Mysore; my first love among all places I have stayed in/visited. Whether we go east or west, there’s always love for the native place, the place where I was born and stayed at my nanihal for more than 2 years.

I still remember how me and my sis Muthu would wait for the summer holidays to come to run to Ajji’s house, eat all the delicacies she prepared, play Carrom with Thatha, the chats and ice-creams Mama used to treat us with, one or the other trip aunts used to take us to; as we grew older, we became busy with school, college etc… and these things stayed only in our memories. Ajji and Thatha are no more physically but they are still alive in all our hearts. Cant forget what a genius Thatha was at Maths and a master at Carrom. Cant forget Ajji asking everyday what would be the menu for the whole day and preparing all of them happily πŸ˜€

Tears well down when I remember Ajji/Thatha even today. What an ideal life they led! So independent. How I wish they could stay at-least for my marriage; well, anyways man is selfish; may be, then I would have said why not till they see their great grandchild and so on. Anyways, I am happy I could so much qualitative time with them. I still remember Thatha used to save money so wisely and even after retirement he used to take me to IOB[where he was a branch manager] to deposit money. If we got him Cornetto and he came to know it cost Rs.20, he used to say “Wasn’t the Kulfi better in taste :P”. Ha ha, it cost just Rs.2 then na.

Anyways, Mysore is a part of many beautiful paintings of my lifetime and still remains my favourite place.

As a custom after marriage, we are supposed to visit all near and dear ones and so, after the Bangalore quota was over, we headed next to Mysore. Fortunately for me, Su also loves Mysore as much and so we have plans to settle down there after we retire (long term plan :P).Whether its Mysore zoo or Chamundi Hills or KRS, each place is so special in itself; added to the love and affection showered by H and K aunty and their families.

Su is still in office today (its raining cats and dogs here since a week) and am bored; so was looking through all old snaps when I found the Mysore Snaps CD. Wanted to share it here; they are simply beautiful.

Three little monkeys: San, Adi and Sanju

Fun at Mysore Zoo

Anyone taller than me around ??

Am n’t I beautiful?

Abhi tak khana nahi mila 😦

Tirchi topiwaale!

Wah! What a bench

Singh may be the king! But here, I am the king πŸ˜‰

Mysore still has many more things to offer; Could not make it to the palace and also the nearby Srirangpatna, Nimishamba etc… due to lack of time. Hoping to make up for all of it soon :).