We had been to Bengaluru the past weekend [just the Sat and Sun], primarily to catch up with one of hubby’s close friends S[now mine too] who had come down from Australia and is supposed to fly back tomorrow. We wanted to catch up with him since it was almost 2 yrs since we last met. It was a last minute decision and off we went. And what a joyous weekend it was.
We had actually planned to go to Coorg for a 2 day trip along with S and his better half and another couple. But since I could not afford to get a leave on Monday, it stood cancelled. Reached there on Saturday morning. Caught up with the parents. Mommy went overboard in feeding me all she could in just the 2 days available. Went for some shopping in the evening as Mom n Sis wanted to buy dresses for Su and myself for the upcoming Ugadi festival.
I still cant believe that the kid sister of mine is earning already and buying me dresses. Still feels like she is my little sister going to school in that cute li’l pinafore having the so-called Rasna cut.
Had some yummy Masala Dosa and did some household shopping [I am still comfortable buying few stuff @ Bangalore as I know exactly where to get the perfect ones]. Also got some Avarekai[flat beans]. This is one seasonal vegetable, during the availability of which, in most homes, we don’t find any dish being cooked without atleast a handful of this. Its hardly available in Hyderabad and as far as I remember I only found it once in the 2 yrs I have been here and even that shop doesn’t get in anymore as they say it doesn’t sell. Saturday was gone in a jiffy. Come Sunday morning, caught up with friends, went to Mausi’s house for lunch; again was sumptuously fed with all possible delicacies. In the evening, we caught with one of Su’s Chacha, who had come down to India from Washington but somehow we were not able to catch up with him anywhere. Usually, he comes to Hyderabad or we visit him in Chennai/Delhi wherever he has some free time. Thankfully, his visit to Bangalore this time coincided with ours and we were able to spend some quality time with him too. He is very close to the two of us [rather the closest to me in hubby’s family :P] and is a very dear friend in whom we confide everything.
Two days just flew away and it was already time for us to head back. All in all, a well spent weekend.
No getaways, no big dinner get-to’s, not on a shopping spree; all it matters is the company of ones you love.

I remembering learning a nursery rhyme which goes as “When you are happy and you know, and u really want to show, clap your hands” and so on.

When I am happy and I know and I really want to show, I blog.