Yesterday, Su called and told me we would dine out at Pizza Corner. I reached the place before him and so, instead of just warming the benches, decided to take a stroll; cutting down some calories before taking in more :P. The sight of Almond House tempted me to get in and pack some sweets as Su just loves them. Just as I was about to enter the door, something fell into my left eye and aggravated the already existing eye infection that I had. I just closed my eyes for sometime and then headed inside without giving much thought to the same. I started selecting the stuff and getting them packed. I turn around to see the stuff on the other side when a man said ‘Hey, what’s wrong with ur eyes? ‘. Before I could say anything, he opened my eyes wide and blew some air. I excused myself and said that I felt something fell into my eyes and I would be fine in some time. He was not convinced and asked me to rush and wash my eyes first. On enquiring for a rest room, the cashier told me the way but this man would not allow any delay and asked me to use the place nearby where they had the drinking water arrangement. Though I was completely against using that place, the way he took things in his hands, made me feel he is the authority figure there and proceeded to do as he asked me to The man asked for some tissue papers. I thanked him and said I had a hankey which I would use. After wiping off my face, I open my eyes to see that this man is cleaning the sink with the tissue papers. I asked him to please handover the tissues to me. What was happening was beyond comprehension. The cashier, who was fuming until now, had his heart melted by this gentleman’s action and came running telling him that he would get the place cleaned. Honestly speaking, in the present scenario, where we find so many stupendous acts of crime making it to the news headlines almost everyday, the word ‘trust’ seems to be a forgotten word which exists only in the dictionary. I was wondering why this man was helping me so much! I see people who think 100 times to help their kith and kin and doing so much to a stranger was something which was hard to believe. It may be a small gesture of kindness but it really struck a chord.

It so happens that whenever I find an auto driver who is very soft, who agrees without uttering a word when I tell him that his meter is wrong or when he tells me that his meter is not working and I can give him what the price is when we usually travel, I already start feeling ‘Dal mein kuch kaala hai’, given my past trystΒ with autos here πŸ˜› Its a sad situation I know but I cant help but feel that way. It kinda comes naturally from the inside 😦Whenever I find meet any such person who displays even a small act which shows that humanity thrives, I make it a point to thank him and say a silent prayer to the Lord for having shown me that virtues still exist and to shower his choicest blessings on the person.Melting Moments they sure are!P.S: Given my craving for ice-creams, the ice-cream chain ‘Melting Moments’ is what comes to my mind in such situations . The post is done but the title makes me want to head to Melting Moments right now 😦 but since am labouring on labourer’s day, there’s no chance till I pack up for the day. Anyone game for an ice-cream?