As much as I miss Bengaluru for its gardens and parks, so much do I love Hyderabad for its rocks. Say Hyderabad and what comes to ur mind is the historic Charminar or Golkonda fort, the dreamland Ramoji Film City or the vast Hussain Sagar and the enticing Necklace road surrounding it, all adding to the glory of the monolithic Buddha statue right in the middle of the Hussain Sagar.

What captivates me more about Hyderabad is the beautiful locales created by the presence of the rocks here which are hardly mentioned but well deserve every bit of attention that they get.

The house we stayed in before had the kitchen balcony throw its doors open into the space which overlooked the Durgam Cheruvu lake on one side and the hilly terrain all around.

View from our kitchen
The Balance!

The peacocks which came there dancing their way and the numerous colourful birds that paid us a visit were what gave me a chance to fall in love with their habitat of which the rocks formed an important part. Most of the people design their houses in such a manner that these gifts of nature are preserved and are incorporated as part of the place they live in. U can see one rock growing from the living room or another in the garden surrounded by flowering plants and so on. But, the land development projects coming up encroached a large part of the lands and we had to see the end of many such beautiful rocks. That was when we got to know about the Society to Save Rocks which is working towards saving these granite marvels for posterity. As a part of this, we have a Rock Walk on the 3rd Sunday of every month. We were finally able to make it this time after trying for a long time n failing to go owing to some other travel, guests – whatever the reasons were.

One encouraging leader, an enthusiastic group, wonderful weather ensured we had the one of the best moments of our life yesterday. About 30 of us, ranging from a 6 yr old to 50-55 yr olds, each member had a never-say-die attitude. Most of us were meeting each other for the first time but one purpose and love for nature bound us together so well that at the end of the day, we were all busy noting down each other’s details on Orkut, FB, IM and promising to stay in touch. A sojourn of 8 hrs which felt like nothing so long and at the end of it, followed by a delicious brunch with loved ones, I could not have asked for any better birthday celebrations.
Add to it the no. of missed calls and messages that had flooded the inbox by the time I could have a look at them. I almost spent more than 2 hrs calling back everyone. And then the wishes on the social networking site and on the blog. Felt like I was the luckiest girl in the world 🙂
The rocks need shelter too. Unconditional support 🙂

What a perfect balance!

Turtle Rock

Howz this?


Climbing rocks would never have been made so simpler but for our guide V, who would not let us take the alternate route, which they had chalked out for other members who may have some limiting factor physically or otherwise. But for him, so many of us would have given up at the first attempt. He was not at all bound by time and waited for all of us to get on top, guiding each one of us at every step. Once we did it successfully, there was no looking back. However difficult it was, we did not even want to think of the alternate route. Time was not at all a factor. Each time we scaled one, we were hungry for more and that is how what was supposed to be a 4 hr pgm extended to 8 hours. Finally, we made our way towards the Mushroom Rock which has been declared as a heritage rock. Gemini TV people were there to record our rock climbing adventires for one of their programs ‘City Lights’ 😛 I could not control my laughter when I was seriously trying to get my grip on the rock and the fellow was busy telling all of us what positions to take so that the view looks gud and all that 😉

The Heritage Rock – Mushroom Rock

Ailing bones and wailing joints but Rock Climbing rocks 😉