The past month has been really trying and probably one of the hardest ones I have had to face; more on an emotional front.

Pink is beautiful; I love the pink roses; the baby pink dress on a cutie pie; the glory of the pink roses; but not the pink slip.
A return from the Diwali holidays back to office welcomed us all with a heartbreaking news: There will be layoffs; we got the news @ noon around lunch time and were asked to wait till the lists were out that day. Its so difficult to sit glued to your desk when u dont know how long its really gng to be urs. It may not be anymore an hr after. Meetings after meetings between the managers and the top management, the silence on the part of the manager whenever he came out in between; asking us to wait for an hr more, an hour which could be really trying on u; people around thinking how could they pay their monthly EMI, the home loan, the car loan, who ever dreamt there could be such shocking times ahead? People around telling me its still ok for u; ur hubby works; what abt us single earneres? But then, my job is not only for the money it gives me; I love my job; the professional in me is as important or may be less, but an important one for sure as is the daughter, the wife, the homemaker… Anyways,the lists were out; Colleagues, teammates, some people who had come into my friends circle, I just could not believe when they were told it was their last day at office. I did not know if I was feeling happy thanking God that I did survive this or could not bear the fact that so many of them were walking out never to return here again. If I was in such n ordeal, what should have been going on in their minds … I could not understand why life was becoming a business itself! Theres recession around true … but is this the way, u come to office in the morning to know that thats ur last day in the office…. It was terrible …. The max I could do was pray the Lord to get them all settled and collected as many resumes I could and sent them across to all my acquaitances … This whole thing hit me so hard that I just could not come out of it… the tension on many of them, the sons, husbands, the dads …. the picture just could not get out of my mind.

Firing Firing Firing ……………. The job firing ……….

And then the bigger one . We just switch channels on the TV to watch the headlines before we go to bed after having happily seen India continue its winning streak but then ….. Heartbreaking … the Mumbai episode … I was hoping that it was a movie or a nightmare; but no; it was reality. The thought of how people there must be feeling; I could not even afford to imagine myself in their shoes; U r caught inside and dont know the time, the exact situation outside and nothing at all except that u r in trouble. Every other problem seemed to be so trivial. I was in such a confused state … Here we are, cant do anything about this .. just praying the Lord to give everyone the strength to face this and be with those heroes who went out to save people putting their Self behind. But then, what kept going around in my mind was How could u see all this God? A Mother cant see here child having a small scratch; let around a wound; U r the Mother if all; life may be a drama; but then who would like to even watch a drama ast cruel,terrible as wicked as this? I was glued to the TV sets hoping every minute they say the idiot, rascals these terrorists are all killed and captured and refreshing the, in the office every minute. I just could not take my min out of this; Mind was in a turmoil … What do they get by doing such ghastly acts? They dont even have a life for themselves. Are they taught such things just like Abhimanyu learnt about the Chakravyuha right inside his mother’s den? But then, which mother would want to see her son this way? So many thoughts and I donno what to do… so difficult to comprehend… And am not able to do anything for all this…. And that bloody rascal who has been caught says he did the right thing, he has no regrets .. how can a human fall to a level of justifying a wrong act? Simply Unbelievable.

A lady on one of the channels just said it right …. Let them read their scriptures again … None of them can say this is legal… simply impossible..

The heroes we lost… God give their families and also of all the bereaved the strength to tackle the situation.. I know its better said than done, but then thats all can I do from this small corner.. Pray the Lord and hope we stand out as one nation against these devils and show them we are all united against them – not north, not south, but INDIAN is what each one of us are.

Not only Maharastrians, but many others fought there; its all humanity and its the spirit of being an INDIAN. Let not fools be able to divide us as Marathi, Tamil, Kannada etc… We have to grow over this and be ONE.

It reminds me of a joke about frogs being packed for export; the Japanese, European frogs etc… are packed so tight but not the Indian ones; its said Indian frogs will anyway pull each others legs if they try to escape. This is told as a joke but its an insult to us; it brings tears in our eyes.


A tribute to all those heroes who laid down their lives and their fraternity which makes us feel we are safe living here… – The unsung jawans, the NSG, the firefighters, the ATS

I still wonder how our politicians make statements like such incidents keep recurring … how could they say that? Do they mean they r not going to act even now? Does it mean they are going to forget all this and combating terror is not on their agenda even now; Shame on such people; Villains they are. God give them the wisdom. Our country is in such hands and we expect them to safeguard us. Its scary to think of it.

Anyway, Long live all those HEROES [Heroes in the real sense of the word] and rightly said “JAI JAWAAN”.

ATS chief Hemant Karkare, Anti Extortion cheif Vijay Salaskar, Additional Commisior of Police Ashok Kamte, Major Sandeep UnniKrishnan

And also

Inspector Baburao Sahibrao, Assistant Inspector General Nana Saheb Bhonsle, Shashank Shinde, Prakash More, B G Ombade,
N C Chaudhary, Jayvant Patil, Yogesh Patil, Ambadas Pawar, A.R Chitle, NSG Commando Gajendra Singh

U continue to live in our hearts and we shall all join hands in doing whatever we can in getting those culprits who took u all away from us physically.

P.S: The Taj staff and the announcement staff at the CST deserve our heartfelt gratitude. God bless them!