… that I am a blogaholic !!!!

Idhar blog hai udhar blog hai ae jeena yaaron blog hai πŸ˜‰

Close to office, there’s this Mochi at the end of the road. He has some cutie-cutie miniature models of footwear [may b just thumb-size]. I saw a lady trying hard to take a gud snap of them. Was almost about to ask her whether it is to share it on her blog. Isn’t it only for our blog friends that we share even the smallest things we come across πŸ˜›

Anywhere on the way I come across a cute kid, it instantly flashes to my mind that the Mom may be a blogger and I try to map it with all those cutie-pies I have been seeing n reading about. I have almost been close to asking one lady whether she has a blog and if not, even tell her she should be starting one to share the antics of her sweet li’l kiddo πŸ˜‰

These take the cake.

A few days before, the power went off somewhere at 2:30 a.m. The husband religiously called up the elec board as always, irrespective of the same response he gets [Just like a recorded message – Wind, Rain or No Incoming]. I was half asleep/awake and was not sure if I was dreaming that he was calling or was it for real. And the blog-addict me was already composing a post in that state something like how people just wait for change but never want to take a single step towards it. How no one agreed when I wanted to go to the Elec board to talk to those concerned but none of them agreed [though this had really happened] n so on. Baaah!

Today morning, after my morning walk n half of the work done, I just saw that I had a lot of time at hand and went back to sleep for some more time. How sad that sleep just eluded me and when I really saw the time, I hoped that the clock would have stopped working at that time the previous night πŸ˜› In a hurry, I headed to the kitchen and placed the cooker for cooking the dal on the electric stove and the rice in the electric cooker. When all my work was done, I wondered why the elec cooker was taking so long today. And lo! I had just filled in the water and not added the rice at all. And guess what my immediate reaction was! I told the husband ‘How sad that I have already done the domestic disasters tag; else could have put this one too’ Here we were getting late n all ready just waiting for the rice to pack the lunch and what I first remembered was the tag !!!

What do u people say? Have u been bitten by the blog-bug too?