So, the rule is to answer all the questions below with the staring letter of one’s own name and all real; not made-up.

Here goes….

1. What is your name: Swaram
2. A four Letter Word: Sack (effect of recession?)
3. A boy’s Name: Saksham
4. A girl’s Name: Sneha
5. An occupation: Snake-Charmer
6. A color: Skyblue (Wow!I love it)
7. Something you wear: Saree

8. A food: Sandwich

9. Something found in the bathroom: Shampoo
10. A place: Shimla (I love playing in the Snow .. oh ‘S‘ again)

11. A reason for being late: zzzzzzz SLEEP [Sound sleep … Sound Reason ;)]
12. Something you shout: Suuuuuuuuuuuu (Hubby ofcourse)
13. A movie title: Sound of Music
14. Something you drink: Strawberry milkshake
15. A musical group: Silk Route
16. An animal: Snake (Am not a Naginn; snake, snake charmer and things … that was what struck me .. main kya karoo)
17. A street name: Srinagar, Bangalore

BTW, I love the alphabet S – Sweet,spicy,strong,self-confident,sensible and so on.(I know there are selfish and the like too; am selfish enuf to mention the gud ones )

Anyway, only word I am able to think of at this moment is Sleep …

Oye,its still Friday ! Back to Work 😦