Hubby dear left to hometown the day before owing to his annual shut down leave and well u r really lucky hubby, ur head is intact as the lone head-eater is left behind here [Can u hear me crying … bad bad office ……..].
People celebrating X’mas and New Year and am here, supposed to celebrate[?] a critical release.

Well, long story cut short, Su has been to Bangalore; How I remember the last time around when he had his annual shutdown leave and we were rafting, skiing in the Snow Kingdom; and this time it all boiled down to sitting in office and keying in [or am I hitting the keyboard? What else shall I vent my anger upon?]. Well, Goa, Rajasthan, Kerala all plans gone chaupat and Hyderabad is all in my fate this December. Well, never mind πŸ˜› I will make up for it very soon [R u listening Su?????]. I hope u remember ur promise that u will be taking me out for longgggggggg drives once u r back here.

Well what have I been doing ?

Day 1: Roaming, roaming, roaming. The Society expo @ Hyderabad International Convention Centre, a world class, state-of-the-art venue – the first of its kind in South Asia (how does it matter as long as I can do my pick of all activites; roam, shop; oh yeah, not a very small area, so some calories burnt too :P). Bought a few stuff – a hand bag from Philippines, a few bracelets etc…. Then headed straight to the All India Crafts Mela @ Shilparamam: shop, eat, celebrate :).

A dose of entertainment

Dhol bhajne laga

Feasted on Pav bhaji, Bhel Puri, Kulfi wowwwwwwwww…..(I did hv only 2 Phulkas today to make up for it).

Then some shopping here too. Well, I did buy only a few accessories, a wallet owing to the already full wardrobes @ home (Am a gud girl rt :P), but there were lot of options to choose from.

Art n Craft: Who doesn’t love them?

The icing on the cake; I strolled along the beautiful, well-lit Necklace road, the cool breeze passing by, the wonderful sight of the Standing Buddha adorned with all the colourful lights, oh what fun; what I only missed was ur presence Su which would have made it all the more romantic :P.

I did miss u Su; if u r thinking is this my way of missing u πŸ˜‰ this was only to, u know, hmmm, I mean way of diversion :P.

First time in 2+ yrs of married life that u have been somewhere alone for so long (Only 2 days yet and am already feeling so long? How r the rest of the days going to go?) Well, hubby did say when I called him not to be a sage now that I have already roamed around … ha ha ha.

I think my job is one of the best things that has happened to me in life ……… hands full with work means I have no time to see the time πŸ˜› and keep thinking how many more days to go :P.

Dear Manager, pls pls grant me atleast a day off on Friday so that I can fly to Bangalore, meet Papa, Mamma, Sis, wish them a Great and Prosperous 2009 personally and escort Su back here. Or, do u want me to really make the code buggy, buggy, buggy: Choice is urs.

Sis has been really excited abt her new job and says she will pay for my air tickets, to-fro taxi charges and all that; she just wants me there in Bangalore; thanks so much dear, thats really sweet of u and I dont like refusing lest it might make u sad :P.

Well, keeping my fingers crossed; Still not sure where I will be by this weekend.

Hope to catch u all there. Njoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!