I read about them in the paper, on the blogs.I saw them on TV. But heights is when u meet a male chauvinist. Wait! Not even meet, he happens to be one among the few who have accompanied you on a jolly trip. How cud this happen my Lord? On a long weekend, a group of friends [3 couples] decided to go to some of the most beautiful places around. It was then that one of them suggested there’s a guy who of late has been low in spirit as some minor arguements/fights whatever u call them with his wife have sent her packing to her Mom’s place. Now, what would any humble being do in such a scenario? Be happy enough to take the person along and hope that something can work out and he can get the much deserved break. Also, call up his wife and invite her for the same trip so that things may patch up in the Haseen Wadiyan! That was the biggest mistake I think I have committed in a life-time :P.

The journey started on a gr8 note – the drive with lush green fields on both sides, some good music in the background, yummy snacks to munch on, chit-chat about anything and everything possible under the sun. I don’t know when the Chauvinist in this fellow woke up, this fellow asks me why I was in my 3/4ths though we were visiting a place which housed one of the famous temples world-over. Now, first of all, I am not answerable to anyone about what I wear, what I eat etc… And second to that, I very much know how to be and where … I love celebrating festivals, I am the front-runner when it comes to preparations, I wear a saree and manage with equal ease and so on. Cut short, I know how to be a Roman in Rome. But then, a temple 400 kms away doesn’t demand that u wear a saree from the moment u lock ur door. Also, we were supposed to go on a small trek mid-way, visit a water-fall and all this in a saree? I am nobody to say its impossible, there may be people who do it, but its just not for me. I know what’s more comfortable for such kinda things and would like to stick to them when I have an option. At first, I thought its best to ignore this person and said nothing more than I would wear what I like.

All was fine now until we reached the place in the evening. We all wanted to freshen up as soon as we got our rooms. The scenic beauty of the waterfalls, the wonderful trek had enthralled us so much that we had spent more time than expected there and could not wait to hit our rooms and get ready soon to head to the temple. Now, there was a problem. There were no rooms available anywhere. We had no intentions to stay at this place. So, we had booked rooms at all other places on our list and our plan was only to get a room for an hour or so, get ready, visit the temple and move on, which the concerned people had told us wouldn’t be difficult. Now, the present scenario was different. We had to stay back tonight and there were no rooms available. Each of us were runnning around looking for options. Hubby was trying to chalk out a plan as to what can be done, the other couple had gone elsewhere to check the status and so on. I was just working out on what can be done. Suddenly, Mr. Chauvinist says let’s visit the temple and push off. We will see what to do later. First of all, we were all waiting to get fresh after playing in the water,travelling so long and stuff. Honestly, we all wanted to change too to some traditional outfits. Even if this was not to be, how the hell could we see what later. This fellow was also saying that’s the reason he was asking all of us to be dressed appropriately LOL :))

It would be night soon and we could not even take the decision of going to the next destination as it would be kind of neither here nor there situation. We would reach there in some unearthly hour. At this, I plunged forward and said I have devised a plan. Before I could start, this fellow says ladies should not speak up; they should just listen to what men say. U won’t believe me but the expressions at each person in the group were unbelievable. Some of them were feeling sorry to say anything to him as he was already depressed, but then can a depressed man speak so much? At that moment, I was even thinking this may be the cause of his wife’s decision to stay away from him and so on. I mean how can a woman ever tolerate such a man. When she can go out and earn as much as he does, why can’t she have a say in anything? So many people were pissed off and we were feeling that the whole trip turn out to be big flop show. Hubby was even saying better look for any other place around where we can go and have some fun. Ofcourse, we had gone there for a change, for a vacation, for a break from the daily routing. Yeah, this was a change as it never never happens at home for me [Thank the Lord for that] but not what was desired. Somehow, things were sorted and we managed to get a room. Now, he said he would not like to come to the temple. Nobody was ready to convince him/ pamper him if he expected that and we all moved on and there began the fun. We had a gr8 time. Though this fellow did some hara-kiri now and then that he wanted to leave, did not want to come for the rest of the trip, everyone lent a deaf ear and he did follow us for the entire journey. I wanted to present him a ‘GET WELL SOON’card 😉

Now, why am I remembering this after so many days. Today, this fellow was sharing the news of his BIL’s marriage and he says that the BIL is lucky to get such a girl and his wife [Yeah! She is back now] has got to learn a lot from her !!!!!! Ask him why and pat comes the reply: She never asked her parents or questioned the would-be about the dowry being given, the expenses etc… Such a nice girl. OMG! Do people really learn their lessons? And how the hell can someone speak of his wife that way? Will sense prevail? God bless them or should I say set them straight 😛

Now before u all start thinking its gng to be only such serious posts from now on, I want you to meet our new neighbours. Lovely ain’t they?