… are we paying taxes?
….are the people who are responsible to provide us with basic amenities like drinking water, power etc.. failing miserably?

Where is the change we have been voting for?

We Voted for Victory of Virtues over Vices; but are there really any?

My heart aches and tears roll down incessantly to see people dying by consumption of contaminated water 😦


What’s more ridiculous is that the officials know about the problem for years now.

After bearing the brunt of the power woes in the scorching summer i.e after suffering alternate hour power cuts the entire day the day before and then the unscheduled ones which they say may continue for another week, this was what we got to hear. Unfortunate 😦

They don’t fail to take our taxes on time. Is this the quality of life we deserve for working hard and paying taxes religiously? Is this what our children have to see and learn about India?
Is India really going to shine?