It brings tears to my eyes to even think that my country is ruled by people who just point fingers at each other and only look for how they can let each other down and not how they can get the Motherland out of the burning scenario. Unfortunate!!!!
People reduced to ashes, children made orphans, the missing loved ones and all they know is to find when did it happen the last time and which party was ruling then? Here there are girls who need to be protected and what they just know is to get political links? Cant u people who are supposed to look after the entire nation think beyond defaming each other? Oh Lord, what are we heading towards?
A child feels so secure in its Mother’s arms as it knows no harm can befall. A wife and husband feel oh so warm in each others company knowing they are there to protect each other. Who the hell will save our beautiful India? Whose hands shall we feel secured in? – The people who only bother about the number of votes they can get next time.

How true is that we need to weed out our nation first? How true is it that we need to be the change we wish to see.

An Obama rises and the entire US sees a new beginning; a ray of hope on the horizon. Will we ever get such a chance?

I read about the “Say No to Criminals campaign” here and would like to do my bit.

We want an “INDIA SHINING” in the true sense.