at a music concert, they have to take care when on a wildlife safari etc not to disturb the habitat of the animals, why do they ever make it to that place? Just to show someone that they are great book, music n animal lovers?

** Men who made conscious decisions [I hope so] when they married a home-maker/working woman knowing the pros/cons of each but now complain that it shud have been the other way round, were u off ur brains when u took the decision? How the hell can u ask another individual or let her down in front of others just because ur mind is playing monkey-tricks now?

**People who want to see what they wanted to be in their children .. this goes on and on and each one wants to see what he missed being as he was satisfying his parents in his own children. Aren’t they individuals too? They do have an idea and have dreamt about what they want to be. Y the pressure?

**People who interfere in others lives and have qs why they don’t have kids yet when all their cousins have or they r married for ‘n’ years[Baah!!!!], why they are not in the US, why are they in India [I don’t feel that this qs even deserves an answer], why are they not married yet etc.., don’t they know they are being really stupid? What’s with so much interest in someone’s life?

[Disclaimer: This does not relate to any of my dear friends who may ask me about my future plans out of concern or pull my legs for fun .. plz do not think so for heaven’s sake 🙂 Any resemblance or reference is purely unintentional and coincidental .I am the last person to do that . I prefer telling them rt then n there if  I feel so instead of back-biting]

Oops! That’s over 🙂  Hv any of u come this long 😉

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Thanks Nancy n Rohitha 🙂