The journey to office @ Bangalore gave me a new friend along the route. We became so close that we made it a point to catch the same bus as much as possible and the long route of 17kms seemed nothing at all. We got into each other’s IM, phone book Any day which had one of us missing would definitely result in a phone call to make sure all is well on either side. I got married, moved places; she followed suit. So, the conversations were more often than not restricted to IM. I could not attend her wedding too due to mid-week, outstation, leave and the usual blah blah. When I caught her on chat after a long time, she happily revealed that she was going to be a Mom soon and I was so elated to hear this news. Well, may be she did get busy after that with all the house chores, looking after self and all. After a long long time, I found her online yesterday and pinged her. We had just exchanged ‘Hi’ when the stupid connection terminated and I just left a message ‘How are you doing New Mom?’ I thought an answer to this question would be all the things about the baby also followed by a few snaps. Little did I know then that I would find a mail in my inbox
which just asked me how was I, my work and said that she had lost her baby during delivery. I just did not know what to reply. I did not want to ask her anything more and did not know what to respond to the mail. Just said God bless you with another li’l one soon. I felt so bad as to why did I ever leave that question there, may be it was some time and she was trying to come to terms with it gradually; but who can ever expect such a thing in the wildest of their dreams.

Please, please pray for her guys. I hope the li’l one is back soon.

P.S: Had forgotten to update this page. She is a happy mommy now 🙂