Time for celebration! Yeah, this is the 50th post on my blog. I know 50 is a small number, but it is a significant one. Li’l drops of water do make the mighty ocean rt :P.

Through each one of these posts, I have had the opportunity to reflect back on my own life, remember my childhood friends, recollect the many ‘firsts’, the lovely surprises My Man has showered upon me, the great family moments cherished with Mom, Dad n Sis, situations where complete strangers from whom I learnt a few lessons in life and many more. A day in life when I may be feeling low, I will return to read and relish these posts and realize how much happiness life has bestowed upon me.

And yeah, my sweet blogger friends who have been with me all along the way. Each one of your comments, may be just a smiley, conveys so much. And for the lurkers, you form an important part of my blog-life too :). But for u, the ClustrMaps would never be clustered. If some day, u really decide to delurk n just say a ‘Hi’, I would consider myself very fortunate. Better late than never.

All my blogger friends form an integral part of my life and if I dont find an update from them on their blog or a comment for long, I keep guessing reasons that they may be busy with their kiddo, busy @ work and so on. That is the bond! Who says we need to see people, meet them physically to be friends? The sapling of friendship is watered by sharing feelings, giving advice, showing we care and are there for each other, feeling free to express their own views and so on.
This blog has now become an inseperable part of my life and every vacation I take, every nice thing I get to see/feel, every ripple created in my mind, one of the immediate thoughts which crosses me is to share it with you all.

I thank each and everyone of you and this li’l flower is a mark of friendship I pass on to all you readers and believe me, this blog wouldn’t have been existent today but for you πŸ™‚

Another of my morning walk companions this one is πŸ™‚

Well, its such a sweet coincidence that Swati has passed on 2 awards, my first since I started blogging. Thank u so much girl. U made my day! I hope I live upto them πŸ™‚

I pass it on to :

Monika, who was the first regular and faithful visitor to my space and helped me keep up my spirits. Thanks dear πŸ™‚
Priyanka whose straight from the heart posts n comments I long to read.
Puja who conveys so much in so few a words[I envy u girl :P]
My fellow city blogger Butterfly
Shruthi who can make a post out of any damn thing

And thank you Swati for being a wonderful down-to-earth person and for the beautiful insight into the cutie-pie Aryan’s life you present us with :). This is specially for u !