Born as the first grand-child in a family of 4 aunts and my dear Mama meant I was the apple of their eye. I always heard them say they wanted their kids to become like me and each prize that I won @ school felt like an Oscar for them. Being the eldest, I also had the wonderful opportunity to see my dear sis and each of my cousins born and go thru each phase of their life. Now, when I see them all grown up, I can’t believe its the same child for which we all waited holding our hands and praying the Lord in the hospital, the first crawl, the first step all of them excited me, the joy in hearing ‘Akka’ for the first time and here they are pursuing their own interests today, all grown up, holding technical discussions with me and yet still consider me as the big sistah who has the answer to anything in the world. Its so nice to be the big sister and one of responsibility too :). This is an attempt to go thru that life with them all over again, of the sweet li’l things I remember from their childhood.

3.5 yrs after I was born was the time my li’l sister Muthu decided to come down on earth and give me company. I really thought she was a doll like the ‘Kitty’ or ‘Lucy’ I had. Cute li’l princess with large, bright eyes. As she grew, I realized what a joy she was to be with. She would laugh at the silly faces I used to make, run behind me for things I used to hold out of her reach and yeah, after some years for the fight too. Now, this sis of mine was one lazy ass during her childhood. She did not start speaking for quite some time and as I had done it too soon, obviously the elders were tensed. They prayed to God and also had taken to a temple @ Nanjangud that they would come there and perform some Puja when she spoke. When we did go there , this girl who had figured out the reason was quick to ask ‘Why have we come now them? I can talk so much now’.
I still can’t forget how we all had a blank mark as to how we could explain to her when she asked us in Sravanabelagola why Maami [baby talk for God in Kannada] was not wearing chaddi πŸ˜‰
Standing taller than me and now my companion in the IT world, I could not believe when she treated the family and also showered gifts on us when she got her first salary. I still remember how she could only pronounce her school’s name as Loose [It was St.Lourdes] and if we said the same, she used to say ‘Its Loose; not Loose’ . She also had two new languages to her credit which she called Barthamgada and Zeek. We used to have fun asking her what diff things are called in her language, remember it and ask the same one after some time and she used to have a diff word. The intel that she was rt from that time, she used to say she has more than one word for each. Its heavenly bliss to have a sis πŸ™‚

What’s the good of news if you haven’t a sister to share it? ‘

Now for the fellow who ended up biting a lizard with a few teeth he hardly had when his Dad was @ work and his Mom was busy in the kitchen thinking that the kiddo is fast asleep. The terrible time he gave us till the doctor confirmed that there was no poison and no harm to the baby was one hell of a time in our lives and when Sunny calls me today to say he won accolades at state-level quiz, some thing on TV, I pinch myself to confirm if that lil boy is really in college today. I am proud to have u as my bro dear πŸ™‚

His fascination for trains and engines gave me the task of taking him near the railway tracks every evening when I visited them during summer vacation. His childhood dream of becoming an engine driver and also mimicking the watch-repair fellas by placing the plastic cover of any medicine bottle over his eyes, the diff sounds of horn he used to make – I still remember 2 of them – he used to say an auto makes a sound as Pillolhi and a car Fleeeeeem. I can’t believe my eyes today when he fighting over cricket statistics with the hubby or calls me to ask which stream do I think is best suited for him. Time flies eh? He also returned from kindergarten one day for us to find pieces of Chapati in his socks. That was bcoz the teacher had told them they can’t go home until they empty the lunch dabba !!!! Ajju, U rock πŸ™‚

Now to the girl who at one period of time greeted any guest announcing the news that her cat was pregnant right at the door and then used to say ‘Pliss cum’. She used to go ‘Nammane bekku basari’ [Our pet cat is pregnant]. She was called Chotu Menasinakai [Chilli – spicy though small] for she was so active and we wondered where all that energy came from in that small package.
Now, when she says she will make coffee for me when I go to meet her and was adamant she has to do the make-up for my marriage, I do think if I am day-dreaming? Hey Adi, muaah!!!!!

Now for Sind, who has gone way ahead of me [Ur Mom wanted u to be like me rt]. The topper in the class, a national level shuttle player, a Bharatanatyam dancer who recently did her Rangapravesham, this girl leaves everyone spellbound. From uttering autoooooo and switchooooo melodiously [those were the first words she spoke] and answering like an elder person at home ‘Ella saukhya’ [I dont even know how to translate it; its like purest form of saying everything is fine!] when someone asked her ‘How r u’ ?, she has come a long way today.
I am proud to say that I am ur sister dear.

Pannu, who was was nicknamed ‘Mostly’ in our family as he started every sentence saying Mosly, that is a cat. Mosly, I am hungry. He is now the dutiful son of his parents. I can’t believe a boy of his age can help his Mom so much in the kitchen and is so obedient. A wonderful painter and artist and pursuing music too, I wish u come out in flying colours dear!

Now to the two chotus. San n Sanju – the pampered two what with having so many sis n bros to shower their love upon them. The boy who tried to tighten the screws of a coconut tree using a screw driver as it was shaking [meaning swaying] and the girl who loved having Milky bath [Milky bar] enjoy being the youngest of the lot.Β  These two now enter middle school. Skating, keyboard how he has mastered it all so soon and how the li’l San I know is now so well-versed in Kathak – Unbelievable!

How can I forget Su, the ones who shares his name with my hubby and how this small thing had made him happy when he came to know. All ur childhood pranks apart and ur love for Yoga and how gud u r @ it, what I adore you and even respect you as a human-being is the wonderful heart that you have. From ur childhood days, I have seen u praying to do good to one and all. The times I have stood behind the wall and heard u praying for each member of the family and that too exactly what they wanted at that point in life – am still amazed dear bro. May the Lord shower all his choicest blessings on you.

I sought my soul, but my soul I could not see. I sought my God, but my God eluded me. I sought my brother/sister and I found all three πŸ™‚

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