…..the Squirrels

My love affair with squirrels started when we moved to a new place, sometime when I was in Class 4. The lush green gardens around the house, lotz n lotz of trees including coconut, mango, guava et al made a perfect place for them to stay n play. We were so amused seeing these li’l creatures run up n down the trees, the way the sit, the cute way in which they eat the fruits bit by bit. Me, sis and all our friends [We called ourselves the BEL Gang : Our parents worked for Bharat Electronics Limited and we coined the acronym Bold Energetic Lot] had a nice time following them and had our own games called ‘Squirrel Hunt’ and stuff like that. Heights of it was that we had even named the squirrels as Pinku, Cheeku, Billu as we felt or atleast liked to believe that we saw the same ones again and also that they recognised us :P. We used to tell each other we met Pinku on the way today etc ;). Such a crazy lot we were. We were also careful enough not to chase them as had been told by our parents that it would scare/disturn them and it is equivalent to someone coming to our own home and doing that with us.
Oh! How I really miss those days of innocence and playfulness. The stint with these cute li’l creatures came to an end when we moved from the place.

Now, after so many years, I happened to see a lot of squirrels during the morning walk and my joy knew no bounds. We tried taking pictures and what a Herculean task it was. This moment right in front of u, the next moment way up on the trees, looks as though they are omnipresent.

Ready? Get Set Go!

Now, I run down


Parle Monaco; salty-n-tasty

My Sofa

Sometimes, I love sitting on the ground too

Also on the bed of grass

So, u finally managed to get me! Clap clap πŸ™‚