When I was a li’l girl, I loved Sarees and Dupattas. However colourful the dresses they put on me were, I was fascinated by the salwars and sarees my mom and aunts wore. The ready-made protection against sun and rain they provided and the way they swayed when there was a cool breeze made me crazy about them. I used to roam around wearing a towel on the frock or on my head as the neighbour aunty used to wear her dupatta that way. I find it funny now but that is how it was. I had even stumbled over my kid cousin brother once and was so scared where my dupatta days would end there :P. Thank God the elders somehow got over it and I didn’t have to sacrifice my love for the dupattas. When they had enough of it, my mausi finally came up with this saree and blouse customised for me πŸ˜‰ My aunt was in Bangalore then to help Mamma look after me and my kid sis and she used to religiously drape me in the saree daily as soon as she came from office even before her cup of elixir … the filter kaapi.

And then, anyone who asked me what I wanted for my bday, the response would be the same – dupatta churidhar. And I got one too!

Don’t miss the flowers in both the snaps. Saree and Chudidhar had to be accompanied by flowers for me and with the hair cut I had, this was the only way I could have them on.

And finally, they decided to fulfil my wish and draped me in a real, original, full-sized saree, grandma’s Benaras saree and also adorned my hair [the boy cut at that] with Moggina jade [Moggu means buds and jade is plait]. My aunt got it tailor-made with specifications as to length, the type of flowers required and so on. They had even taken me to a studio for the photo session. The plait weighed so heavy on my head that I was finding it difficult even to stand straight but did not stop me from keeping it on all day. I was so excited and Mom says I kept asking her if I could get to wear one daily πŸ˜‰

Another fond memory I have associated with my dupattas is that I used to tie them around a small vessel and leave it hanging down from the balcony. We had very friendly people staying in the ground floor apartment who used to fill water in the vessel and I used to then pull it up. This was my way of drawing water from the well.

As I was passing time seeing a few snaps today, my eyes fell on these and they brought back fond memories.

What about you all? What were the things u loved as a child? Isn’t it sweet to remember all those things we did then, even simple things which used to make us so happy?