Today is Ramanavami [the day Lord Rama was born] and it rains musical celebrations in Bangalore to mark the same. April is the most melodious month there what with stalwarts like K.J.Yesudas, Bombay Jayashri and others performing. I really miss those celebrations and was looking for something similar in Hyderabad when I hit upon a jackpot. None other than Shankar Mahadevan would be performing at the Times Hyderabad Fest tomorrow evening. Immediately called the contact mentioned (turned out to be Times of India) and they told me that the passes would be issued till 5:30p.m today but they were just not sure the remaining passes would last that long. I rushed immediately to get them; just could not give it a miss. Was lucky enough that I got 2 of the almost ending lot. All in 17 mins! Yes, I kept track of the time.

Yahoo! So tomorrow evening, we are going to Rock On and Jhoom Barabar Jhoom with Shankar Mahadevan 🙂

BTW, am also hoping to be second time lucky to get passes for Hariharan’s Evening the day after; no luck yet though 😦 Is it bad to be greedy at times?