Start with a fever – Then I slip and fall and my head bangs into the weird dining table (What if I said it was lovely before; now it is weird and only that) – Jump on to the cot with sleepy eyes; and my chin lands with a thud on hubby’s knee, I bite myself and gosh! it pains like hell – Diagnosed with dry eyes (Leave the comp for sometime they say, how do I leave my first love: Work, blog, get recipes et al… ) – I hurt my arm at the gym and it swells; Me thinks how come it is growing in size instead of reducing πŸ˜› – Hubby meets with an accident and fractures his left hand (I think it was competing with the right hand which had the honour just over an year before) – He gets fever, I give him company, he gets well, but I get back to Square One.
So, here I am, suffering from fever again,body ache,eye infection and what not? I, for one, was a bull dozer, people around me got fever, passed it on, get-pass, get-pass and I used to just stay safe. Is it all coming as a principal now instead of in instalments?
Whats with the two of us? Not one weekend when we dont go out roaming, shopping, driving and heres the long weekend gone by – doing nothing – absolutely nothing. Good that it coincided with the Australian Open atleast!
God bless me – I cant sleep, cant stay confined to the couch this way. I need to rush out and see the world – Oh! How much it would have changed in 3 dayssssss πŸ˜›
JINXED – R WE πŸ˜‰ Get us out of this bloody hell pleaseeeeeeee……………..