Tagged by Puja to write about the domestic disasters I have committed or rather I commit on a regular basis πŸ˜›

I for one, always have a cut on atleast one [get that? its atleast one] of my fingers. Well, I am giving it out here; my family has nicknamed me as ‘Vadda Bhairu’. ‘Vadda’ means rough and Bhairu as in Kala, Bhairava – all those demonish creatures/robbers in the old movies – kind of to make it sound rough. Whosoever has the credit to his name of writing the traits of a Geminian, maine uska naam roshan kar diya hai πŸ™‚ I always have more than one thing on my mind; here I am cutting the veggies, there I run to switch on the washing machine, then I turn to tune into World Space and in all this hurry, a cut on the finger is not much rt? When I was newly married, I remember how the new house members used to run behind me with Savlon/Cotton/Turmeric n stuff. Used to it that I was, I tried hard to control my laughter; impression jamane ka tha na [Nayi naveli dulhan jo tehari] Now that the better half is used to it, he is surprised on the days I don’t have one. Oh, but don’t read it the other way round. I am a good cook [or so I would like to believe] and each one of the recipes I post on my other blog are definitely tried-n-tested by Yours Truly itself on the ever-ready specimen [as though he has other options :P]

All that glitters is gold; and my golden assets glitter everywhere. Take out the earrings, put them in an artistic glass bowl, stir in some soap-nut powder and then I would never know where it went. Mamma used to pick them up, clean them and place them back in the safe. She would then casually come n ask me why I was not wearing my earrings or stuff and it was then that I realized what I have done. Sometimes, when I wouldn’t find them, I was sure Mamma or Papa had picked them up and kept them safe πŸ˜› Heights was when I was cleaning my ear studs once and the screw fell into the sink drain-hole and off it went. The plumber was called immediately and poor fella searched putting his hand inside all the drains the sink led to along the way but to no avail :(. Even now, the screws of one of my ear-studs are missing. Mom, pls don’t read this πŸ˜‰

By now, u know I am all set to be crowned the Queen of Disasters.

Let me tell u of my experiments in the kitchen. I loved cooking from when I was really young; somehow, those recipe shows, the different cutlery sets which adorned the kitchen fascinated me a lot. I used to try simple recipes on Saturday when we reached home before Mom/Dad and loved surprising them. Being her lovely grand-daughter, my grandma could never say No and kept vigil over the kitchen and help me with the gas/knife etc.. Me n sis used to mix milk, sugar, elaichi and dry fruits, freeze the mixture and serve it as Vanilla Ice-cream. Add strawberries to the same and it became strawberry ice-cream. One day, I told Mom I wanted to learn to make Sambhar [the almost everyday constituent of our food, containing dal n veggies primarily and lot of spices] I decided upon ladies finger as we just loved it. Now, Mamma gave me the instructions: Fry the veg, then add the turmeric paste and simmer it, add the sambhar powder and finally the dal and the tempering. It started off well and I was happily frying the ladies-finger, humming to myself, imagining the tears of joy in my grandma’s eyes, the smile on my Papa’s face, Mamma’s look of pride and meanwhile followed Mamma’s instructions. I had a large vessel of Sambhar cooking when Mamma entered and was happy all was ready, only to realize that I had not added the main ingredient Dal and had already added ingredients enough for a largeeeeee family. All the rectification was left to Mamma and the result was Mamma distributing Sambhar to the neighbours with a proud look on her face saying her daughter had done it the first time LOL :)) Mothers are the Lord’s best creation.

The recent disaster I can remember is when I boiled tomatoes, peeled n deseeded them and had left them to cool to grind them in the mixer. Again the Gemini came back after doing few other things and in all haste, turned on the mixer. Its obvious what happened next. In place of the tomato puree, what I had was a free tomato facial [Now I know why my skin is glowing nowadays] and free art work on the kitchen tiles; I had one helluva of a time cleaning them.

Oops! Let me stop at this. I doubt anyone has come down this further; and if U have, am not sure if U will make the mistake of visiting this blog again. But, ‘Maine jo bhi kahan, such kahan’ and ‘Honesty is the best policy’ right πŸ˜‰

Thanks for the tag Puja. Was fun doing it.

And now, to let out the secrets of the others, I tag Monika, Priyanka, Butterfly , Shruthi and Ashwini. Would love reading your versions galz πŸ™‚