…… is the qs most people shoot (inc. me :P) when they ping u/call u after long time and I say ‘as usual, going on, great, rocking’ whatever, depending on my mood! Not posted for a while and what I have done all this while is Shopping Shopping Shopping!!!!!!!
Summer Sale at all the outlets is doing us good [and enough harm too; dread checking the account balance ;)] Sun glasses mela, ‘Tunics trend’, ‘Cool Tees Fest’ are taking us all around the city, thanks to the extremely hot weather and the power cuts in addition to that. Anyways, that’s given me enough reason to hit the malls, iff a reason is really necessary. Well, had another reason too. Finally, after wanting to head to a wildlife destination for a long long time and given that summer is the season for some serious mammal spotting, tickets are now booked and we are all set to visit Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve and if all goes well [With both of us in IT, we can never predict the bugs, the clients etc…], should be there on 8th of May.
All I hope is that the Sun god showers some mercy on us as the mercury levels are already soaring high. But, that’s life isn’t it; bargain?
Also, am very excited that this is the first time we will be meeting a blogger friend Shalik. Shalik has been so kind to make all arrangements for us and also has made himself free the entire time to take us around the reserve and help us with the tiger spotting. Shalik seems to be endorsing the Vodafone tagline ‘Happy to Help‘. Wow, how much the blogger world has done to me :). It has given me some great friends whom I feel I have known for ages now. It shows how you really don’t need to meet anybody in person to connect with them. Yeah! This marks the beginning of meeting my blog friends and am hoping it just goes on a spree from here and will be never ending.
So, different lenses for the SLR, sunglasses, hats, lots of summer clothing all in the name of Tadoba have gone into the backpack and yeah, we bought a new portable Bose Docking Station too. All I am going to do during the vacation is enjoy the flora and the fauna, listen to some great soothing and feet-tapping music, have a great time with hubby. Ah, bliss!