Yeah! It has happened again. Su was knocked down by a stupid, bas**** of a driver who put the left indicator while wanting to turn right. Why the hell can’t u get ur basics rt before coming on to the road? Who r u to hurt lives so precious when you haven’t done anything worthwhile for them? Anyway, all’s well that ends well; not major they are … abrasions as the docs say. Thank God.

But I cant c u like this dear, with those scratches and bloody stains all over your hands which are to give me a bear hug, those feet which are to tread the path of life alongside me and those wonderful shoulders for me to lie upon and feel the entire world is on my side. Why u, of all, who doesn’t wish anything bad even in thy dreamz and for the worst of your enemies (doubt if u really have one though). To hell with that driver. He is a rascal,idiot,loafer and all the bad words in the world go out to him though I hate using them.

Stupid fella! Doesn’t even express his pain for the reason that I will be tensed and I may feel bad.Please get well soon dear.

Lotsa love to say “GET WELL SOON