…… was Point No.3 on the agenda for the Weekly Meeting. Having waited long enough for the hike letters, the longgggggg pending incentives and talks about more pink slips still doing the rounds in the market, we were all eager for the status meeting like never before. Most of us were optimistic though that it was something to do with finances as any negative ones would not have been announced this way; that’s what we liked to believe atleast. Cash on my mind; making money all the time 😉

1.5 hrs of timelines, milestones, new sign-ups and take overs all discussed and then ‘THE MOMENT’ ; all hearts beating hard, all minds busy calculating what all they could buy, what loans could be repaid etc… only to hear that the ‘Project Manager has resigned.’ Sapnay choor choor ho gaye 😦

Anyways, will miss working with such a nice and friendly person. Good luck buddy for your journey ahead and may you be successful in all walks of life.